American movie stars born in 1968

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1968:

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson (November 18, 1968 Dallas-) otherwise known as Owen Cunningham Wilson, Owen C. Wilson or O is an American actor, screenwriter, film producer and voice actor. His children are called Robert Ford Wilson and Finn Lindqvist Wilson.

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Will Smith

Will Smith (September 25, 1968 West Philadelphia-) otherwise known as The Fresh Prince, Willard Christopher Smith, Jr., Willard Christopher Smith Jr., Fresh Prince, The, Wil Smith, Wiru Sumisu, Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr., Mr. July, Fresh Prince, Prince, T.W. Smith, W Smith, W. Smith, Wilf Smith, Willard Smith, Willy Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Willard Carroll "Will" Smith, Jr. or Willard Carroll Smith, Jr. is an American actor, film producer, record producer, television producer, rapper and screenwriter. He has three children, Willow Smith, Jaden Smith and Trey Smith.

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Beetlejuice (June 2, 1968 Jersey City-) also known as Lester Green, Lester Napoleon Green, Lester 'Beetlejuice' Green, Beet or Beetle is an American comedian and actor.

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David Hansen

David Hansen (July 26, 1968 United States of America-) is an American actor, playwright and theatre director.

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Jeff Chase

Jeff Chase (January 17, 1968 Paterson-) a.k.a. Jeffrey L. Sniffen, Jeff S. Chase, Jeffrey Chase, Jeffrey Sniffen or Jeff Sniffen is an American actor, football player and stunt performer. He has one child, Cory Chase.

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Jay Chandrasekhar

Jay Chandrasekhar (April 9, 1968 Hinsdale-) a.k.a. Jayanth Jambulingam Chandrasekhar, Jumbulingham Chandrasekhar, Jumbulingham, Jumbulingam or Jayanth Jambulingam "Jay" Chandrasekhar is an American comedian, film director, actor, screenwriter, television director, film editor and film producer.

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Faizon Love

Faizon Love (June 14, 1968 Santiago de Cuba-) a.k.a. Langston Faizon Santisima, Faizon, Faizon Andre Love or Faison Love is an American actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and voice actor.

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Brennan Brown

Brennan Brown (November 23, 1968 Los Angeles-) is an American actor.

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J.D. Roth

J.D. Roth (April 20, 1968 Cherry Hill-) also known as JD Roth or James David Weinroth is an American television producer, actor, presenter, voice actor and screenwriter.

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Jeffrey D. Sams

Jeffrey D. Sams (June 18, 1968 Cincinnati-) also known as Jeffrey Sams or Jeffery D. Sams is an American actor.

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Mark Setlock

Mark Setlock (June 26, 1968 Cleveland-) otherwise known as Mark David Setlock is an American actor and playwright.

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Darius de Haas

Darius de Haas (September 29, 1968 Chicago-) a.k.a. Darius De Haas is an American singer and actor.

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Ed Alonzo

Ed Alonzo (July 26, 1968-) is an American comedian, actor and magician.

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Matt Hoverman

Matt Hoverman (May 12, 1968-) is an American actor and playwright.

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Ben Bass

Ben Bass (August 14, 1968 Baltimore-) also known as Banjamin Langer Bass is an American actor.

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Lexie Bigham

Lexie Bigham (August 4, 1968 Illinois-December 17, 1995 Los Angeles) also known as Lexie D. Bigham, Lexie Darnell Bigham Jr. or Lexie Donnell Bigham, Jr. was an American actor.

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Richard O'Sullivan

Richard O'Sullivan (June 10, 1968 Spartanburg-) also known as Richard James O'Sullivan, Eagle, The Irish Hammer or The God of Thunder is an American screenwriter, film producer, film director and actor.

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James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart (June 16, 1968 Encino-) also known as Patrick D. Stuart, James Patrick Stewart, James Patrick Stewert, Patrick Stuart or J. Stuart is an American actor and voice actor. He has one child, Graham Parker Stuart.

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Edward Burns

Edward Burns (January 29, 1968 Woodside-) also known as Ed Burns, Edward Fitzgerald Burns, Edward J Burns, Jr., Eddie or Edward J. Burns, Jr. is an American actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, television director and television producer. His children are called Finn Burns and Grace Burns.

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Danny Nucci

Danny Nucci (September 15, 1968 Klagenfurt-) is an American actor. He has two children, Savannah Nucci and Maya Nucci.

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Stan Kirsch

Stan Kirsch (July 15, 1968 New York City-) also known as Stanley Benjamin Kirsch is an American actor.

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Patrick Muldoon

Patrick Muldoon (September 27, 1968 San Pedro-) a.k.a. William Patrick Muldoon III or Pat Muldoon is an American actor and musician.

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Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien (December 18, 1968 Milton-) a.k.a. Casper Robert Van Dien Jr., Caspar Van Dien, Casper, Tarzan, Robb, Cap Tarzan, Van, Mr. Oxenberg, Casper van Dien, Cap or Casper Robert Van Dien, Jr. is an American actor and film producer. He has four children, Maya Van Dien, Cappy Van Dien, Grace Van Dien and Celeste Van Dien.

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony (September 16, 1968 New York City-) a.k.a. Marc Antony, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Skinny or Marco Antonio Muñiz Ruiz is an American singer-songwriter, actor, record producer and television producer. He has five children, Emme Maribel Muñiz, Maximilian David Muñiz, Cristian Marcus Muñiz, Ryan Adrian Muñiz and Ariana Anthony.

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David Alan Basche

David Alan Basche (August 25, 1968 Hartford-) otherwise known as David is an American actor. He has one child, Livia Basche.

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Jinx Titanic

Jinx Titanic (September 21, 1968 Chicago-) is an American writer, songwriter, singer, author, comedian, composer, actor and musician.

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Stretch (April 8, 1968 Queens-November 30, 1995 Queens Village) also known as Randy Walker was an American actor, rapper and music producer.

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DJ Skribble

DJ Skribble (October 10, 1968 Queens-) otherwise known as Dj Skribble, D.J. Skribble, DJ Scribble or Scott Lalacci is an American actor, record producer, disc jockey, remixer and musician.

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Jaime Cardriche

Jaime Cardriche (March 20, 1968 Savannah-July 28, 2000 Torrance) was an American actor.

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Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman (February 8, 1968 Zion-May 28, 2010 Provo) also known as Gary Wayne Coleman was an American actor and voice actor.

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Terry Crews

Terry Crews (July 30, 1968 Flint-) a.k.a. Terry Alan Crews, Terrence Alan Crews, Terry Crew, T-Money, Squeegee Lo, Henry David Thoreau, Terry Crews, Jr., Big T, Big Black Bird or Terry Crews Jr. is an American american football player and actor. He has five children, Azriel Crews, Tera Crews, Wynfrey Crews, Isaiah Crews and Naomi Burton-Crews.

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DeRay Davis

DeRay Davis (August 5, 1968 Chicago-) a.k.a. Antoine DeRay Davis, De Ray, Deray Davis, DeRay, Antwan DeRay Davis or Farted DeRay Davis is an American actor, screenwriter, stand-up comedian and comedian.

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Seth Gilliam

Seth Gilliam (November 5, 1968-) is an American actor.

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Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. (January 2, 1968 The Bronx-) also known as Cuba M. Gooding Jr., Cuba M. Gooding, Jr. or Cuba M. Gooding Junior is an American actor, voice actor and film producer. He has three children, Piper Gooding, Spencer Gooding and Mason Gooding.

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Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin (July 15, 1968 Kansas City-) also known as VooDoo Child, Edward "Eddie" Rubin Griffin, Edward Rubin Griffin, Edward "Eddie" Griffin or Edward Griffin is an American comedian, actor, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, film director and television director. He has one child, Eddie Griffin Jr..

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Lord Jamar

Lord Jamar (September 17, 1968 New Rochelle-) also known as Lorenzo Dechalus, Lord Jammar or Lord Jamar Alliah is an American actor, musician and rapper.

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Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones (April 10, 1968 Mobile-) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, television producer, voice actor and businessperson.

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Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane (September 10, 1968 Bedford-Stuyvesant-) otherwise known as Antonio Hardy, Antonio Monterio Hardy, B.D.K., King Asiatic Nobody's Equal, Blackanova, Dark Gable or Count Macula is an American actor, musician, mail carrier, record producer, songwriter, screenwriter, model, rapper and music producer. His child is called Lamel Hardy.

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Phill Lewis

Phill Lewis (February 14, 1968 Uganda-) a.k.a. Phil Lewis is an American comedian, actor, television director and voice actor.

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Romany Malco

Romany Malco (November 18, 1968 Brooklyn-) otherwise known as Romany Romanic Malco Jr., Romany Malco Jr. or Tijuana Jackson is an American actor, musician, rapper, screenwriter and television producer.

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Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan (November 10, 1968 The Bronx-) a.k.a. Tracy Jamal Morgan is an American comedian, actor, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor and writer. He has four children, Malcolm Morgan, Gitrid Morgan, Tracy Morgan Jr. and Maven Sonae Morgan.

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Allen Payne

Allen Payne (July 7, 1968 Harlem-) otherwise known as Alan Payne or Al is an American actor.

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Rodney Allen Rippy

Rodney Allen Rippy (July 29, 1968 Long Beach-) also known as Rodney Alan Rippy is an American actor and child actor.

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Andre Royo

Andre Royo (July 18, 1968 The Bronx-) is an American actor and film producer. He has one child, Stella Royo.

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Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer (January 2, 1968 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Christopher Spencer is an American actor, screenwriter, comedian and television producer. He has two children, Christopher Spencer and Isabella Spencer.

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Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly (July 8, 1968 New York City-) a.k.a. Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr. is an American actor, film director, television director, screenwriter and film editor. He has three children, August Manning Weatherly, Olivia Weatherly and Liam Weatherly.

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Jaye Davidson

Jaye Davidson (March 21, 1968 Riverside-) otherwise known as Alfred Amey is an American actor and model.

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Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan (November 27, 1968 Boulogne-Billancourt-) also known as Michael S. Vartan is an American actor.

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Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser (December 3, 1968 Indianapolis-) otherwise known as Brendan James Fraser or Brendon Fraser is an American actor, film producer, voice actor and photographer. His children are called Leland Francis Fraser, Griffin Arthur Fraser and Holden Fletcher Fraser.

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Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel (September 26, 1968 Mount Vernon-) also known as James Patrick Caviezel, James Patrick Caviezel, Jr., JC, Jimmy, James Caviezel, James Patrick "Jim" Caviezel, Jr. or James Patrick "Jim" Caviezel is an American actor. He has three children, Bo Caviezel, David Caviezel and Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel.

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