American movie stars died at 28

Here are 3 famous actors from United States of America died at 28:

Big Pun

Big Pun (November 10, 1971 The Bronx-February 7, 2000 White Plains) otherwise known as Big Punisher, Christopher Lee Rios, Big Moon Dawg, Pun, Chris, Big Moon Dog or Christopher Rios was an American rapper and actor. He had three children, Amanda Rios, Vanessa Rios and Christopher Rios.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee (February 1, 1965 Oakland-March 31, 1993 Wilmington) also known as Brandon Bruce Lee was an American actor and martial artist.

He died as a result of gunshot.

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Ormer Locklear

Ormer Locklear (October 28, 1891 Greenville-August 2, 1920 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ormer Leslie Locklear, Lieut. Ormer Locklear, Lt. Locklear or Lock was an American stunt performer, actor, soldier and pilot.

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