American actors died in Parkinson's disease

Here are 19 famous actors from United States of America died in Parkinson's disease:

George Roy Hill

George Roy Hill (December 20, 1921 Minneapolis-December 27, 2002 New York City) a.k.a. George Roy Hill II was an American film director, screenwriter, film producer, television director and actor. He had two children, George Roy Hill III and John Hill.

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Jim Backus

Jim Backus (February 25, 1913 Cleveland-July 3, 1989 Los Angeles) also known as James Gilmore Backus, James G. Backus, James Backus or James Gilmore "Jim" Backus was an American actor, voice actor and writer.

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William Boyd

William Boyd (June 5, 1895 Hendrysburg-September 12, 1972 Laguna Beach) a.k.a. William Lawrence Boyd, Bill Boyd or Hopalong Cassidy was an American actor, film producer and television producer.

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Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson (January 1, 1937 Philadelphia-August 5, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Matthew Thomas Robinson, Jr. was an American screenwriter, actor and voice actor. He had two children, Holly Robinson Peete and Matt Robinson.

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Edward Winter

Edward Winter (June 3, 1937 Ventura-March 8, 2001 Woodland Hills) otherwise known as Edward Dean Winter, Ed Winter or Edward D. Winter was an American actor, voice actor, writer, television director and narrator.

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Whit Bissell

Whit Bissell (October 25, 1909 New York City-March 5, 1996 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Whitner Nutting Bissell, Whitner Bissell, Whit Bissel or Whitt Bissell was an American actor and character actor.

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George Kirby

George Kirby (June 8, 1923 Chicago-September 30, 1995 Las Vegas) was an American comedian, actor and singer.

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Jerry Haynes

Jerry Haynes (January 31, 1927 Dallas-September 26, 2011 Longview) also known as Jerome Martin Haynes, Jerome Martin "Jerry" Haynes or Mr. Peppermint was an American actor. He had one child, Gibby Haynes.

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Guy Kibbee

Guy Kibbee (March 6, 1882 El Paso-May 24, 1956 East Islip) also known as Guy Bridges Kibbee was an American actor.

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Richard Stahl

Richard Stahl (January 4, 1932 Detroit-June 18, 2006 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Dick Stahl was an American actor. His children are called Allegra Stahl and Oliver Stahl.

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Corey Allen

Corey Allen (June 29, 1934 Cleveland-June 27, 2010 Hollywood) also known as Alan Cohen was an American screenwriter, actor, film director, television director and film producer.

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Joe Cook

Joe Cook (March 29, 1890 Evansville-May 15, 1959 Clinton Hollow) also known as Joe Lopez was an American actor.

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Sidney Miller

Sidney Miller (October 22, 1916 Shenandoah-January 10, 2004 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Sidney Millek, Sid Miller, Sydney L. Miller or Sid L. Miller was an American actor, television director, songwriter, screenwriter and voice actor. He had one child, Barry Miller.

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Dan Resin

Dan Resin (February 22, 1931 South Bend-July 31, 2010 Wayne) a.k.a. Daniel Wrzesien was an American actor, singer and master of ceremonies. He had one child, Elizabeth Olynick.

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Erle C. Kenton

Erle C. Kenton (August 1, 1896 Norboro-January 28, 1980 Glendale) a.k.a. Erle Cauthorn Kenton, Erle Kenton, Earle Kenton, Earle C. Kenton, Earl Kenton or Earl C. Kenton was an American film director and actor.

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Charles Knox Robinson

Charles Knox Robinson (April 13, 1932 Orange-July 22, 2006 Palm Springs) also known as Charles Robinson, Charles Robinson III, Charles Robinson Knox, Charles Knox Robinson, Charles Knox Robinson III or Charlie Robinson was an American actor, translator, speechwriter and soldier.

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John Brascia

John Brascia (May 11, 1932 Fresno-February 19, 2013 Santa Monica) a.k.a. John F. Brascia was an American actor and dancer.

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Bill Slater

Bill Slater (December 3, 1902 Parkersburg-January 25, 1965 New Rochelle) a.k.a. William E. Slater, Babe or Fat was an American actor.

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Donald Symington

Donald Symington (August 30, 1925 Baltimore-July 24, 2013 Towson) also known as Don Symington was an American actor.

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