American actors died in Respiratory failure

Here are 29 famous actors from United States of America died in Respiratory failure:

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando (April 3, 1924 Omaha-July 1, 2004 Westwood) otherwise known as Marlon Brando, Jr., Bud, Mr. Mumbles or Marlon Brando Jr. was an American actor. He had 15 children, Christian Brando, Cheyenne Brando, Stephen Blackehart, Maimiti Brando, Ninna Priscilla Brando, Timothy Gahan Brando, Rebecca Brando, Myles Jonathan Brando, Dylan Brando, Simon Teihotu Brando, Miko Castaneda Brando, Raiatua Brando, Angelique Brando, Michael Gilman and Petra Brando-Corval.

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Miles Davis

Miles Davis (May 26, 1926 Alton-September 28, 1991 Santa Monica) also known as Miles Dewey Davis III, Miles Dewey Davis, Prince Of Darkness, Miles Davis Quartet or Miles Davies was an American bandleader, songwriter, composer, trumpeter, musician, artist, film score composer, actor and music artist. He had four children, Cheryl Davis, Gregory Davis, Miles Davis IV and Erin Davis.

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Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur (June 16, 1971 East Harlem-September 13, 1996 Las Vegas) a.k.a. 2Pac, 2 PAC, Tupac Amaru Shakur, 2 Pac Fe. Dr. Dre, TuPac, Lesane Parish Crooks, Makaveli, 2pac (Makaveli the Don), 2 Pac Shakur or Pac was an American record producer, poet, songwriter, social activist, rapper, actor, dancer, screenwriter and writer.

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Dean Martin

Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 Steubenville-December 25, 1995 Beverly Hills) also known as Dino Paul Crocetti, Dino Martini, King of Cool, Kid Crochet, Martin & Lewis, Dino, King Leer, Dino Crocetti or The King of Cool was an American singer, comedian, actor, professional boxer, film producer, musician, songwriter, presenter, radio personality and businessperson. His children are called Deana Martin, Gina Martin, Dean Paul Martin, Ricci Martin, Claudia Martin, Craig Martin, Sasha Martin and Barbara Gail Martin.

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Robert Young

Robert Young (February 22, 1907 Chicago-July 21, 1998 Westlake Village) a.k.a. Robert George Young was an American actor and musician. He had four children, Barbara Beebe, Kathy Young, Carol Proffitt and Betty Lou Gleason.

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Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 Chicago-September 3, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Michael C. Duncan, Michael 'Big Mike' Duncan, Big Mike, Hollywood, Michael Clark Duncan, Michael Duncan, Big Mike Duncan, Papa Bear, 마이클 클락 던칸 or Michael Duncan Clarke was an American actor, bodyguard, voice actor and model.

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Terry Southern

Terry Southern (May 1, 1924 Alvarado-October 29, 1995 Manhattan) a.k.a. Maxwell Kenton or Norwood Pratt was an American novelist, screenwriter, writer, essayist, actor and film producer. His child is called Nile Southern.

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Tom Poston

Tom Poston (October 17, 1921 Columbus-April 30, 2007 Los Angeles) also known as Thomas Poston, Thomas Gordon Poston or Thomas Gordon "Tom" Poston was an American comedian, actor and presenter. He had three children, Francesca Poston, Jason Poston and Hudson Poston.

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Will Geer

Will Geer (March 9, 1902 Frankfort-April 22, 1978 Los Angeles) also known as William Auge Ghere, William Auge Geer, High Ghere or William Aughe Ghere was an American actor, botanist, singer and social activist. His children are called Ellen Geer, Kate Geer and Thad Geer.

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William Pierson

William Pierson (July 17, 1926 Brooklyn-August 27, 2004 Newton) also known as William H. Pierson was an American actor.

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Louis Edmonds

Louis Edmonds (September 24, 1923 Baton Rouge-March 3, 2001 Port Jefferson) also known as Big Lou, Loui Man or Louis Stirling Edmonds was an American actor.

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Dick Weber

Dick Weber (December 23, 1929 Indianapolis-February 13, 2005 Florissant) also known as Richard Anthony Weber, Bowling's Goodwill Ambassador or The Old Smoothie was an American bowler and actor. He had four children, Pete Weber, Richard Weber, John Weber and Paula Weber.

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Bob Waterfield

Bob Waterfield (July 26, 1920 Elmira-March 25, 1983 Burbank) also known as Robert Stanton Waterfield or Buckets was an American football player, american football coach and actor. His children are called Robert Waterfield, Thomas Waterfield and Tracy Waterfield.

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Barry Sullivan

Barry Sullivan (August 29, 1912 New York City-June 6, 1994 Sherman Oaks) also known as Patrick Barry Sullivan or Patrick Sullivan was an American actor and television director. He had three children, Johnny Sullivan, Jenny Sullivan and Patsy Sullivan-Webb.

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Ish Kabibble

Ish Kabibble (January 19, 1908 North East-June 5, 1993 Joshua Tree) a.k.a. Merwyn Bogue, M.A. Bogue, Merwyn 'Ish Kabibble' Bogue or Merwyn Alton Bogue was an American comedian, actor and musician.

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Dennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan (December 20, 1908 Prentice-September 7, 1994 Fresno) also known as Stanley Morner, Richard Stanley or Earl Stanley Morner was an American singer and actor. He had three children, Kristin Morgan, Stanley Morner and James Morner.

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Patrick O'Neal

Patrick O'Neal (September 26, 1927 Ocala-September 9, 1994 Manhattan) was an American actor and restaurateur. He had two children, Fitzjohn O'Neal and Maximilian O'Neal.

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Dick Martin

Dick Martin (January 30, 1922 Battle Creek-May 24, 2008 Santa Monica) also known as Thomas Richard Martin, Thomas Richard "Dick" Martin, Rowan and Martin, Rowan & Martin, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin or Dan Rowan & Dick Martin was an American comedian, actor, television director and television producer. His children are called Cary Martin and Richard Martin.

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Sig Shore

Sig Shore (May 13, 1919 East Harlem-August 17, 2006 Stamford) a.k.a. Mike Richards was an American film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. His children are called Lindsay Shore , Steven Shore, Michael Shore, Richard Shore and Suzy Shore.

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Ronald Sinclair

Ronald Sinclair (January 21, 1924 Dunedin-November 22, 1992 Woodland Hills) also known as Ron Sinclair, Richard Arthur Hould or Ra Hould was an American film editor, actor, television editor and soldier.

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Wade Domínguez

Wade Domínguez (May 10, 1966 Santa Clara County-August 26, 1998 Los Angeles) also known as Wade Robert Dominguez was an American singer, model, actor and dancer.

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Myron Healey

Myron Healey (June 8, 1923 Petaluma-December 21, 2005 Simi Valley) a.k.a. Myron Daniel Healey, Myron Healy, Myron D. Healy, Michael Healy, Myron D. Healey or Michael Healey was an American actor, soldier and screenwriter. He had one child, Mikel Healey.

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William Duell

William Duell (August 30, 1923 Corinth-December 22, 2011 Manhattan) also known as Darwin William Duell, George William Duell or Duell, William was an American actor and singer.

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Frank Lackteen

Frank Lackteen (August 29, 1897 Kabelias-July 8, 1968 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Frank Samuel Lackteen, Running Deer in Credits or Frank Lachteen was an American actor.

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William Redfield

William Redfield (January 26, 1927 New York City-August 17, 1976 New York City) also known as Billy Redfield was an American actor and author. He had one child, Adam Redfield.

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Wayne Tippit

Wayne Tippit (December 19, 1932 Lubbock-August 28, 2009 Los Angeles) also known as Wayne Tippitt was an American actor. His children are called Kate Tippit Avron and Sarah Tippit.

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Lee Kinsolving

Lee Kinsolving (August 30, 1938 Boston-December 4, 1974 Palm Beach) also known as Arthur Lee Kinsolving Jr. was an American actor.

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Billy Mauch

Billy Mauch (July 6, 1921 Peoria-September 29, 2006 Palatine) also known as William John Mauch, Bill Mauch, William J. Mauch or William Mauch was an American actor and sound editor.

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Freddie Letuli

Freddie Letuli (April 30, 1919 Nu'uuli-July 22, 2003 Honolulu) a.k.a. Uluao Letuli Misilagi, The "Father of the Knife Dance" or Fred Letuli was an American actor.

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