American movie stars born in 1932

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1932:

Morton Downey, Jr.

Morton Downey, Jr. (December 9, 1932 Los Angeles-March 12, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as John Morton Downey, Jr., Mort the Mouth or Sean Morton Downey, Jr. was an American talk show host, singer, actor and disc jockey. He had three children, Melissa Downey, Kelli Downey Cornwell and Tracey Downey.

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Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson (November 20, 1932 Gosport-June 2, 2012 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Colin Lionel Emm, Dick Dawson, Kissyface, Dickie or The Kissing Bandit was an American comedian, actor and game show host. His children are called Mark Dawson, Gary Dawson and Shannon Dawson.

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Gordon Jump

Gordon Jump (April 1, 1932 Dayton-September 22, 2003 Los Angeles) also known as Gordon Alexander Jump or Alexander Gordon Jump was an American actor. His children are called Cynthia Jump, Maggi Jo Jump, Kiva Jump, Laura Jump and Christopher Jump.

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Noam Pitlik

Noam Pitlik (November 4, 1932 Philadelphia-February 18, 1999 Los Angeles) also known as Noam Pitlick was an American actor, television director and television producer.

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Billy Laughlin

Billy Laughlin (July 5, 1932 San Gabriel-August 31, 1948 La Puente) also known as William Robert Laughlin was an American actor and child actor.

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James Rado

James Rado (January 23, 1932 Venice-) also known as James Radomski, James Alexander Radomski or Jim Rado is an American composer, playwright, lyricist and actor.

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Nick Dimitri

Nick Dimitri (December 27, 1932 United States of America-) also known as Nicholas Dimitri or Nick Dimitris is an American stunt performer, actor, soldier and bodybuilder.

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Luke Askew

Luke Askew (March 26, 1932 Macon-March 29, 2012 Portland) a.k.a. Francis Luke Askew was an American actor. He had one child, Christopher Askew.

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Ron Feinberg

Ron Feinberg (October 10, 1932 San Francisco-January 29, 2005 Los Angeles) also known as Ron Fineberg, Ronnie A. Feinberg, Ronald Feinberg, Ron A. Feinberg or Ronald A. Feinberg was an American actor, voice actor and character actor.

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Carl Wright

Carl Wright (February 2, 1932 Orlando-May 19, 2007 Chicago) was an American comedian, actor and dancer.

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Al Mancini

Al Mancini (November 13, 1932 Steubenville-November 12, 2007 London) also known as Alfred Benito Mancini or Alfred Benito "Al" Mancini was an American writer, actor and acting coach.

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Charles Knox Robinson

Charles Knox Robinson (April 13, 1932 Orange-July 22, 2006 Palm Springs) also known as Charles Robinson, Charles Robinson III, Charles Robinson Knox, Charles Knox Robinson, Charles Knox Robinson III or Charlie Robinson was an American actor, translator, speechwriter and soldier.

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Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop (June 11, 1932 Brooklyn-June 8, 2005 Kingston upon Thames) otherwise known as Edward Bishop or George Victor Bishop was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Daniel Bishop, Georgina Bishop, Serina Bishop and Jessica Bishop.

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John Drew Barrymore

John Drew Barrymore (June 4, 1932 Los Angeles-November 29, 2004 Los Angeles) otherwise known as John Blyth Barrymore, Jr, John Sidney Blythe Barrymore Jr, John Barrymore Dr., John Barrymore Jr., John Blyth Barrymore or John Sidney Blythe Barrymore Jr. was an American actor. His children are called John Blyth Barrymore, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Blyth Barrymore and Blyth Dolores Barrymore.

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Robert Mandan

Robert Mandan (February 2, 1932 Clever-) is an American actor.

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John Clarke

John Clarke (April 14, 1932 South Bend-) a.k.a. John Shelton Clarke or John Clark is an American actor. He has three children, Melinda Clarke, Joshua Clarke and Heidi Clarke.

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Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash (February 26, 1932 Kingsland-September 12, 2003 Nashville) also known as John R. Cash, J.R. Cash, Johhny Cash, Jonny Cash, Cash, Johnny, Man In Black, The Highwaymen, Johnny, JR Cash, John R. "Johnny" Cash or J. R. Cash was an American songwriter, singer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter and author. His children are called Rosanne Cash, Tara Cash, Cindy Cash, Kathy Cash and John Carter Cash.

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Lincoln Kilpatrick

Lincoln Kilpatrick (February 12, 1932 St. Louis-May 18, 2004 Los Angeles) also known as Lincoln Kilpatric was an American actor. He had five children, Erik Kilpatrick, Lincoln Kilpatrick Jr., DaCarla Kilpatrick, Jozella Reed and Marjorie L. Kilpatrick.

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Melvin Van Peebles

Melvin Van Peebles (August 21, 1932 Chicago-) otherwise known as Brer Soul, Melvin Block Van Peebles, Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative, Block, Melvin Peebles or Melvin "Block" Van Peebles is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, film score composer, novelist, playwright, composer, film editor, television director and singer-songwriter. He has three children, Mario Van Peebles, Megan Van Peebles and Max Van Peebles.

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Hari Rhodes

Hari Rhodes (April 10, 1932 Cincinnati-January 15, 1992 Canoga Park) also known as Harry Rhodes was an American actor and writer.

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Otis Young

Otis Young (July 4, 1932 Providence-October 11, 2001 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Otis E. Young was an American actor and writer. He had four children, Saudia Young, Lovelady Young, El Mahdi Young and Jemal Young.

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Faron Young

Faron Young (February 25, 1932 Shreveport-December 10, 1996 Nashville) also known as Young Faron, Faronyoung, Farron Young, Young, Faron, The Singing Sheriff, The Young Sheriff or The Hillbilly Heartthrob was an American singer, singer-songwriter and actor. His child is called Robyn.

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William Christopher

William Christopher (October 20, 1932 Evanston-) a.k.a. Bill or Bill Christopher is an American actor. He has two children, John Christopher and Ned Christopher.

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Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider (November 10, 1932 Orange-February 10, 2008 Little Rock) a.k.a. Roy Richard Scheider, Roy R. Scheider or Roy Schneider was an American actor. His children are called Christian Verrier Scheider, Molly Mae Scheider and Maximillia Connelly Lord.

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Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins (April 4, 1932 New York City-September 12, 1992 Hollywood) also known as Tony, Tony Perkins or Perkins was an American actor, musician, singer, minister and film director. He had two children, Elvis Perkins and Oz Perkins.

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Richard Mulligan

Richard Mulligan (November 13, 1932 The Bronx-September 26, 2000 Los Angeles) was an American actor. He had one child, James Mulligan.

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Pat Morita

Pat Morita (June 28, 1932 Isleton-November 24, 2005 Las Vegas) otherwise known as Noriyuki Morita, Mr. Miyagi, Nori, The Hip Nip, Noriyuki "Pat" Morita, Patrick N. Morita, Pat Noriyuki Morita, Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita or Noryuki 'Pat' Morita was an American actor and voice actor. He had three children, Erin Morita, Aly Morita and Tia Morita.

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Harry Goz

Harry Goz (June 23, 1932 St. Louis-September 6, 2003 Manhasset) also known as Hal was an American actor and voice actor. He had one child, Michael Goz.

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Budd Friedman

Budd Friedman (June 6, 1932 Los Angeles-) is an American actor.

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Dabney Coleman

Dabney Coleman (January 3, 1932 Austin-) otherwise known as Dabney Wharton Coleman or Dabney Colemen is an American actor, voice actor and soldier. He has four children, Quincy Coleman, Kelly Johns, Randy Coleman and Meghan Coleman.

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Jud Taylor

Jud Taylor (February 25, 1932 New York City-August 6, 2008 New York City) also known as Judson Taylor, Alan Smithee or Judson "Jud" Taylor was an American actor, television director, television producer, film producer and film director.

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George Furth

George Furth (December 14, 1932 Chicago-August 11, 2008 Santa Monica) also known as George Schweinfurth was an American actor, playwright, writer, screenwriter and librettist.

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Gardner McKay

Gardner McKay (June 10, 1932 Manhattan-November 21, 2001 Hawaii Kai) otherwise known as George Cadogan Gardner McKay was an American actor.

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Ted Cassidy

Ted Cassidy (July 31, 1932 Pittsburgh-January 16, 1979 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Theodore Crawford Cassidy, Ted 'Lurch' Cassidy, Cassidy, Ted, Ted Cassidy (Music by Gary Paxton) or Cassidy (Music by Gary Paxton), Ted was an American actor. He had two children, Sean Cassidy and Cameron Cassidy.

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Donald Jones

Donald Jones (January 24, 1932 Harlem-November 5, 2004 Amsterdam) also known as Donald Towe Jones was an American actor, dancer and singer. His child is called John Jones.

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Roger C. Carmel

Roger C. Carmel (September 27, 1932 Brooklyn-November 11, 1986 Hollywood) also known as Roger Charles Carmel or Roger Carmel was an American actor, comedian and voice actor.

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Don Durant

Don Durant (November 20, 1932 Long Beach-March 15, 2005 Monarch Beach) also known as Donald Allison Durae was an American singer and actor.

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Richard Herd

Richard Herd (September 26, 1932 Boston-) otherwise known as Richard Herd, Jr., Dick Herd or Richard T. Herd is an American actor. He has two children, Richard Herd Jr. and Erica Herd.

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Peter Lupus

Peter Lupus (June 17, 1932 Indianapolis-) also known as Rock Stevens is an American actor and bodybuilder. He has one child, Peter Lupus III.

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Roger Smith

Roger Smith (December 18, 1932 South Gate-) a.k.a. Roger LaVern Smith or Roger LaVerne Smith is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter and singer. He has three children, Dallas Smith, Jordan Smith and Tracey Smith.

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Jon Cypher

Jon Cypher (January 13, 1932 New York City-) also known as John Cypher or Jon Cyphers is an American actor and voice actor.

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Gino Conforti

Gino Conforti (January 30, 1932 Chicago-) a.k.a. Gene Conforti is an American actor and voice actor.

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Steve Franken

Steve Franken (May 27, 1932 Brooklyn-August 24, 2012 Canoga Park) also known as Stephen Franken, Stephen Robert Franken, Stephen R. Franken, Steven Franken or Stephen Robert "Steve" Franken was an American actor. He had three children, Anne Franken, Emily Franken and Abgail Glass.

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Richard Liberty

Richard Liberty (March 3, 1932 New York City-October 2, 2000 Dania Beach) also known as Riccardo Liberatoscioli was an American actor.

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Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe (June 24, 1932 Los Angeles-January 6, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Scott Gregory Marlowe was an American actor.

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Ron Hagerthy

Ron Hagerthy (March 9, 1932 South Dakota-) also known as Ronald Hagerthy, Roland Hagerthy, Ron Hagerty, Ron Haggerthy, Ron Haggerty or Ronald F. "Ron" Hagerthy is an American businessperson and actor. His children are called Kelly Jean Hagerthy and Patrick R. Hagerthy.

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Paul Comi

Paul Comi (February 11, 1932 Boston-) a.k.a. Paul Domingo Comi is an American actor and entrepreneur.

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John Brascia

John Brascia (May 11, 1932 Fresno-February 19, 2013 Santa Monica) a.k.a. John F. Brascia was an American actor and dancer.

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Robert Osborne

Robert Osborne (May 3, 1932 Colfax-) a.k.a. Robert Jolin Osborne, Bob Osborne or Robert A. Osborne is an American actor, author and historian.

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Pete Drake

Pete Drake (October 8, 1932 Augusta-July 29, 1988 Nashville) was an American record producer, guitarist, musician, songwriter and actor.

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