American actors died in Laryngeal Cancer

Here are 34 famous actors from United States of America died in Laryngeal Cancer:

Damon Runyon

Damon Runyon (October 4, 1880 Manhattan-December 10, 1946 New York City) also known as Alfred Damon Runyan or Alfred Damon Runyon was an American writer, journalist, author, actor, film producer and screenwriter. His children are called Mary Runyon and Damon Runyon, Jr..

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Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan (September 28, 1901 Harlem-October 13, 1974 New York City) also known as Edward Vincent Sullivan, Dr. Sullivan or 'The Great Stone Face' was an American presenter, screenwriter and actor. His child is called Betty Sullivan.

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Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart (December 25, 1899 New York City-January 14, 1957 Los Angeles) also known as Humphrey DeForest Bogart, Bogie, The Last Century Man or Bogey was an American actor. He had two children, Stephen Humphrey Bogart and Leslie Howard Bogart.

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Joseph Cotten

Joseph Cotten (May 15, 1905 Petersburg-February 6, 1994 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jo, Joseph Cheshire Cotten or Joseph Cheshire Cotten, Jr. was an American actor and screenwriter.

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Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn (April 21, 1915 Chihuahua-June 3, 2001 Boston) also known as Antonio Rudolfo Oaxaca Quinn, Anthony Qvinn, Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca, Tony or Antonio Reyes was an American actor, writer, painter, film producer, film director, professional boxer and restaurateur. He had twelve children, Francesco Quinn, Lorenzo Quinn, Ryan Quinn, Danny Quinn, Alex A. Quinn, Valentina Quinn, Christopher Quinn, Antonia Quinn, Sean Quinn, Catalina Quinn, Christina Quinn and Duncan Quinn.

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Richard Barthelmess

Richard Barthelmess (May 9, 1895 New York City-August 17, 1963 Southampton) a.k.a. Richard Semler Barthelmess, Mr. Richard Barthelmess, Richard S. Barthelmess, Dick, Corey or Richard Semler "Dick" Barthelmess was an American actor. He had one child, Mary Barthelmess.

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Bob Denver

Bob Denver (January 9, 1935 New Rochelle-September 2, 2005 Winston-Salem) also known as Robert Osborne David Denver, Little buddy, Robert Denver or Robert Osbourne "Bob" Denver was an American actor and radio personality. He had four children, Colin Denver, Patrick Denver, Megan Denver and Emily Denver.

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Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr. (December 8, 1925 Harlem-May 16, 1990 Beverly Hills) also known as Sammy Davis Jnr, Samuel George Davis, Jr., Samuel George Davis Jr., Davis, Sammy, Jr., Samuel George Davis, Sammy Davis, Will Mastin Trio, Will Maston Trio, Smoky, Mister Show Business, Samuel George "Sammy" Davis, Jr., Sammy or Silent Sammy, the Dancing Midget was an American singer, dancer, actor, musician, entertainer, film producer and television producer. He had four children, Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, Jeff Davis and Manny Davis.

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Ed Wynn

Ed Wynn (November 9, 1886 Philadelphia-June 19, 1966 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Isaiah Edwin Leopold, The Perfect Fool or Edwin Wynn was an American actor, comedian, radio personality, vaudeville performer and voice actor. His child is called Keenan Wynn.

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Larry Hovis

Larry Hovis (February 20, 1936 Wapato-September 9, 2003 Austin) was an American actor, television producer, screenwriter and singer.

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Roger Miller

Roger Miller (January 2, 1936 Fort Worth-October 25, 1992 Los Angeles) also known as Roger Dean Miller, Roger Millier, Roger Dean Miller, Sr. or The Wild Child was an American singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, actor and musician. His children are called Michael Miller, Alan Miller, Shari Miller, Rhonda Miller, Dean Miller, Shannon Miller, Taylor Miller and Adam Miller.

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Richard Boone

Richard Boone (June 18, 1917 Los Angeles-January 10, 1981 St. Augustine) also known as Richard Allen Boone or Dick was an American actor, television director, professional boxer, painter, laborer and soldier. He had one child, Peter Boone.

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Brian Donlevy

Brian Donlevy (February 9, 1901 Portadown-April 5, 1972 Woodland Hills) also known as Waldo Brian Donlevy or McGinty was an American actor and television producer. He had one child, Judy Donlevy.

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Aldo Ray

Aldo Ray (September 25, 1926 Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania-March 27, 1991 Martinez) a.k.a. Aldo DaRe, Aldo Da Re or Rugged Romeo was an American actor, police officer and voice actor. His children are called Eric DaRe, Claire DaRe and Paul DaRe.

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Mako Iwamatsu

Mako Iwamatsu (December 10, 1933 Kobe-July 21, 2006 Somis) otherwise known as Makoto Iwamatsu, Mako Wakamatsu, Iwamatsu Mako, 岩松 マコ or Mako was an American actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sala Iwamatsu and Mimosa Iwamatsu.

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Edgar Kennedy

Edgar Kennedy (April 26, 1890 Monterey County-November 9, 1948 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Edgar Livingstone Kennedy, Ed Kennedy, Ed. Kennedy, Charles Haggerty, Edward Kennedy, E. Livingston Kennedy, King of the Slow Burn, Master of the Slow Burn, Edgar Livingston Kennedy or Slow Burn was an American actor, film director, professional boxer, singer, comedian and vaudeville performer. He had two children, Larry Kennedy and Colleen Kennedy.

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Herman Cohen

Herman Cohen (August 27, 1925 Detroit-June 2, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Kenneth Langtry or Ralph Thornton was an American screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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Kevin Hagen

Kevin Hagen (April 3, 1928 Chicago-July 9, 2005 Grants Pass) a.k.a. Donald N. Hagen or Keven Hagen was an American actor and playwright. He had one child, Kristopher Hagen.

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Marshall Neilan

Marshall Neilan (April 11, 1891 San Bernardino-October 27, 1958 Los Angeles) also known as Marshall Ambrose Neilan, Mickey, Marshal Neilan, Mickey Neilan or Marshall A. Neilan was an American screenwriter, actor, film director and film producer. His child is called Marshall Neilan Jr..

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Jack Soo

Jack Soo (October 28, 1917 Pacific Ocean-January 11, 1979 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Goro Suzuki was an American actor. He had three children, Jayne Suzuki, James Suzuki and Richard Suzuki.

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Andrew Duggan

Andrew Duggan (December 28, 1923 Franklin-May 15, 1988 Hollywood) a.k.a. Andy Duggan was an American actor. He had three children, Richard Duggan, Nancy Duggan and Melissa Duggan.

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Andy Sidaris

Andy Sidaris (February 20, 1931 Chicago-March 7, 2007 Beverly Hills) also known as Andrew W. Sidaris, Andy, Dick Bigdickian, Andrew Sidaris or Andrew W. "Andy" Sidaris was an American film director, actor, television director, film producer and screenwriter. His children are called Christian Drew Sidaris, Alexa Sidaris and Stacey Avela.

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Eddie Fontaine

Eddie Fontaine (March 6, 1927 Springfield-April 13, 1992) also known as Fontaine, Eddie was an American singer and actor.

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Mike Evans

Mike Evans (November 3, 1949 Salisbury-December 14, 2006 Twentynine Palms) also known as Michael Jonas Evans, Michael Evans, Mike Jonas Evans or Michael Jonas "Mike" Evans was an American actor, screenwriter, television director, television producer and real estate entrepreneur. He had two children, Carlena Harris and Tammy Evans.

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Levon Helm

Levon Helm (May 26, 1940 Elaine-April 19, 2012 New York City) also known as Mark Lavon Helm, Helm, Levon, Mark Lavon "Levon" Helm, The Band or The RCO All-Stars was an American drummer, record producer, songwriter, actor, singer and musician. His child is called Amy Helm.

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Jeremy Slate

Jeremy Slate (February 17, 1926 Atlantic City-November 19, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Robert Perham or Robert Bullard Perham was an American actor, sports commentator, disc jockey, businessperson, songwriter and soldier.

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Henry Calvin

Henry Calvin (May 25, 1918 Dallas-October 6, 1975 Dallas) a.k.a. Wimberly Calvin Goodman was an American actor and singer.

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Booker Pittman

Booker Pittman (March 3, 1909 Fairmount Heights-October 19, 1969 São Paulo) also known as Pitman or Buca was an American film score composer, actor and musician.

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Alan Landers

Alan Landers (November 30, 1940 Brooklyn-February 27, 2009 Lauderhill) also known as Alan Stewart Levine or Winston Man was an American model and actor.

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Tucker Smith

Tucker Smith (April 24, 1936 Philadelphia-December 22, 1988 Los Angeles) also known as Thomas William Smith or Thomas Smith was an American actor, singer and dancer.

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Stephen Bruton

Stephen Bruton (November 7, 1948 Wilmington-May 9, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Turner Stephen Bruton, Steve Bruton or Turner S. Bruton was an American actor, musician, guitarist and film score composer.

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Sam McDaniel

Sam McDaniel (January 28, 1886 Wichita-September 24, 1962 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Sam 'Deacon' McDaniel, Sam McDaniels, Deacon McDaniels, Samuel Rufus McDaniel, Deacon or Sam Deacon McDaniel was an American actor.

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Don Megowan

Don Megowan (May 24, 1922 Inglewood-June 26, 1981 Panorama City) was an American actor and restaurateur. He had two children, Vikki Megowan and Greg Megowan.

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Milt G. Barlow

Milt G. Barlow (June 29, 1843 Lexington-September 27, 1904 New York City) otherwise known as Milt Barlow or Milton G. Barlow was an American actor, comedian, minstrel, vaudeville performer and soldier. His children are called Reginald Barlow, Lillie Barlow and Harry Barlow.

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