Algerian music stars died as a result of Cardiac arrest

Here are 1 famous musicians from Algeria died in Cardiac arrest:

Warda al-Jazairia

Warda al-Jazairia (July 22, 1939 Puteaux-May 17, 2012 Cairo) a.k.a. Warda, Warda Jazairia, The Algerian Rose, Warda El Djazairya, Ouarda, Warda Fatouki, Warda El Gazserya, Warda El - Gazairia or Warda Al Jazairia was an Algerian singer and actor. She had two children, Wedad Qasiri and Riyad Qasiri.

Her albums: Nagham El Hawa, Fe Youm We Laylah, Khaleek hina, Erga' lehayatak and Belly Dance with Warda and Abdel Halim Hafez. Her related genres: Arabic music and Arabic pop music.

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