American movie stars born in 1934

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1934:

Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader (February 27, 1934 Winsted-) is an American lawyer, politician, author, activist, actor and teacher.

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Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison (May 27, 1934 Cleveland-) also known as Harlan Jay Ellison, Cord Wainer Bird, Cordwainer Bird, Sley Harson, Nalrah Nosille, Paul Merchant, Jay Charby, Ellis Hart, John Magnus, Ivar Jorgenson, Pat Roeder, Derry Tiger or Jay Solo is an American screenwriter, writer, actor, essayist, author and novelist.

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Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin (March 26, 1934 Brooklyn-) also known as Alan Wolf Arkin or Grey Wolf is an American actor, television director, singer, musician, screenwriter and film director. His children are called Matthew Arkin, Adam Arkin and Anthony Arkin.

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Bill Bixby

Bill Bixby (January 22, 1934 San Francisco-November 21, 1993 Century City) a.k.a. Wilfred Bailey Bixby, William Bixby, Bix, Wilfred Bailey Everett “Bill” Bixby III or Wilfred Bailey Everett Bixby III was an American actor, television director, television producer, film director and film producer. He had one child, Christopher Bixby.

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Robert Towne

Robert Towne (November 23, 1934 Los Angeles-) otherwise known as Edward Wain, Robert Tubin, P.H. Vazak or Robert Bertram Schwartz is an American screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer. His children are called Katharine Towne and Chiara Towne.

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Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr (July 1, 1934 Toledo-) also known as Jameel Joseph Farah, Jameel Farah or Jamsel Farah is an American actor and screenwriter. His children are called Yvonne Farr and Jonas Farr.

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Pat Boone

Pat Boone (June 1, 1934 Jacksonville-) also known as Charles Eugene Patrick Boone, Boone, Pat, Charles Eugene Boone or Charles Eugene "Pat" Boone is an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, spokesperson, writer, film producer, singer-songwriter and presenter. His children are called Linda Boone, Laurey Boone, Debby Boone and Cherry Boone.

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Frankie Valli

Frankie Valli (May 3, 1934 Newark-) a.k.a. Francis Castelluccio, Francis Stephen Castelluccio, Frankie Valley, Frankie Vally or Francesco Stephen Castelluccio is an American singer and actor. He has six children, Francesco Valli, Emilio Valli, Brando Valli, Antonia Valli, Francine Valli and Celia Valli.

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James Tenney

James Tenney (August 10, 1934 Silver City-August 24, 2006 Valencia) a.k.a. Tenney, James, James Carl Tenney or Tenney was an American composer, music theorist, film score composer, actor and teacher.

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Richard Chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain (March 31, 1934 Beverly Hills-) otherwise known as George Richard Chamberlain or Richard Chamberlin is an American actor and singer.

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Gino Cappelletti

Gino Cappelletti (March 26, 1934 Keewatin-) a.k.a. Gino Raymond Michael Cappelletti or Mr. Patriot is an American american football player and actor. He has one child, Cara.

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Bill Russell

Bill Russell (February 12, 1934 West Monroe-) also known as William Felton Russell, William Fenton Russell, William 'Bill' Russell or William F. Russell is an American basketball player, coach and actor. He has three children, William Russell Jr., Jacob Russell and Karen Russell.

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Elgin Baylor

Elgin Baylor (September 16, 1934 Washington, D.C.-) a.k.a. Elgin Gay Baylor is an American basketball player and actor.

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Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack (July 1, 1934 Lafayette-May 26, 2008 Pacific Palisades) also known as Sydney Irwin Pollack, Sidney Pollack or Sidney Pollock was an American film producer, film director, actor, television producer, television director and voice actor. His children are called Rebecca Pollack, Rachel Pollack and Steven Pollack.

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Carmine Caridi

Carmine Caridi (January 23, 1934 New York City-) is an American actor.

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Joseph Bologna

Joseph Bologna (December 30, 1934 Brooklyn-) also known as Joe Bologna or Joseph J. Bologna is an American actor, screenwriter and voice actor. He has one child, Gabriel Bologna.

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Willard Scott

Willard Scott (March 7, 1934 Alexandria-) also known as Willard Herman Scott, Jr. is an American author, clown, actor, comedian, media personality and tv meteorologist. He has two children, Mary Scott and Sally Scott.

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Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall (November 13, 1934 The Bronx-) otherwise known as Garry K. Marshall, Gary K. Marshall, Gary Marshall, Garry Kent Marshall or Garry Kent Maschiarelli is an American screenwriter, actor, film director, film producer, television producer, television director, voice actor and writer. His children are called Kathleen Marshall, Scott Marshall and Lori Marshall.

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Bob Dishy

Bob Dishy (January 12, 1934 Brooklyn-) otherwise known as Robert Dishy is an American actor.

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George Segal

George Segal (February 13, 1934 Great Neck-) also known as George Segal Jr. or George Segal, Jr. is an American actor, musician and voice actor. He has two children, Elizabeth Segal and Polly Segal.

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Dave Grusin

Dave Grusin (June 26, 1934 Littleton-) also known as David Grusin, Robert David "Dave" Grusin or Robert David Grusin is an American composer, music arranger, musician, pianist, film score composer and actor. His children are called Stuart Grusin, Scott Grusin and Michael Grusin.

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Zakes Mokae

Zakes Mokae (August 5, 1934 Johannesburg-September 11, 2009 Las Vegas) also known as Zakes Makgona Mokae, Zakes Moakae or Zachariah Nokae was an American actor. He had one child, Santlo Chontay Mokae.

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Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker (January 26, 1934 Milwaukee-) otherwise known as Robert George Uecker, Mr. Baseball or Bob is an American baseball player, actor, announcer, comedian, sports commentator, presenter and author. His children are called Steve Uecker, Bob Uecker Jr., Leann Uecker and Sue Ann Uecker.

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Laurence Luckinbill

Laurence Luckinbill (November 21, 1934 Fort Smith-) also known as Laurence George Luckinbill, Larry Luckinbill, Lawrence G. Luckinbill or Larry is an American actor. His children are called Nicholas Luckinbill, Joseph Luckinbill, Ben Luckinbill, Katharine Luckinbill and Simon Luckinbill.

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Jacques d'Amboise

Jacques d'Amboise (July 28, 1934 Dedham-) a.k.a. Joseph Jacques Ahearn or Jacques D'Amboise is an American dance educator, actor, dancer, choreographer and ballet dancer. He has four children, Charlotte d'Amboise, Christopher d'Amboise, George d'Amboise and Cate d'Amboise.

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Russ Tamblyn

Russ Tamblyn (December 30, 1934 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Russell Irving Tamblyn, Russell Tamblyn, Rusty Tamblyn, Rasu Tanburin or Russell Irving "Russ" Tamblyn is an American actor, dancer and singer. His children are called Amber Tamblyn and China Tamblyn.

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Wilford Brimley

Wilford Brimley (September 27, 1934 Salt Lake City-) a.k.a. Allen Wilford Brimley, Wilford A. Brimley, A. Wilford Brimley, Anthony Wilford Brimley, Anthony Brimley or Tony Brimley is an American actor, farmer, wrangler, blacksmith, bodyguard and singer. He has three children, John Brimley, Jim Brimley and Bill Brimley.

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George Chakiris

George Chakiris (September 16, 1934 Norwood-) also known as George Kerris or Georges Chakiris is an American actor, dancer and singer.

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Claude Jarman, Jr.

Claude Jarman, Jr. (September 27, 1934 Nashville-) also known as Claude Jarman is an American actor and film producer. His children are called Natalie Jarman, Charlotte Jarman, Murray Jarman, Sarah Jarman, Claude Jarman III, Vanessa Jarman and Elizabeth Jarman.

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Andre Gregory

Andre Gregory (May 11, 1934 Paris-) a.k.a. André Gregory, A. Gregory or Andre William Gregory is an American actor, writer, theatre director and film producer. His children are called Nick Gregory and Marina Gregory.

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Don Hastings

Don Hastings (April 1, 1934 Brooklyn-) also known as Donald Francis Michael Hastings, C.C. Matthews, Doctor Death, "R.K.", Rotten Kid, Donald Hastings, Dynamite or Daddy Bob is an American actor, singer and screenwriter. His children are called Jennifer Hastings, Julie Hastings, Matthew Hastings and Katharine Hastings.

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Dennis Crosby

Dennis Crosby (July 13, 1934 Los Angeles-May 4, 1991 Novato) a.k.a. Dennis Michael Crosby, The Crosby Brothers or Dennis Michael Crosby Sr. was an American singer and actor. He had seven children, Denise Crosby, Gregory Crosby, Dennis Crosby Jr., Patrick Anthony Crosby, Erin Colleen Crosby, Kelly Lee Crosby and Catherine Denise Crosby.

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Don Bachardy

Don Bachardy (May 18, 1934 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Donald Jess Bachardy or Donald Jess "Don" Bachardy is an American artist, painter, actor and visual artist.

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Douglas Marland

Douglas Marland (May 5, 1934 West Sand Lake-March 6, 1993 New York City) also known as Marland Messner was an American screenwriter and actor.

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Del Close

Del Close (March 9, 1934 Manhattan-March 4, 1999 Chicago) otherwise known as Del Clos or Del P. Close was an American actor, writer, teacher and voice actor.

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Al Freeman, Jr.

Al Freeman, Jr. (March 21, 1934 San Antonio-August 9, 2012 Washington, D.C.) a.k.a. Albert Cornelius Freeman, Jr., Albert Cornelius Freeman Jr., Jr. Albert Cornelius Freeman, Al Freeman, Albert C. Freeman Jr., Albert Cornelius "Al" Freeman, Jr. or Professor Albert C. Freeman, Jr. was an American actor, television director and educator.

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Dwayne Hickman

Dwayne Hickman (May 18, 1934 Los Angeles-) also known as Dwayne Bernard Hickman or Dwane Hickman is an American actor, television director and painter. He has two children, Albert Thomas Hickman and John Hickman.

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Bob Martinez

Bob Martinez (December 25, 1934 Tampa-) a.k.a. Robert "Bob" Martinez is an American politician and actor. He has two children, Sharon Marie Martinez and Robert Alan Martinez.

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Nick Clooney

Nick Clooney (January 13, 1934 Maysville-) otherwise known as Nicholas Joseph Clooney or Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Clooney is an American journalist, politician, presenter, actor, broadcaster, writer, game show host and screenwriter. He has two children, George Clooney and Adelia Clooney.

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Victor French

Victor French (December 4, 1934 Santa Barbara-June 15, 1989 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Uncle Eddie or Victor Edwin French was an American actor, television director and stunt performer.

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Lou Antonio

Lou Antonio (January 23, 1934 Oklahoma City-) a.k.a. Louis Antonio or Theo James is an American actor, film director, television director and film producer. He has two children, Elkin Antonio and Angelique Antonio.

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Donnie Dunagan

Donnie Dunagan (August 16, 1934 San Antonio-) also known as Donald "Donnie" Roan Dunagan or Donald Roan Dunagan is an American actor and drill instructor.

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Van Williams

Van Williams (February 27, 1934 Fort Worth-) also known as Van Zant Jarvis Williams or Van Zandt Jarvis Williams is an American actor and diving instructor.

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Merle Kilgore

Merle Kilgore (August 9, 1934 Chickasha-February 6, 2005 Mexico) a.k.a. Kilgore, Merle was an American songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

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Steve Ihnat

Steve Ihnat (August 7, 1934 Czechoslovakia-May 12, 1972 Cannes) a.k.a. Stefan Ihnat was an American actor, screenwriter and film director. He had one child, Stefan Andrew Ihnat.

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Jim Hutton

Jim Hutton (May 31, 1934 Binghamton-June 2, 1979 Los Angeles) also known as Dana James Hutton, Dana J. Hutton, James Hutton or Dana James "Jim" Hutton was an American actor. He had two children, Timothy Hutton and Heidi Hutton.

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Jimmy Flynn

Jimmy Flynn (February 5, 1934 Somerville-) also known as James P. "Jimmy" Flynn, James P. Flynn or James Flynn is an American actor and teamster.

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Bill Cobbs

Bill Cobbs (June 16, 1934 Cleveland-) also known as Wilbert "Bill" Cobbs, Wilbert Cobbs or Bill is an American actor and technician.

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Nick Bockwinkel

Nick Bockwinkel (December 6, 1934 Saint Paul-) also known as Nicholas Warren Francis Bockwinkel, Nicholas Warren Francis "Nick" Bockwinkel, The Sensational White, Phantom, Dick Warren or Wicked Nick is an American wrestler and actor.

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Denny Miller

Denny Miller (April 25, 1934 Bloomington-September 9, 2014 Las Vegas) also known as Denny Scott Miller, Dennis Linn Miller or Scott Miller was an American actor, writer, teacher and basketball player.

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