Albanian music stars died at age 78

Here are 5 famous musicians from Albania died at 78:

Ferbent Shehu

Ferbent Shehu (January 10, 1933 Berat-February 8, 2011 Berat) was an Albanian dancer and choreographer.

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Misto Treska

Misto Treska (April 19, 1914 Korçë-April 5, 1993) was an Albanian personality.

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Hysen Hakani

Hysen Hakani (July 28, 1932 Berat-February 7, 2011 Tirana) was an Albanian film director and screenwriter.

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Pandi Raidhi

Pandi Raidhi (April 14, 1921 Korçë-July 18, 1999 Tirana) was an Albanian actor.

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Tish Daija

Tish Daija (January 30, 1926 Shkodër-October 3, 2004 Tirana) was an Albanian film score composer.

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