American movie stars born in 1971

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America were born in 1971:

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson (September 21, 1971 Dallas-) otherwise known as Luke Cunningham Wilson or One-Take Wilson is an American actor, film director, comedian, screenwriter and film producer.

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Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk (March 16, 1971 El Paso-) also known as Alan Wray Tudyk or Wray Nerely is an American actor and voice actor.

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Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker (August 31, 1971 Atlanta-) otherwise known as Christopher Tucker, Christopher "Chris" Tucker or Christopher Andrew Tucker is an American comedian, actor and stand-up comedian. He has one child, Destin Christopher Tucker.

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Eric Martsolf

Eric Martsolf (July 27, 1971 Harrisburg-) also known as Martnut is an American actor and singer. He has two children, Mason Alan Martsolf and Chase Evan Martsolf.

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Kirk Acevedo

Kirk Acevedo (November 27, 1971 Brooklyn-) also known as Kirk M. Acevedo or Kirk Avecedo is an American actor. He has one child, Scarlett James Acevedo.

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Jay Tavare

Jay Tavare (March 23, 1971 Navajo Nation-) also known as JT is an American actor and journalist.

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Damon DiMarco

Damon DiMarco (October 16, 1971 Princeton-) is an American historian, writer and actor.

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Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall (February 1, 1971 Raleigh-) also known as Michael Carlyle Hall, Michael Carlisle Hall or Michael Hall is an American actor, voice actor, television producer and film producer.

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Jared Leto

Jared Leto (December 26, 1971 Bossier City-) also known as Jared Joseph Leto, Bartholomew Cubbins, Angakok Panipaq, J or Jaro is an American actor, musician, singer-songwriter, composer, film producer, photographer, painter, businessperson, film director, philanthropist and guitarist.

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Brian Dunkleman

Brian Dunkleman (September 25, 1971 Ellicottville-) also known as Brian James Dunkleman is an American comedian, actor and presenter.

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Wilson Jermaine Heredia

Wilson Jermaine Heredia (December 2, 1971 Brooklyn-) a.k.a. Wilson Heredia or Willy J is an American actor, singer and dancer.

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Nick Stabile

Nick Stabile (March 4, 1971 Wheat Ridge-) otherwise known as Nicholas Stabile or Nicholas Francis Stabile is an American actor. His child is called Ella Grace Stabile.

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Yancey Arias

Yancey Arias (June 27, 1971 New York City-) is an American actor, singer, martial artist, film producer and film director. He has one child, Jiancarlo Arias.

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Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo (July 7, 1971 New York City-) otherwise known as Christian Minnick is an American actor, television producer, screenwriter and film producer.

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Stephen Bishop

Stephen Bishop (September 14, 1971-) also known as Stephen C. Bishop is an American actor and baseball player.

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C. S. Lee

C. S. Lee (December 30, 1971 Cheongju-) a.k.a. Charlie Lee, Charlie S. Lee, CS Lee, C. S. Lee, Charles S. Lee or C.S. Lee is an American actor.

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Deven May

Deven May (April 3, 1971 Whittier-) is an American photographer and actor.

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Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce (December 13, 1971 Denver-) a.k.a. Jeffrey Douglas Plitt or Jeffrey Plitt is an American film producer, film director and actor. He has one child, Betty Jane Vaida Pierce.

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Christopher Michael Holley

Christopher Michael Holley (November 23, 1971 Minot-) also known as Chris Holley or Christopher Holley is an American actor.

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Scott Krycia

Scott Krycia (March 24, 1971 Bethlehem-) also known as Scott Matthew Krycia is an American photographer, film producer, film director, actor and businessperson.

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Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley (April 16, 1971 New York City-) otherwise known as Peter Michaelsen or Peter Billingsley-Michaelsen is an American actor, film director, film producer, television producer, theatrical producer and television director.

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Jonathan Levit

Jonathan Levit (April 20, 1971 Orange-) is an American actor, magician and theatrical producer.

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Galen Gering

Galen Gering (February 13, 1971 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Galen Laius Gering is an American model and actor. His children are called Dillon Phoenix Gering and Jensen Gering.

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Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm (March 10, 1971 St. Louis-) a.k.a. Jonathan Daniel Hamm, John Hamm or Jonathan Daniel "Jon" Hamm is an American actor, television producer, television director, film director, voice actor and comedian.

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Michael Strickland

Michael Strickland (June 8, 1971 San Diego-) is an American actor.

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Trent Dawson

Trent Dawson (February 4, 1971 Baton Rouge-) otherwise known as Trent Ashley Dawson is an American actor.

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Michael Dietz

Michael Dietz (February 10, 1971 Pennsylvania-) is an American actor and television producer. He has one child, Madison Michaela Dietz.

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Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos (March 30, 1971 Zaragoza-) also known as Mark Andrew Consuelos is an American actor, television producer and film producer. He has three children, Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, Lola Grace Consuelos and Michael Joseph Consuelos.

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Trevor St. John

Trevor St. John (September 3, 1971 Spokane-) otherwise known as Trevor Marshall St. John is an American actor, businessperson, teacher and voice actor. He has one child, Aidan Lee St. John.

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Austin Peck

Austin Peck (April 9, 1971 Honolulu-) also known as Jeffrey Austin Peck is an American actor. He has three children, Roman Peck, Keira Grace Peck and A.J Peck.

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Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis (January 18, 1971 Bakersfield-) also known as Davis, Jonathan, Jonathan Kahn Davis, Jonathan Houseman Davis, JD or Jonathan Howsmon Davis is an American singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, actor and disc jockey. His children are called Nathan Houseman Davis, Pirate Houseman Davis and Zeppelin Howsmon Davis.

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Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson (October 3, 1971 Lexington-) also known as Kevin Scott Richardson, The Backstreet Boys, Kevin, Pumpkin, Boo, Train or Backstreet Boys is an American singer, model, songwriter, actor and composer. He has one child, Mason Richardson.

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Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes (March 14, 1971 St. Louis-) also known as David R. Holmes or David Robert Holmes is an American writer, actor and tv personality.

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Jake Busey

Jake Busey (June 15, 1971 Los Angeles-) also known as William Jacob Busey, William Gareth Jacob Busey Jr., William Busey, Jacob Busey, Jake or William Jacob "Jake" Busey is an American actor, musician, film producer and voice actor. He has one child, Autumn Rosalia Busey.

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Method Man

Method Man (March 2, 1971 Hempstead-) a.k.a. Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan, Clifford Smith, Methodman, Clifford 'Method' Man, Blazini, MZA, The Panty Raider, Tical, Iron Lung, Shakwon, Hott Nikkels, Mr. Mef, Ticallion Stallion, Methical, Johnny Blaze, Johnny Dangerous, Shaquan God Allah, Methtical, John J, Cliff 'Method Man' Smith, Cliff Smith, C. Smith, Hot Nikkels, Clifford James Smith, Meth, Wu Brother #1, Mr. Meth, Metaphysical Man, The Ghost Rider, John John Blazini, Big John Stud, Wu-Tang Clan, Rebel INS or MEF is an American actor, master of ceremonies, songwriter, rapper, record producer, film score composer, film producer, screenwriter and voice actor.

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Mansour (July 28, 1971 Tehran-) also known as Mansour Jafari Mamaghaani is an American singer, composer, actor and fashion designer.

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Kid Rock

Kid Rock (January 17, 1971 Romeo-) also known as Robert James Ritchie, Bob, Bob Ritchie, Bobby or Robert James "Bob" Ritchie is an American musician, singer-songwriter, actor, rapper, disc jockey, dancer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. His child is called Robert James Ritchie, Jr..

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg (October 20, 1971 Long Beach-) also known as Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop, Calvin Broadus, Big Snoop Dogg, Bigg Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dog, Snoop Lion, Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Uncle Snoop, DJ Snoopadelic, Snoop Scorsese, Snoopy, Michael J. Corleone or Top Dogg is an American musician, actor, television producer, film producer, rapper, film score composer, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, record producer, voice actor and film director. His children are called Cori Broadus, Julian Corrie Broadus, Corde Broadus and Cordelle Braudus.

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Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin (December 24, 1971 San Juan-) also known as Enrique Martin Morales, Ricky Marrtin, Rickey Martin, Enrique Martín Morales, José Enrique Martin Morales, Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV, Martin, Ricky, Enrique "Ricky" Martín Morales, Kiki, Menudo or Ricky is an American actor, singer-songwriter, musician, author, singer and songwriter. His children are called Matteo Martin and Valentino Martin.

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Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry (February 4, 1971 Weymouth-) also known as Robert William Corddry, Robert Corddry, Corddry, Robert William "Rob" Corddry, Rory Spindell or Cutter Spindell is an American comedian, actor, screenwriter, television producer and television director. His children are called Sloane Sullivan Corddry and Marlo Stevenson Corddry.

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Matt Stone

Matt Stone (May 26, 1971 Houston-) also known as Matthew Richard Stone, John Smith, Matthew Stone, Broflovski, Kyle, Hussein, Saddam, Mathew Stone, Matthew Richard "Matt" Stone or Kyle Broflovski is an American screenwriter, actor, television producer, animator, film producer, voice actor, musician, television director, film director and film score composer.

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Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key (March 22, 1971 Southfield-) a.k.a. Keegan Michael Key is an American comedian, actor, presenter, screenwriter and television producer.

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Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs (January 2, 1971 Newark-) a.k.a. Scott Diggs, Scott Leo Diggs, Scott L. Diggs, Scott Leo "Taye" Diggs, Diggs, Scottaye or Taye is an American actor, singer and television producer. He has one child, Walker Nathaniel Diggs.

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Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (September 22, 1971 New York City-) also known as Larry Gillard Jr., Larry Gilliard, Larry Gilliard Jr., Larry Gilliard, Jr. or Lawrence "Larry" Gilliard, Jr. is an American actor.

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Dedrick D. Gobert

Dedrick D. Gobert (November 25, 1971 Shreveport-November 19, 1994 Mira Loma) a.k.a. Dedrick Gobert or Dedrick Dwayne Fontenot was an American actor.

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Dorian Gregory

Dorian Gregory (January 26, 1971 Washington, D.C.-) is an American actor.

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Emmanuel Lewis

Emmanuel Lewis (March 9, 1971 Brooklyn-) also known as Webster, The Tallest 40 Inches in Hollywood, Manny or エマニエル is an American actor.

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Mack 10

Mack 10 (August 9, 1971 Inglewood-) otherwise known as Mack10, Dedrick Rolison, Dedrick D. Rolison or Westside Connection is an American rapper, film score composer and actor. He has one child, Chase Rolison.

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Shavar Ross

Shavar Ross (March 4, 1971 South Bronx-) also known as Shavar M. Ross or Shavar Malik Ross is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, film editor, photographer, businessperson and writer. He has two children, Seven Shavar Ross and Chelsea Lynn Ross.

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Vicellous Reon Shannon

Vicellous Reon Shannon (April 11, 1971 Memphis-) a.k.a. Vicellous Shannon is an American actor.

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