American movie stars born in 1905

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1905:

Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cotten (May 15, 1905 Petersburg-February 6, 1994 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jo, Joseph Cheshire Cotten or Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr. was an American actor and screenwriter.

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Otto Preminger

Otto Preminger (December 5, 1905 Vyzhnytsia-April 23, 1986 New York City) also known as Otto Ludwig Preminger or Otto the Ogre was an American film director, actor, film producer and theatre director. He had three children, Erik Lee Preminger, Victoria Preminger and Mark Preminger.

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Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda (May 16, 1905 Grand Island-August 12, 1982 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Henry Jaynes Fonda, One-Take Fonda or Hank was an American actor, television producer and soldier. He had three children, Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda and Amy Fishman.

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Franchot Tone

Franchot Tone (February 27, 1905 Niagara Falls-September 18, 1968 New York City) also known as Stanislaus Pascal Franchot Tone or Stanislas Pascal Franchot Tone was an American actor. He had two children, Pascal Franchot Tone and Thomas Jefferson Tone.

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Andy Devine

Andy Devine (October 7, 1905 Flagstaff-February 18, 1977 Orange) also known as Andrew Vabre Devine, Jeremiah Schwartz or Andrew Vabre "Andy" Devine was an American actor, football player, character actor and voice actor. He had five children, Tad Devine, Denny Devine, Susanna Rachel Devine, Deborah Catherine Devine and Arthur Matthew Devine.

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Tex Ritter

Tex Ritter (January 12, 1905 Murvaul-January 2, 1974 Nashville) a.k.a. Woodward Maurice Ritter or America's Most Beloved Cowboy was an American actor and singer. His children are called John Ritter and Tom Ritter.

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Dore Schary

Dore Schary (August 31, 1905 Newark-July 7, 1980 New York City) also known as Isidore Schary, Jeb Schary, Isadore Schary, Dory Schary, A Dore Schary Presentation, Isadore "Dore" Schary or Dore was an American screenwriter, film producer, film director, actor and playwright. He had one child, Jill Robinson.

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Cliff Arquette

Cliff Arquette (December 27, 1905 Toledo-September 23, 1974 Burbank) also known as Clifford Arquette, Clifford Charles "Cliff" Arquette, Clifford Charles Arquette, Charlie Weaver or Charley Weaver was an American comedian, actor, composer, pianist and songwriter. He had one child, Lewis Arquette.

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Joel McCrea

Joel McCrea (November 5, 1905 South Pasadena-October 20, 1990 Woodland Hills) also known as Joel Albert McCrea or McFee was an American actor. His children are called Jody McCrea, David McCrea, Peter McCrea and Mona Leigh McCrea.

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Charles Lane

Charles Lane (January 26, 1905 San Francisco-July 9, 2007 Santa Monica) also known as Charles Gerstle Levison, Charles Levison, Charles Levinson, Charlie Lane or Charles L. Lane was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Tom Lane and Alice Lane.

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Leo Durocher

Leo Durocher (July 27, 1905 West Springfield-October 7, 1991 Palm Springs) also known as Leo Ernest Durocher, The All-American Out, Lippy, Leo the Lip, Swamper or Leo the Lip (Leo-the-lip) was an American baseball player and actor. His child is called Chris Durocher.

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Sanford Meisner

Sanford Meisner (August 31, 1905 Brooklyn-February 2, 1997 Sherman Oaks) a.k.a. Sandy Meisner was an American actor and teacher.

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Sterling Holloway

Sterling Holloway (January 4, 1905 Cedartown-November 22, 1992 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Sterling Price Holloway Jr., Sterling Halloway, Holloway or Sterling Price Holloway, Jr. was an American actor and voice actor. His child is called Richard Holloway.

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Howard McNear

Howard McNear (January 27, 1905 Los Angeles-January 3, 1969 San Fernando) also known as Howard Terbell McNear was an American actor and voice actor. His child is called Christopher McNear.

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Albert Dekker

Albert Dekker (December 20, 1905 Brooklyn-May 5, 1968 Hollywood) also known as Albert Decker, Albert Van Ecke, Thomas Albert Ecke Van Dekker or Albert van Dekker was an American politician and actor. He had three children, John Van Dekker, Benjamin Van Dekker and Jan Van Dekker.

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William Gargan

William Gargan (July 17, 1905 Brooklyn-February 17, 1979 New York) a.k.a. William Dennis Gargan, Bill Gargan or Bill was an American actor.

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Thomas Gomez

Thomas Gomez (July 10, 1905 New York City-June 18, 1971 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Sabino Tomas Gomez, S. Thomas Gomez or Thomas Sabino Gomez was an American actor.

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Gilbert Roland

Gilbert Roland (December 11, 1905 Ciudad Juárez-May 15, 1994 Beverly Hills) also known as Luis Alonso, Amigo, Luis Antonio Dámaso de Alonso or Luis Antonio Damaso de Alonso was an American actor. His children are called Gyl Roland and Lorinda Roland.

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Arthur Lake

Arthur Lake (April 17, 1905 Corbin-January 9, 1987 Indian Wells) also known as Arthur Silverlake, Arthur Silverlake, Jr. or Arthur William Lake was an American actor. He had two children, Mary Collins and Arthur Patrick Lake.

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Marvin Hatley

Marvin Hatley (April 3, 1905 Reed-August 23, 1986 Hollywood) also known as Thomas Marvin Hatley, T. Marvin Hatley or The Ranch Boys was an American film score composer, conductor, actor, author and music director.

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Philip Ahn

Philip Ahn (March 29, 1905 Highland Park-February 28, 1978 Los Angeles) also known as Pil Lip Ahn, Phillip Ahn, Phil Ahn, Philson Wong, Philip Ann, An Pil-lip or An P'il-rip was an American actor and restaurateur.

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Sam Levene

Sam Levene (August 28, 1905 Russia-December 28, 1980 New York City) a.k.a. Samuel Levine was an American actor.

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Frank Faylen

Frank Faylen (December 8, 1905 St. Louis-August 2, 1985 Burbank) a.k.a. Frank Ruf was an American actor. He had two children, Catherine Faylen and Carol Faylen.

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Roger Edens

Roger Edens (November 9, 1905 Hillsboro-July 13, 1970 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Edens, Roger was an American film producer, actor, music arranger and film score composer.

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John Hoyt

John Hoyt (October 5, 1905 Bronxville-September 15, 1991 Santa Cruz) otherwise known as John Hoysradt or John McArthur Hoysradt was an American actor.

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Jiří Voskovec

Jiří Voskovec (June 19, 1905 Sázava-July 1, 1981 Pearblossom) also known as Jiri Voskovec, Jiří Wachsmann, Voskovec, Jiří, Jiri Wachsmann, George Voskovec, Petr Dolan, Wookovec, Jirí Voskovec, Jirí Wachsmann, Jiri Vaksman or Václav Voskovec was an American actor, playwright, poet, screenwriter, translator, songwriter and theatre director. His children are called Victoria Voskovec and Georgeanne Voskovec.

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Kid Chissell

Kid Chissell (February 16, 1905 Indianapolis-November 8, 1987 Toluca Lake) otherwise known as Noble 'Kid' Chissel, Noble Chisman, Noble LaPorte Chisman, Kid Chissel, N. 'Kid' Chissell or Noble 'Kid' Chissell was an American actor and professional boxer.

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Bill Raisch

Bill Raisch (April 5, 1905 North Bergen-July 31, 1984 Santa Monica) also known as Carl William Raisch was an American actor and dancer.

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"Rags" Ragland

"Rags" Ragland (August 23, 1905 Louisville-August 20, 1946 Los Angeles) also known as John Lee Morgan Beauregard Ragland or 'Rags' Ragland was an American actor.

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Teru Shimada

Teru Shimada (November 17, 1905 Mito-June 19, 1988 Encino) a.k.a. Akira Shimada or Teru Shumada was an American actor.

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Grant Withers

Grant Withers (January 17, 1905 Pueblo-March 27, 1959 North Hollywood) also known as Granville G. Withers was an American actor, film producer, journalist and salesperson.

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Eddie Anderson

Eddie Anderson (September 18, 1905 Oakland-February 28, 1977 Los Angeles) also known as Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Edward Anderson, Anderson, Eddie "Rochester", Edmund Lincoln Anderson, Edmund L. Anderson, Rochester or Edmund Lincoln "Eddie" Anderson was an American actor and comedian. His children are called Eddie Anderson, Jr., Stephanie Anderson, Evangela Anderson, Jr. and Billy Anderson.

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Nestor Paiva

Nestor Paiva (June 30, 1905 Fresno-September 9, 1966 Hollywood) a.k.a. Nestor Caetano Paiva, Nestor Pavia or Nester Paiva was an American actor. His children are called Caetana Paiva and Joseph Paiva.

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Bob Wills

Bob Wills (March 6, 1905 Kosse-May 13, 1975 Fort Worth) a.k.a. Bob Willis, Wills, Bob, The King of Western Swing, James Robert Wills, Jim Rob, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys or Bob was an American songwriter, singer, fiddler and actor.

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Jule Styne

Jule Styne (December 31, 1905 London-September 20, 1994 New York City) a.k.a. Jules Styne, Julius Kerwin Styne, Julie, Julius Kerwin Stein or Julie Styne was an American songwriter, film score composer, television producer, actor and writer.

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Carleton Young

Carleton Young (October 21, 1905 New York City-November 7, 1994 Burbank) a.k.a. Carleton Scott Young, Gordon Roberts, Carleton G. Young, Carlton Young or Carleton E. Young was an American actor.

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Eddie Foy, Jr.

Eddie Foy, Jr. (February 4, 1905 New Rochelle-July 15, 1983 Woodland Hills) also known as Edwin Fitzgerald Foy Jr., Seven Little Foys, Eddie Foy, Eddie Foy Jr., the Seven Little Foys, Edwin Fitzgerald, Jr. or Edwin Fitzgerald Jr. was an American actor and vaudeville performer. His child is called Eddie Foy III.

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Harry Barris

Harry Barris (November 24, 1905 New York City-December 13, 1962 Burbank) also known as The Rhythm Boys was an American singer, songwriter and actor. He had two children, Hazelle Dare and Marti Barris.

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Harry Bellaver

Harry Bellaver (February 12, 1905 Hillsboro-August 8, 1993 Nyack) was an American actor. He had two children, Lee Bellaver and Vaughn Bellaver-Allentuck.

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Mushy Callahan

Mushy Callahan (November 3, 1905 New York City-June 18, 1986 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Vincent Morris Scheer was an American professional boxer and actor.

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John Emery

John Emery (May 20, 1905 New York City-November 16, 1964 New York City) was an American actor.

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Joe Palma

Joe Palma (March 17, 1905 New York City-August 14, 1994 Poway) also known as Joseph Provenzano, Joseph Palma or Joe Polino was an American actor, stunt performer and mortician.

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Frederick O'Neal

Frederick O'Neal (August 27, 1905 Brooksville-August 25, 1992 New York City) otherwise known as The Memphis Naturals or Fred O'Neal was an American actor, theatrical producer and television director.

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John Dierkes

John Dierkes (February 10, 1905 Cincinnati-January 8, 1975 Los Angeles) otherwise known as John Dierkies was an American actor, economist and character actor.

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Kay Kyser

Kay Kyser (June 18, 1905 Rocky Mount-July 23, 1985 Chapel Hill) also known as Ky Kyser, Kyser, Kay, James King Kern Kyser, Kay Kyser and His Kollege of Musical Knowledge, The Ol' Perfessor or Kay Kyser's Band was an American bandleader, actor and singer. He had three children, Carroll Amanda, Amanda Kay and Kimberly Kyser.

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Mischa Auer

Mischa Auer (November 17, 1905 Saint Petersburg-March 5, 1967 Rome) also known as Mischa Ounskowsky, Micha Auer, Mischa Aver, Mikhail Semyonovich Unskovsky, Михаил Семёнович Унсковский or Misha Auer was an American actor. He had three children, Zoe Auer, Anthony Auer and Mischa Auer Jr..

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Ray Kellogg

Ray Kellogg (November 15, 1905 Council Bluffs-July 5, 1976 Ontario) also known as Edgar R. Kellogg, Edgar Ray Kellogg or Kellogg was an American actor, screenwriter, film director and film producer.

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Edmon Ryan

Edmon Ryan (June 5, 1905 Cecilia-August 4, 1984 Louisville) also known as Edmon Ryan Mossberger, Edmund Ryan, Edmond Ryan or Edmon Ryan Mossbarger was an American actor, teacher and coach. He had one child, Hilary Ryan.

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Nelson Leigh

Nelson Leigh (January 1, 1905 Mississippi-July 3, 1985 Hemet) also known as Sydney Talbot Christie was an American actor.

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Chick Chandler

Chick Chandler (January 18, 1905 Kingston-September 30, 1988 North Hollywood) also known as Fehmer Chandler or Fletcher Chandler was an American actor.

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