American movie stars died in 2008

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America died in 2008:

Paul Newman

Paul Newman (January 26, 1925 Shaker Heights-September 26, 2008 Westport) a.k.a. Paul Leonard Newman, King Cool, PL or P.L. Neuman was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, film producer, businessperson, activist, voice actor, philanthropist and race car driver. His children are called Susan Kendall Newman, Claire Olivia Newman, Stephanie Newman, Melissa Newman, Scott Newman and Nell Newman.

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Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro (July 25, 1982 Knoxville-January 15, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Bradley Barron Renfro, Brad Barron Renfro, Pagey, Renfreak or Fro was an American actor. He had one child, Yamato Renfro.

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Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac (October 5, 1957 Chicago-August 9, 2008 Chicago) also known as Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, Mac-Man or Bernard Jeffrey "Bernie" McCullough was an American actor, screenwriter, comedian, television producer, voice actor and stand-up comedian. His child is called Je'Niece Childress.

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Ivan Dixon

Ivan Dixon (April 6, 1931 Harlem-March 16, 2008 Charlotte) also known as Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III was an American film director, actor, film producer and stunt double. He had four children, Ivan Nathaniel Dixon IV, N'Gai Christopher Dixon, Doris Nomathande Dixon and Alan Kimara Dixon.

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Richard Widmark

Richard Widmark (December 26, 1914 Sunrise Township-March 24, 2008 Roxbury) otherwise known as Richard Weedt Widmark or Dick was an American actor and film producer. His child is called Anne Koufax.

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Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston (October 4, 1923 Evanston-April 5, 2008 Beverly Hills) also known as John Charles Carter, Chuck, Captured Slave Charlton Heston, Charlton Easton or Charlie was an American actor, film director, political activist and voice actor. He had two children, Fraser Clarke Heston and Holly Ann Heston.

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Robert C. Schnitzer

Robert C. Schnitzer (September 8, 1906 New York City-January 2, 2008 Stamford) also known as Robert Schnitzer was an American actor.

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Gene Galusha

Gene Galusha (August 20, 1941 Schenectady-August 6, 2008 Albany) otherwise known as Eugene Belden Galusha, Eugene B. Galusha or Eugene B. “Gene” Galusha was an American actor and voice actor.

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David Groh

David Groh (May 21, 1939 Brooklyn-February 12, 2008 Los Angeles) a.k.a. David Lawrence Groh was an American actor. He had one child, Spencer Groh.

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Richard Genelle

Richard Genelle (October 12, 1961 New York City-December 30, 2008 Corona) also known as Richard Michael Genelle was an American actor and entrepreneur.

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Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack (July 1, 1934 Lafayette-May 26, 2008 Pacific Palisades) also known as Sydney Irwin Pollack, Sidney Pollack or Sidney Pollock was an American film producer, film director, actor, television producer, television director and voice actor. His children are called Rebecca Pollack, Rachel Pollack and Steven Pollack.

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Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman (February 15, 1927 Chicago-May 29, 2008 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Harvey Herschel Korman or Mr.Happy Go-Lucky was an American actor, comedian, television director, television producer and voice actor. He had four children, Christopher Korman, Laura Korman, Maria Korman and Katherine Korman.

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John Phillip Law

John Phillip Law (September 7, 1937 Hollywood-May 13, 2008 Los Angeles) a.k.a. John Philip Law was an American actor. He had one child, Dawn Law.

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Otto Felix

Otto Felix (December 31, 1942 Pitsburg-December 13, 2008) was an American photographer, teacher, actor, author and screenwriter.

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Louis Guss

Louis Guss (January 4, 1918 New York City-September 29, 2008 New York City) otherwise known as Louie Guss or Lou Guss was an American actor. His child is called Simeon Guss.

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Jeff MacKay

Jeff MacKay (October 20, 1948 Dallas-August 22, 2008 Tulsa) also known as Jeffery Neill MacKay was an American actor.

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Gil Stratton

Gil Stratton (June 2, 1922 Brooklyn-October 11, 2008 Toluca Lake) also known as Gil Stratton Jr. was an American actor and sports commentator.

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Christopher Allport

Christopher Allport (June 17, 1947 Boston-January 25, 2008 Wrightwood) also known as Alexander Wise Allport Jr. or Chris Allport was an American actor. His children are called Andrew Allport and Mason Allport.

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Jack Eagle

Jack Eagle (January 15, 1926 Brooklyn-January 10, 2008 New York City) was an American actor. He had one child, Ian Eagle.

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Bobby Anderson

Bobby Anderson (March 6, 1933 Hollywood-June 6, 2008 Palm Springs) also known as Robert Anderson, Bobbie Anderson, Robert J. Bobby Anderson, Bob Anderson, Robert James Anderson, Bob or Robert J. Anderson was an American actor, film producer and television producer. His children are called Heidi Anderson-Robinson, John Anderson, Joe Anderson, Kathleen Inman, Deborah Gutierrez and Robert J. Anderson Jr..

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John Furlong

John Furlong (April 14, 1933 Albany-June 23, 2008 Nashville) also known as John Thomas Furlong or John Purlong was an American actor.

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Paul Benedict

Paul Benedict (September 17, 1938 Silver City-December 1, 2008 Martha's Vineyard) was an American actor.

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Christian Brando

Christian Brando (May 11, 1958 Los Angeles-January 26, 2008 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Christian Devi Brando, Gary Brown or Chris Brando was an American actor and welder. His child is called Michael Brando.

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Kermit Love

Kermit Love (August 7, 1916 Spring Lake-June 21, 2008 Poughkeepsie) otherwise known as Kermit Ernest Hollingshead Love was an American actor, puppeteer and costume designer.

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Jim McKay

Jim McKay (September 24, 1921 Philadelphia-June 7, 2008 Monkton) also known as James Kenneth McManus was an American journalist, actor, sports commentator, announcer and screenwriter. He had two children, Sean McManus and Mary Guba.

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Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed (March 20, 1937 Atlanta-September 1, 2008 Brentwood) also known as Jerry Reed Hubbard or Reed, Jerry was an American actor, musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist. His children are called Charlotte Elaine Reed Stewart and Seidina Ann Reed Hinesley.

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Mel Brandt

Mel Brandt (June 18, 1919 Brooklyn-March 14, 2008) also known as Melvin Brandt was an American actor.

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Larry Haines

Larry Haines (August 3, 1918 Mount Vernon-July 17, 2008 Delray Beach) also known as Larry Hecht, A. Larry Haines or Larry S. Raines was an American actor. He had one child, Debora Haines.

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Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes (August 20, 1942 Covington-August 10, 2008 Memphis) a.k.a. Isaac Hays, Isaak Hayes, Isac Heyes, Chef, Isaac Lee Hayes, Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr., The Black Moses, Ike, Isaac, Jr., Isaac Lee Hayes Jr., Isaac Hayes Jr. or Isaac Hayes, Jr. was an American singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, actor, keyboard player, songwriter, musician, voice actor, film score composer and music arranger. He had eleven children, Isaac Hayes III, Heather Hayes, Veronica Hayes, Nana Kwadjo Hayes, Jackie Hayes, Felicia Hayes, Melanie Hayes, Nikki Hayes, Lili Hayes, Darius Hayes and Vincent Hayes.

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Levi Stubbs

Levi Stubbs (June 6, 1936 Detroit-October 17, 2008 Detroit) also known as Levi Stubbles, Stubbs, Levi or Levi Stubbs Jr was an American singer, actor and musician.

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Julius Carry

Julius Carry (March 12, 1952 Chicago-August 19, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Julius J. Carry III, Julius J Carry Bill, Julius Carry III or Julius J. Carry was an American actor.

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Robert Prosky

Robert Prosky (December 13, 1930 Manayunk-December 8, 2008 Capitol Hill) also known as Robert Porzuczek, Robert J. Prosky, Robert Joseph Porzuczek, Robert Jozef Porzuczek, Prosky or Robert Józef Porzuczek was an American actor and voice actor. He had three children, Andy Prosky, Stefan Prosky and John Prosky.

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Van Johnson

Van Johnson (August 25, 1916 Newport-December 12, 2008 Nyack) also known as Charles Van Johnson, Charles Van Dell Johnson, King of Dinner Theater or The Voiceless Sinatra was an American actor, dancer and singer. He had one child, Schuyler Johnson.

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Sam Bottoms

Sam Bottoms (October 17, 1955 Santa Barbara-December 16, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Samuel John Bottoms, Samuel Bottoms, Samuel John "Sam" Bottoms or Sam was an American actor and film producer. He had two children, Io Bottoms and Clara Bottoms.

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Manuel Benitez

Manuel Benitez (September 28, 1969 Coral Gables-December 23, 2008 El Monte) also known as Mark Everett, Mike Evers or Manuel Velasco was an American actor. His child is called Benjamin Everett.

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George Carlin

George Carlin (May 12, 1937 Manhattan-June 22, 2008 Santa Monica) also known as George Denis Patrick Carlin, 乔治·卡林, Georgie Porgie or Curious George was an American actor, television producer, screenwriter, voice actor, comedian, writer and film producer. He had one child, Kelly Carlin-McCall.

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Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider (November 10, 1932 Orange-February 10, 2008 Little Rock) a.k.a. Roy Richard Scheider, Roy R. Scheider or Roy Schneider was an American actor. His children are called Christian Verrier Scheider, Molly Mae Scheider and Maximillia Connelly Lord.

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Jud Taylor

Jud Taylor (February 25, 1932 New York City-August 6, 2008 New York City) also known as Judson Taylor, Alan Smithee or Judson "Jud" Taylor was an American actor, television director, television producer, film producer and film director.

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George Furth

George Furth (December 14, 1932 Chicago-August 11, 2008 Santa Monica) also known as George Schweinfurth was an American actor, playwright, writer, screenwriter and librettist.

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Mel Ferrer

Mel Ferrer (August 25, 1917 Elberon-June 2, 2008 Santa Barbara) also known as Melchor Ferrer, Melchor Gastón Ferrer, Melchor G. Ferrer or Melchor Gaston Ferrer was an American actor, film producer, film director and television director. His children are called Sean Hepburn Ferrer, Mark Young Ferrer, Mela Ferrer, Christopher Ferrer and Pepa Phillippa Ferrer.

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Mitch Mullany

Mitch Mullany (September 20, 1968 Oakland-May 25, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Mitchell Mullany was an American screenwriter, actor and comedian.

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Nathan Davis

Nathan Davis (May 22, 1917 Chicago-October 15, 2008 Chicago) a.k.a. Nate Davis was an American actor. His children are called Andrew Davis, Richard Peter Davis and Jo Ellen Friedman.

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Stanley Kamel

Stanley Kamel (January 1, 1943 South River-April 8, 2008 Hollywood Hills) also known as Stanely Kamel, Stan Kamel or Stanley Camel was an American actor.

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John Michael King

John Michael King (May 13, 1926 New York City-August 17, 2008) was an American actor.

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Kwan Hi Lim

Kwan Hi Lim (July 11, 1922 Maui-December 22, 2008 Honolulu) was an American actor and attorney at law.

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Perry Lopez

Perry Lopez (July 22, 1931 New York City-February 14, 2008 Beverly Hills) also known as Julio López or Perry López was an American actor.

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Brad Sullivan

Brad Sullivan (November 18, 1931 Chicago-December 31, 2008 Manhattan) also known as Bradford E. Sullivan or Bradford P. Sullivan was an American actor and soldier.

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Robert Ginnaven

Robert Ginnaven (January 1, 1937 Memphis-February 17, 2008 Little Rock) a.k.a. Robert "Bob" Ginnaven, Robert Addison Ginnaven, Jr., Bob Ginnavin, Bob Ginnaven, Bob or Robert Addison Ginnaven Jr. was an American actor. He had three children, Robert Addison Ginnaven, III, Elizabeth Leigh Ginnaven and Christopher Crews Ginnaven.

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Dennis Letts

Dennis Letts (September 5, 1934 Oklahoma City-February 22, 2008 Tulsa) was an American actor, soldier, editor and teacher. He had three children, Dana Letts, Shawn Letts and Tracy Letts.

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Lionel Mark Smith

Lionel Mark Smith (February 5, 1946 Chicago-February 13, 2008 Inglewood) also known as Lionel M. Smith or Lionel Smith was an American actor and voice actor.

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