American movie stars born in 1922

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1922:

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut (November 11, 1922 Indianapolis-April 11, 2007 Manhattan) a.k.a. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Kilgore Trout, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. or K Vonnegut was an American writer, novelist, author, screenwriter and actor. He had seven children, Mark Vonnegut, Edith Vonnegut, Nanette Vonnegut, Lily Vonnegut, James Vonnegut, Steven Vonnegut and Kurt Adams Vonnegut.

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Stan Lee

Stan Lee (December 28, 1922 Manhattan-) otherwise known as Stanley Martin Lieber, Stan "The Man" Lee, Smilin' Stan Lee, Peter Parker, Generalissimo or The Man is an American writer, film producer, actor, comic book creator, publisher, television producer, television show host, voice actor, screenwriter, editor, author, business executive, presenter and soldier. He has two children, Joan Celia Lee and Jan Lee.

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Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac (March 12, 1922 Lowell-October 21, 1969 St. Petersburg) also known as Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, Jean-Louis Kerouac, Jean-Louis de Kerouac, John Kerouac, Jean-Louis Incogniteau, Jack, Ti Jean ("Little John"), Jean-Louis, Memory Babe, Jean Louis Kirouac, Jean-Louis Kérouac or Jean-Louis "Jack" Kérouac was an American poet, novelist, painter, screenwriter and actor. His child is called Jan Kerouac.

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Bill Macy

Bill Macy (May 18, 1922 Revere-) a.k.a. Wolf Marvin Garber or William Macy is an American actor.

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Patrick Macnee

Patrick Macnee (February 6, 1922 Paddington-) a.k.a. Daniel Patrick Macnee, Patrick MacNee, Patrick McNee, Patty Nee, Pat, Patrick McNee / Honor Blackman, MacNee, Patrick & Blackman, Honor or Patrick & Diana is an American actor, voice actor and television producer. He has two children, Rupert Macnee and Jenny Macnee.

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Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards (July 26, 1922 Tulsa-December 15, 2010 Santa Monica) also known as William Blake Crump, Sam O. Brown or Blackie was an American screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer, television producer and television director. His children are called Jennifer Edwards, Amy Edwards, Geoffrey Edwards and Joanna Edwards.

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Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner (March 20, 1922 The Bronx-) also known as Carl Reiner The Celebrity or Alan Brady is an American comedian, film director, actor, television director, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor, writer and film producer. His children are called Rob Reiner, Annie Reiner and Lucas Reiner.

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Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper (September 15, 1922 Los Angeles-May 3, 2011 Santa Monica) also known as John Cooper Jr., Alan Smithee, Our Gang, America's Boy, Freddie, Leonard, John "Jackie" Cooper, Jr. or John Cooper was an American actor, television producer, television director, film director, military officer and race car driver. He had four children, Jackie Cooper Jr., Cristina Cooper, Russell Cooper and Julie Cooper.

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Norman Lear

Norman Lear (July 27, 1922 New Haven-) a.k.a. Norman Milton Lear is an American television producer, television director, screenwriter, film producer, actor and political activist. He has six children, Ellen Lear, Kate Lear, Maggie Lear, Benjamin Lear, Brianna Lear and Madeline Lear.

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Russ Meyer

Russ Meyer (March 21, 1922 San Leandro-September 18, 2004 Hollywood Hills) also known as King Leer, The Fellini of the sex-industry, R. Albion Meyer, E.E. Meyer, B. Callum or Russell Albion Meyer was an American film director, cinematographer, screenwriter, actor, photographer, film producer and film editor.

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Redd Foxx

Redd Foxx (December 9, 1922 St. Louis-October 11, 1991 Los Angeles) otherwise known as John Elroy Sanford, Chicago Red, Zorro, Red, Foxx, Redd, King of the Party Records or The King of Comedy was an American comedian, actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Debraca Denise.

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Sid Caesar

Sid Caesar (September 8, 1922 Yonkers-February 12, 2014 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Isaac Sidney Caesar, Isaac Sidney "Sid" Caesar or Cool Cees was an American comedian, actor, writer, musician, saxophonist, composer, author and television producer. His children are called Rick Caesar, Karen Caesar and Michele Caesar.

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Elmer Bernstein

Elmer Bernstein (April 4, 1922 New York City-August 18, 2004 Ojai) also known as Elmer Berstein, Elmer Burnstein, Elmer Bernstien, Bernstein West or E. Bernstein was an American songwriter, conductor, film score composer, composer, dancer, painter, actor, pianist and teacher. He had four children, Emilie A. Bernstein, Elizabeth Bernstein, Gregory Bernstein and Peter Bernstein.

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Paul Winchell

Paul Winchell (December 21, 1922 New York City-June 24, 2005 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Paul Wilchinsky or Winch was an American inventor, voice actor, ventriloquist, actor and comedian. His children are called April Winchell, Keith Winchell, Larry Winchell, Stephanie Winchell and Stacy Winchell.

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Les Baxter

Les Baxter (March 14, 1922 Mexia-January 15, 1996 Newport Beach) otherwise known as Bax or Casanova was an American film score composer, musician, pianist, composer, conductor, songwriter and actor.

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Jason Robards Jr.

Jason Robards Jr. (July 26, 1922 Chicago-December 26, 2000 Bridgeport) also known as Jason Nelson Robards Jr., Jason Nelson Robards, Jr., Jason, Jr, Jason Robards Sr. or Jason Robards was an American actor and voice actor. He had six children, Sam Robards, Jake Robards, Jason Robards III, Shannon Robards, Sarah Louise Robards and David Robards.

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Alex Barris

Alex Barris (September 16, 1922 New York City-January 15, 2004 Toronto) also known as Alexander Paul Barris was an American writer and actor. His child is called Ted Barris.

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Ray Goulding

Ray Goulding (March 20, 1922 Lowell-March 24, 1990 Manhasset) a.k.a. Raymond Walter Goulding or Ray was an American comedian and actor.

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Bob Bell

Bob Bell (January 18, 1922 Flint-December 8, 1997 Lake San Marcos) also known as Robert Lewis Bell was an American actor.

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J. D. Cannon

J. D. Cannon (April 24, 1922 Salmon-May 20, 2005 Hudson) also known as John Donovan Cannon, John David Cannon or Jack Cannon was an American actor and soldier.

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William Schallert

William Schallert (July 6, 1922 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Bill Schallert, Bill, William Joseph Schallert or William Shallert is an American actor, voice actor, composer, pianist and singer.

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Jack Klugman

Jack Klugman (April 27, 1922 Philadelphia-December 24, 2012 Woodland Hills) also known as Jacob Joachim Klugman or Jacob Joachim "Jack" Klugman was an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and television director. He had two children, Adam Klugman and David Klugman.

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Dan Rowan

Dan Rowan (July 22, 1922 Beggs-September 22, 1987 Siesta Key) a.k.a. Rowan and Martin, Daniel Hale "Dan" Rowan or Daniel Hale David was an American comedian, actor and television producer. He had five children, Thomas Patrick, Christie Esther, Mary Ann, Tom Rowan and Mary Rowan.

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Joe Gold

Joe Gold (March 10, 1922 Boyle Heights-July 11, 2004 Marina del Rey) a.k.a. Sydney Gold was an American actor, bodybuilder, entrepreneur and machinist.

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Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin (May 7, 1922 Spokane-February 25, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as William Lyle Richardson, W. Lyle Richardson or Darven McGavin was an American actor, television director and television producer. He had four children, Megan McGavin, Bogart McGavin, York McGavin and Bridget McGavin.

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Richard Kiley

Richard Kiley (March 31, 1922 Chicago-March 5, 1999 Warwick) also known as Richard David Kiley or Richard Paul Kiley was an American actor, voice actor and narrator. He had six children, David Kiley, Michael Kiley, Kathleen Kiley, Dorothea Kiley, Erin Kiley and Dierdre Kiley.

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Jay Sarno

Jay Sarno (July 2, 1922 Saint Joseph-July 21, 1984 Las Vegas-Paradise, NV Metropolitan Statistical Area) was an American businessperson, entrepreneur and actor.

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Richard Blackwell

Richard Blackwell (August 29, 1922 Brooklyn Heights-October 19, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Richard Sylvan Selzer, Richard Selzer or Dick Selzer was an American journalist, critic, fashion designer and actor.

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Fyvush Finkel

Fyvush Finkel (October 9, 1922 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Philip Finkel, Fyvush or Philip “Fyvush” Finkel is an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Ian Finkel and Elliot Finkel.

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John Anderson

John Anderson (October 20, 1922 Clayton-August 7, 1992 Sherman Oaks) also known as John Robert Anderson was an American actor and film director.

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Guy Madison

Guy Madison (January 19, 1922 Pumpkin Center-February 6, 1996 Palm Springs) also known as Robert Ozell Moseley was an American actor, soldier and film producer. He had four children, Bridget Catherine Madison, Dolly Ann Madison, Erin Patricia Madison and Robert Madison.

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Rory Calhoun

Rory Calhoun (August 8, 1922 Los Angeles-April 28, 1999 Burbank) also known as Francis Timothy McCown Durgin, Francis Timothy McCown, Frank Durgin, Francis Timothy Cuthbert, Smoky, Frank McCown, Calhoun or Smoke was an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and television producer. His children are called Cindy Calhoun, Tami Calhoun, Rory Patricia Calhoun, Lorri Calhoun and Athena Marcus Calhoun.

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Steven Hill

Steven Hill (February 24, 1922 Seattle-) also known as Solomon Krakovsky or Steve Hill is an American actor, voice actor and real estate broker.

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Jason Evers

Jason Evers (January 2, 1922 New York City-March 13, 2005 Los Angeles) also known as Herb Evers or Herbert Evers was an American actor.

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William Sylvester

William Sylvester (January 31, 1922 Oakland-January 25, 1995 Sacramento) otherwise known as Bill Sylvester, William Sylvestor or William R. Silvester was an American actor.

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John C. Whitehead

John C. Whitehead (April 2, 1922 Evanston-) otherwise known as John Whitehead is an American entrepreneur, businessperson, actor and public servant.

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Sydney Lassick

Sydney Lassick (July 23, 1922 Chicago-April 12, 2003 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Sidney Lassick, Sydney Lassik or Sid Lassick was an American actor and dispatcher.

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Michael Ansara

Michael Ansara (April 15, 1922 Syria-July 31, 2013 Calabasas) also known as Mike Ansara or Michael George Ansara was an American actor and voice actor. He had one child, Matthew Ansara.

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Royal Dano

Royal Dano (November 16, 1922 New York City-May 15, 1994 Los Angeles) also known as Royal Edward Dano Sr. or Royal Edward Dano was an American actor. He had three children, Rick Dano, Royal Edward Dano Jr. and Hutch Dano.

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Don Hewitt

Don Hewitt (December 14, 1922 New York City-August 19, 2009 Bridgehampton) also known as Don S. Hewitt, Donald Hewitt or Donald Shephard Hewitt was an American businessperson, television producer, journalist, film director, television director, film producer and actor. He had three children, Jeffrey Hewitt, Steven Hewitt and Lisa Hewitt-Cassara.

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Gene Evans

Gene Evans (July 11, 1922 Holbrook-April 1, 1998 Jackson) a.k.a. Eugene Barton Evans or Eugene Barton "Gene" Evans was an American actor.

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Haskell Wexler

Haskell Wexler (February 6, 1922 Chicago-) a.k.a. Haskell P. Wexler, Mark Jeffrey, Pete or Haskell Wexler, A.S.C. is an American cinematographer, film director, film producer, actor and screenwriter. He has three children, Mark Wexler, Jeff Wexler and Kathy Wexler.

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David McLean

David McLean (May 19, 1922 Akron-October 12, 1995 Culver City) otherwise known as Eugene Joseph Huth was an American actor.

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Adam Williams

Adam Williams (November 26, 1922 Wall Lake-December 4, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Adam Berg or Andy Williams was an American actor. His child is called Madeleine Smith.

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Army Archerd

Army Archerd (January 13, 1922 The Bronx-September 8, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Armand André Archerd, Armand Archerd, Armand Andre Archerd or Armand Andre "Army" Archerd was an American journalist and actor. He had one child, Evan Archerd.

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John Bromfield

John Bromfield (June 11, 1922 South Bend-September 19, 2005 Palm Desert) a.k.a. Farron McClain Brumfield, Johnny or Farron Bromfield was an American actor.

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James Pritchett

James Pritchett (October 27, 1922 Lenoir-March 15, 2011 New York City) was an American actor.

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Paul Picerni

Paul Picerni (December 1, 1922 Corona-January 12, 2011 Palmdale) also known as Horace Paul Picerni, Paul Vincent Picerni, Horatio Paul Picerni, Paul Vincent Picerni, Sr. or H.P. Picerni was an American actor and fighter pilot. His children are called Paul V. Picerni Jr., Gina Picerni, Marilyn Picerni, Nicci Picerni, Gemma Salona, Charles Picerni, Mike Picerni and Philip Picerni.

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Marty Allen

Marty Allen (March 23, 1922 Pittsburgh-) also known as Morton Alpern, Allen & Rossi, Allen and Rossi or Morton David Alpern is an American comedian and actor.

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John van Dreelen

John van Dreelen (May 5, 1922 Amsterdam-September 4, 1992 Cap d'Agde) also known as Jacques van Drielen Gimberg, Van Dreelen, Jack Grimberg, John van Dreelan, John van Drelen or John vanDreelen was an American actor.

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