American actors died in Natural causes

Here are 50 famous actors from United States of America died in Natural causes:

Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn (October 8, 1910 Oxford Township-March 14, 1999 The Woodlands) otherwise known as John Feggo Jr., Jack Fago, Kirk Allyn, Kirk Allen or John Feggo, Jr. was an American actor. He had three children, Terri O'Brien, Liz Watkins and John Feggo.

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Jim McKay

Jim McKay (September 24, 1921 Philadelphia-June 7, 2008 Monkton) also known as James Kenneth McManus was an American journalist, actor, sports commentator, announcer and screenwriter. He had two children, Sean McManus and Mary Guba.

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Karl Malden

Karl Malden (March 22, 1912 Chicago-July 1, 2009 Brentwood) otherwise known as Mladen George Sekulovich, Cpl. Karl Malden, Malden Sekulovich, Младен Ђорђе Секуловић or Mladen Djordje Sekulovich was an American actor. He had two children, Carla Malden and Mila Malden.

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Willie Davis

Willie Davis (April 15, 1940 Mineral Springs-March 9, 2010 Burbank) a.k.a. William Henry Davis or 3-Dog was an American baseball player and actor.

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Fess Parker

Fess Parker (August 16, 1924 Fort Worth-March 18, 2010 Santa Ynez) also known as Fess Elisha Parker, Jr., Fessbo or Fess Elisha Parker Jr. was an American actor, winemaker, businessperson and voice actor. He had two children, Ashley Allen Rinehart and Fess Elisha Parker III.

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Regis Toomey

Regis Toomey (August 13, 1898 Pittsburgh-October 12, 1991 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as John Regis Toomey or Richard Fraser was an American actor and singer.

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Art Linkletter

Art Linkletter (July 17, 1912 Moose Jaw-May 26, 2010 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Arthur Gordon Kelly, Linkletter, Art, Gordon Arthur Kelly or Arthur Gordon "Art" Linkletter was an American presenter, radio personality and actor. He had five children, Robert Linkletter, Dawn Linkletter, Sharon Linkletter, Diane Linkletter and Jack Linkletter.

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Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean (August 10, 1928 Plainview-June 13, 2010 Varina) a.k.a. Dean, Jimmy or Jimmy Ray Dean was an American entrepreneur, businessperson, singer, actor and presenter. He had three children, Garry Dean, Connie Dean and Robert Dean.

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Corey Allen

Corey Allen (June 29, 1934 Cleveland-June 27, 2010 Hollywood) also known as Alan Cohen was an American screenwriter, actor, film director, television director and film producer.

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Ralph Houk

Ralph Houk (August 9, 1919 Lawrence-July 21, 2010 Winter Haven) also known as Ralph George Houk or The Major was an American baseball player, manager and actor.

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Robert F. Boyle

Robert F. Boyle (October 10, 1909 Los Angeles-August 1, 2010 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Robert Boyle, Robert Francis Boyle, Bob Boyle or Robert F. Boyle was an American production designer, film art director and actor.

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Ossie Davis

Ossie Davis (December 18, 1917 Cogdell-February 4, 2005 Miami Beach) also known as Raiford Chatman Davis, Ozzie Davis, R.C. Davis or Raiford Chatman "Ossie" Davis was an American actor, poet, playwright, screenwriter, film director, writer, activist, author and voice actor. He had three children, Guy Davis, Nora Day Davis and Hasna Muhammad Davis.

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Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper (September 15, 1922 Los Angeles-May 3, 2011 Santa Monica) also known as John Cooper Jr., Alan Smithee, Our Gang, America's Boy, Freddie, Leonard, John "Jackie" Cooper, Jr. or John Cooper was an American actor, television producer, television director, film director, military officer and race car driver. He had four children, Jackie Cooper Jr., Cristina Cooper, Russell Cooper and Julie Cooper.

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James Arness

James Arness (May 26, 1923 Minneapolis-June 3, 2011 Los Angeles) also known as James Aurness, James King Aurness, Jim Aurness, Jim Arness, James King Arness, Jim or James "Marshal Dillon" Arness was an American actor, soldier and television producer. His children are called Jenny Lee Aurness, Rolf Aurness and Craig Aurness.

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Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb (November 7, 1916 Shawnee-May 21, 2002 Santa Ana) also known as Joseph Frank Cobb or Joe Frank Cobb was an American actor.

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Jeffrey Lynn

Jeffrey Lynn (February 16, 1909 Auburn-November 24, 1995 Burbank) also known as Ragnar Godfrey Lind, Rags or Ragnar Lind was an American actor and teacher. He had two children, Letitia Lynn and Jeffrey Lynn Jr..

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Russell Simpson

Russell Simpson (June 17, 1880 San Francisco-December 12, 1959 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Russell McCaskill Simpson or Russel Simpson was an American actor. His children are called Roberta Hope and Russell Simpson Jr..

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Art Gilmore

Art Gilmore (March 18, 1912 Tacoma-September 25, 2010 Irvine) otherwise known as Arthur Wells Gilmore, Arthur Gilmore, Arthur Wells "Art" Gilmore or Arthur "Art" Gilmore was an American actor, announcer, voice actor, soldier and radio personality. He had two children, Barbara Gilmore McCoy and Marilyn Gilmore.

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Van Johnson

Van Johnson (August 25, 1916 Newport-December 12, 2008 Nyack) also known as Charles Van Johnson, Charles Van Dell Johnson, King of Dinner Theater or The Voiceless Sinatra was an American actor, dancer and singer. He had one child, Schuyler Johnson.

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John Conte

John Conte (September 15, 1915 Palmer-September 4, 2006 Rancho Mirage) was an American actor and radio personality. He had one child, Christopher Conte.

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David Manners

David Manners (April 30, 1900 Halifax-December 23, 1998 Santa Barbara) otherwise known as Dave Manners, David J. Manners, Rauff de Ryther Duan Acklom, David Joseph Manners or Rauff de Ryther Daun Acklom was an American actor.

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Sheldon Leonard

Sheldon Leonard (February 22, 1907 New York City-January 11, 1997 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Sheldon Leonard Bershad, Leonard Sheldon Bershad or S.L. Bershad was an American actor, television producer, television director, screenwriter, film producer and writer. He had two children, Andrea Bershad and Stephen W Bershad.

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Charles Lane

Charles Lane (January 26, 1905 San Francisco-July 9, 2007 Santa Monica) also known as Charles Gerstle Levison, Charles Levison, Charles Levinson, Charlie Lane or Charles L. Lane was an American actor and voice actor. His children are called Tom Lane and Alice Lane.

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Ian Wolfe

Ian Wolfe (November 4, 1896 Canton-January 23, 1992 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ien Wulf, Ian Wulf, Ian Wolf or Ian MacWolfe was an American actor and poet. His children are called Moya Wolfe and Deirdre Wolfe.

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Charley Grapewin

Charley Grapewin (December 20, 1869 Xenia-February 2, 1956 Corona) a.k.a. Charles Ellsworth Grapewin, Charley Ellsworth Grapewin or Charles Grapewin was an American actor, aerialist and screenwriter.

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Ray Teal

Ray Teal (January 12, 1902 Grand Rapids-April 2, 1976 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Ray E. Teal was an American actor and musician.

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Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw (May 23, 1910 New York City-December 30, 2004 Thousand Oaks) a.k.a. Arthur Arshawsky, Arthur Jacob Arshawsky or King of the Clarinet was an American composer, musician, clarinetist, actor, bandleader, film score composer, author and music arranger. His children are called Jonathan Shaw and Steven Kern.

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Clem Bevans

Clem Bevans (October 16, 1879 Cozaddale-August 11, 1963 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Clem Bevins or Clement Guy Blevins was an American actor. His children are called Clark Bevans, Luppee Bevans, Clemene Bevans and Edith Bevans.

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Jester Hairston

Jester Hairston (July 9, 1901 Belews Creek-January 18, 2000 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Jester Joseph Hairston, Jester J. Hairston, Jasper J. Hairston, Rolly or Hairston, Jester was an American actor, conductor, music arranger, composer, songwriter and singer.

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Tommy Farrell

Tommy Farrell (October 7, 1921 Hollywood-May 9, 2004 Woodland Hills) also known as Thomas Farrell Richards, Tommie Farrell or Tom Farrell was an American actor, comedian and soldier. His children are called Ellen Farrell, Kathy Farrell, Erin Farrell and Mark Farrell.

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Hank Worden

Hank Worden (July 23, 1901 Rolfe-December 6, 1992 Los Angeles) also known as Norton Earl Worden, Hank Warden, Worden Norton, Heber Snow, Norton E. 'Hank' Warden or Worden Norten was an American actor, tour guide, wrangler and cowboy. He had one child, Dawn Henry.

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Morgan Farley

Morgan Farley (October 3, 1898 Mamaroneck-October 11, 1988 San Pedro) otherwise known as Francis Morgan Farley or Morgan Farlay was an American actor.

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Bill Erwin

Bill Erwin (December 2, 1914 Honey Grove-December 29, 2010 Studio City) also known as William Lindsey Erwin, William Erwin, Will Erwin, Bill Irwin, William L. Erwin or William Lindsey "Bill" Erwin was an American actor, cartoonist, soldier and writer. He had four children, Timothy Erwin, Lindsey Thomas Erwin, Kelly Erwin and Michael Erwin.

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Francis Lederer

Francis Lederer (November 6, 1899 Prague-May 25, 2000 Palm Springs) also known as František Lederer, Frantisek Lederer or Franz Lederer was an American actor.

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Ben Alexander

Ben Alexander (June 27, 1911 Goldfield-August 6, 1969 Hollywood) also known as Nicholas Benton Alexander, Bennie Alexander, Benny Alexander, Alexander or Nicholas Benton Alexander III was an American actor and businessperson. He had three children, Lesley Alexander, Bradford Alexander and Nicholas Jr. Alexander.

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Dick Elliott

Dick Elliott (April 30, 1886 Boston-December 22, 1961 Los Angeles) also known as Richard E. Elliott, Richard Elliott, Richard Damon Elliott, Richard "Dick" Elliott or Dick Elliot was an American actor.

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Buddy Rogers

Buddy Rogers (August 13, 1904 Olathe-April 21, 1999 Rancho Mirage) otherwise known as Charles Rogers, Chas. Buddy Rogers, Buddy Rogers, Charles Buddy Rogers, Charles ['Buddy'] Rogers and his California Cavaliers, America's Boyfriend, Buddy, Charles Edward Rogers, Charles Edward “Buddy” Rogers or Charles "Buddy" Rogers was an American actor and film producer. He had two children, Roxanne Rogers and Ronald Charles Rogers.

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Forrest Taylor

Forrest Taylor (December 29, 1883 Bloomington-February 19, 1965 Garden Grove) also known as Edwin Forrest Taylor, E. Forrest Taylor, Forrest Tailor, Forrest Taylor Sr., Forest Taylor or E. Forest Taylor was an American actor and character actor.

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Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin (May 7, 1922 Spokane-February 25, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as William Lyle Richardson, W. Lyle Richardson or Darven McGavin was an American actor, television director and television producer. He had four children, Megan McGavin, Bogart McGavin, York McGavin and Bridget McGavin.

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Harry Babbitt

Harry Babbitt (November 2, 1913 St. Louis-April 9, 2004 Aliso Viejo) otherwise known as Harry Babbit was an American singer and actor. He had three children, Christopher Babbitt, Stephen Babbitt and Michael Babbitt.

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Robert Earl Jones

Robert Earl Jones (February 3, 1910 Senatobia-September 7, 2006 Englewood) also known as Earl Jones, Robertearl Jones, Jones or Battling Bill Stovall was an American actor, professional boxer, butler, chauffeur, tenant farmer and railroad worker. His children are called James Earl Jones and Matthew Earl Jones.

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Elia Kazan

Elia Kazan (September 7, 1909 Constantinople-September 28, 2003 Manhattan) also known as Elias Kazanjoglou, Elia 'Gadget' Kazan, Gadg, The Actor's Director, Gadget, Elia Kazanjoglous, Ἠλίας Καζαντζόγλου, Elias Kazantzoglou or Elias Kazancioglu was an American film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, theatre director and novelist. He had six children, Nicholas Kazan, Katharine Kazan, Chris Kazan, Judy Kazan, Leo Kazan and Marco Kazan.

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Kenneth Tobey

Kenneth Tobey (March 23, 1917 Oakland-December 22, 2002 Rancho Mirage) also known as Kenneth Toby, Ken Tobey, Ken Tobet or Jesse Kenneth Tobey was an American actor. He had one child, Tina Tobey.

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Dean Riesner

Dean Riesner (November 3, 1918 New Rochelle-August 18, 2002 Encino) a.k.a. Dean Franklin Riesner, Dean Franklin, Dinky Reisner, Dinky Dean, Dean Reisner, Dean E. Riesner or Dink Dean was an American screenwriter and actor.

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Samuel Fuller

Samuel Fuller (August 12, 1912 Worcester-October 30, 1997 Hollywood) also known as Samuel Michael Fuller, Sammy or Sam Fuller was an American film director, screenwriter, novelist, film producer, actor, journalist, television director and television producer. He had one child, Samantha Fuller.

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Tony Martin

Tony Martin (December 25, 1913 San Francisco-July 27, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Martin, Tony, Alvin Morris, Anthony Martin or Al Morris was an American singer and actor. He had two children, Tony Martin Jr. and Nicholas Martin.

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Jess Hahn

Jess Hahn (October 29, 1921 Terre Haute-June 29, 1998 Saint-Malo) a.k.a. Jesse Beryle Hahn, Jess Hann, Jesse Hahn or J. Hahn was an American actor and musician.

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Charles Eaton

Charles Eaton (June 22, 1910 Washington, D.C.-August 15, 2004 Norman) also known as Rep. Charles Eaton was an American actor.

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Dallas McKennon

Dallas McKennon (July 19, 1919 La Grande-July 14, 2009 Raymond) also known as Dallas Raymond McKennon, Dal McKennon, Dal McKinnon, Charles Farrington, Dale McKennon, Dalllas McKennon, Sallas McKennon or Raymond Dallas McKennon Jr. was an American actor, voice actor and historian. His children are called Dalene Lackaff, Barbara Porter, Linda Strozyk, Gayle McKennon, Tamara Rock, Wendy McKennon, Jerald McKennon and Steven McKennon.

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Bill Quinn

Bill Quinn (May 6, 1912 New York City-April 29, 1994 Camarillo) also known as William Tyrrell Quinn, Billy Quinn, William Quinn or William T. Quinn was an American actor. He had one child, Ginny Newhart.

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