American movie stars born in 1950

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1950:

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak (August 11, 1950 San Jose-) also known as Woz, The Woz, Stephen Gary Wozniak, Berkeley Blue, Stephen Gary "Steve" Wozniak or Stephan Gary Wozniak is an American programmer, engineer, entrepreneur, businessperson, inventor, computer scientist, scientist, actor and film producer.

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Terry Bozzio

Terry Bozzio (December 27, 1950 San Francisco-) also known as Bozzio, Terry, Terry John Bozzio or Terry "Ted" Bozzio is an American musician, drummer, songwriter and actor.

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Jon Polito

Jon Polito (December 29, 1950 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. Jonathan Polito, John Polito or John LaMotta is an American actor and voice actor.

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Bill Murray

Bill Murray (September 21, 1950 Wilmette-) also known as William James Murray, Billy Murray, Billy, The Murricane, William James "Bill" Murray, William Murray or William James ""Bill"" Murray is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer, voice actor, businessperson and singer. He has six children, Luke Murray, Homer Murray, Cal Murray, Jackson Murray, Cooper Murray and Lincoln Murray.

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Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder (May 13, 1950 Saginaw-) a.k.a. Little Stevie Wonder, Steveland Hardaway Judkins, El Toro Negro, Eivets Rednow, The Black Bull, Stevland Hardaway Morris, Steveland Judkins Hardaway, Rednow, Eivets, Steve Wonder or Steveland Morris is an American record producer, drummer, organist, keyboard player, pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, musician, lyricist, actor, artist, singer, film producer and film score composer. His children are called Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris, Mumtaz Morris, Aisha Morris, Sophia Morris, Kailand Morris, Kwame Morris and Keita Morris.

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William H. Macy

William H. Macy (March 13, 1950 Miami-) also known as William Hall Macy, W.H. Macy, William Hall Macy Jr., William Macy, Bill, Willie, William Hall Macy, Jr. or Stiller, Ben & Macy, William H. is an American actor, voice actor, film producer, theatre director, television director, film director, teacher, writer and screenwriter. His children are called Georgia Grace Macy, Sofia Grace Macy and William H Macy III.

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Dennis Haskins

Dennis Haskins (November 18, 1950 Chattanooga-) is an American actor and singer.

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Brad Dourif

Brad Dourif (March 18, 1950 Huntington-) also known as Bradford Claude Dourif, Brad or Bradford Claude "Brad" Dourif is an American actor, voice actor and acting teacher. His children are called Fiona Dourif and Kristina Dourif Tanoue.

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Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein (April 4, 1950 New York City-) is an American actor, poet, essayist, editor, professor and literary scholar. He has two children, Emma Bee Bernstein and Felix Bernstein.

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Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine (May 13, 1950 Stamford-) also known as Robert John "Bobby V" Valentine, Robert John Valentine, Bobby V or Big Daddy V is an American baseball player, coach, film producer and actor. He has one child, Bobby Valentine Jr..

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David Cassidy

David Cassidy (April 12, 1950 New York City-) a.k.a. David Bruce Cassidy is an American actor, songwriter, guitarist, singer and writer. He has two children, Katie Cassidy and Beau Cassidy.

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Huey Lewis

Huey Lewis (July 5, 1950 New York City-) also known as Hugh Anthony Cregg III, Lewis, Huey, Huey Harp, Hughie Louis or Huey Louis is an American singer, singer-songwriter, actor, musician and songwriter. His children are called Austin Lewis and Kelly Lewis.

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Julius Erving

Julius Erving (February 22, 1950 Roosevelt-) otherwise known as Julius Winfield Erving III, Dr. J, Julius 'Dr. J' Erving or Julius W. Erving is an American basketball player and actor. He has two children, Alexandra Stevenson and Corey Erving.

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Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh (May 18, 1950 Akron-) a.k.a. Mark Allen Mothersbaugh, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, Mark Mothersbug or Devo is an American singer, composer, musician, actor, painter and film score composer. His children are called Margaret Mothersbaugh and Hope Mothersbaugh.

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Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell (August 7, 1950 Crosby-) otherwise known as Crowell, Rodney is an American record producer, singer, singer-songwriter, musician, songwriter, film score composer and actor. He has four children, Caitlin Rivers Crowell, Chelsea Jean Crowell, Carrie Kathleen Crowell and Hannah Crowell.

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Roy Williams

Roy Williams (August 1, 1950 Marion-) also known as Roy Allen Williams is an American basketball coach and actor. His children are called Scott Williams and Kimberly Williams.

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Willy DeVille

Willy DeVille (August 25, 1950 Stamford-August 6, 2009 New York City) otherwise known as Willie DeVille, Willy de Ville, Wille Deville, DeVille, Willy, William Borsey, William Paul Borsey Jr., Mink De Ville or Billy Borsay was an American songwriter, singer, actor, composer and musician.

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Jay Leno

Jay Leno (April 28, 1950 New Rochelle-) also known as James Douglas Muir Leno, Douchenozzle, James Douglas Muir "Jay" Leno, James "Jay" Leno or Jay is an American actor, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor, stand-up comedian, television presenter and comedian.

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Ronnie McDowell

Ronnie McDowell (March 25, 1950 Fountain Head-) also known as McDowell, Ronnie is an American singer and actor.

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Willie Colón

Willie Colón (April 28, 1950 The Bronx-) otherwise known as Willie Colon, Colón, Willie, William Anthony Colón, El Malo Del Bronx or William Anthony Colón Román is an American singer, musician, record producer, trombonist, songwriter and actor.

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David Johansen

David Johansen (January 9, 1950 Staten Island-) also known as Buster Poindexter, David Roger Johansen, The New York City Dolls, New York Dolls, David Johansen Group or The Harry Smiths is an American musician, actor and songwriter.

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Rick Dees

Rick Dees (March 14, 1950 Jacksonville-) also known as Rigdon Osmond Dees III, Rick Dees and His Cast of Idiots, Rigdon Osmond Dees, Rigdon Osmond "Rick" Dees III, Rick Dees III or Rick is an American actor, comedian, radio personality, presenter, businessperson, songwriter, screenwriter and disc jockey. He has one child, Kevin Dees.

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Howard Finkel

Howard Finkel (June 7, 1950 Newark-) also known as El Dopo, Finkus Maximus, The Fink, Howard 'The Fink' Finke or Howard S. Finkel is an American actor and announcer.

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Rick Reed

Rick Reed (March 3, 1950 Detroit-) a.k.a. Rick Alan Reed is an American baseball umpire and actor.

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Tom Towles

Tom Towles (March 20, 1950 Chicago-) is an American actor and screenwriter.

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Loyd Grossman

Loyd Grossman (September 16, 1950 Marblehead-) a.k.a. Lloyd Grossman, Loyd Daniel Gilman Grossman or Grossman, Loyd is an American journalist, presenter, chef and actor.

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Ed Harris

Ed Harris (November 28, 1950 Englewood-) a.k.a. Edward Allen Harris, "the thinking woman's sex symbol" or Edward Allen "Ed" Harris is an American actor, screenwriter, film director, film producer and voice actor. He has one child, Lily Dolores Harris.

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Randall "Tex" Cobb

Randall "Tex" Cobb (May 7, 1950 Bridge City-) also known as Randall Cobb, Randall Craig Cobb, Tex or Randall Craig "Tex" Cobb is an American actor and professional boxer. He has two children, Bo Cobb and Joshua Cobb.

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Phil McGraw

Phil McGraw (September 1, 1950 Vinita-) also known as Dr. Phil, Phillip C McGraw, Phillip Calvin McGraw, Dr. Phil McGraw, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Dr Phil McGraw, Phillip C. McGraw or ד"ר פיל is an American presenter, psychologist, author, television producer, actor, film producer and pilot. He has two children, Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw.

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Ed Marinaro

Ed Marinaro (March 31, 1950 New York City-) otherwise known as Edward Francis Marinaro is an American american football player and actor. He has one child, Eddie Marinaro.

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Leonard Maltin

Leonard Maltin (December 18, 1950 New York City-) is an American film producer, actor, screenwriter, film critic, food critic and historian. He has one child, Jessie Maltin.

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Phillip Fulmer

Phillip Fulmer (September 1, 1950 Winchester-) otherwise known as Phil Fulmer is an American american football player, coach, american football coach and actor. He has four children, Courtney Fulmer, Allison Fulmer, Brittany Fulmer and Phillip Fulmer Jr..

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Bill Irwin

Bill Irwin (April 11, 1950 Santa Monica-) a.k.a. William Irwin, Fool Moon, William Mills Irwin, William Mills "Bill" Irwin or Bill is an American actor, clown, choreographer, playwright, theatre director and screenwriter. His child is called Santos Patrick Morales Irwin.

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Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond (May 15, 1950 Washington, D.C.-) a.k.a. Nick Hammond, Nicky or Nick Nicholas Hammond is an American actor.

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Jeff Conaway

Jeff Conaway (October 5, 1950 Manhattan-May 27, 2011 Encino) also known as Jeffrey Charles William Michael, Jeffrey Charles William Michael Conaway, Jeffrey Charles William Michael "Jeff" Conaway or Jeff was an American actor, singer, model and teacher.

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Bruce McGill

Bruce McGill (July 11, 1950 San Antonio-) also known as Bruce Travis McGill is an American actor and voice actor.

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Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan (March 9, 1950 Louisville-) also known as Daniel John "Danny" Sullivan III, Daniel John Sullivan III or Danny is an American race car driver and actor.

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Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman (April 13, 1950 Washington Heights-) also known as Ronald Francis Perlman, Ronald N. "Ron" Perlman, Ronald Perlman, Ronald Francis "Ron" Perlman or Ronald N. Perlman is an American voice actor, actor and comedian. He has two children, Blake Perlman and Brandon Avery Perlman.

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Bob Orton, Jr.

Bob Orton, Jr. (November 10, 1950 Kansas City-) otherwise known as Robert Keith Orton, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Jr. Bob Orton or Ace is an American wrestler and actor. His children are called Randy Orton, Becky Orton, Nathan Orton and Jasper Orton.

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Alan Rosenberg

Alan Rosenberg (October 4, 1950 Passaic-) also known as Alan David Rosenberg is an American actor and voice actor. He has one child, Hugh Howard Rosenberg.

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Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman (February 5, 1950 Cleveland-) also known as Freeman, Jonathan is an American actor and voice actor.

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Howard Rollins

Howard Rollins (October 17, 1950 Baltimore-December 8, 1996 New York City) also known as Howard Ellsworth Rollins, Jr., Howard E. Rollins Jr., Howard Rollins Jr., Howard E. Rollins, Howard E. Rollings, Jr. or Ho Ro was an American actor.

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Nathan Purdee

Nathan Purdee (August 6, 1950 Tampa-) is an American actor.

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Harvey Martin

Harvey Martin (November 16, 1950 Dallas-December 24, 2001 Grapevine) otherwise known as Harvey Banks Martin was an American american football player and actor.

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Roscoe Born

Roscoe Born (November 24, 1950 Topeka-) also known as Roscoe Conklin Born is an American actor.

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Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner (May 12, 1950 Elgin-) also known as Bruce William Boxleitner is an American actor, writer, voice actor and film producer. He has three children, Lee Boxleitner, Sam Boxleitner and Michael Boxleitner.

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Tim Kazurinsky

Tim Kazurinsky (March 3, 1950 Johnstown-) a.k.a. Timothy J. Kazurinsky, Kaz or Timothy James Kazurinsky is an American actor, screenwriter and comedian. He has two children, Pete Kazurinsky and Zoe Kazurinsky.

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Benjamin Hendrickson

Benjamin Hendrickson (August 26, 1950 Huntington-July 3, 2006 Huntington) was an American actor.

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Jim Wynorski

Jim Wynorski (August 14, 1950 Glen Cove-) also known as J.R. Mandish, Arch Stanton, Heny Henri, Harold Blueberry, Tom Popatopolous, Thaddeus Wickwire, Jay Andrews, David Gibbs, Daniel Fast, Rob Robertson, H.R. Blueberry, Nobel Henry, Salvadore Ross, J. Andrews, Jamie Wagner, Bob E. Brown, Noble Henry, Noble Henri, James Wnoroski, Bob Robertson, Sam Pepperman, Tom Popatopolis or Andrew James is an American screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and casting director.

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Tom McLoughlin

Tom McLoughlin (July 19, 1950 Los Angeles-) also known as Thomas McLoughlin, Tom Mcloughlin or Tommy McLoughlin is an American screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, television producer, television director and mime artist.

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