American movie stars born in 1932

Here are 50 famous actresses from United States of America were born in 1932:

Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols (December 28, 1932 Robbins-) otherwise known as Grace Nichols or Grace Dell Nichols is an American actor, singer, voice actor and film producer. Her child is called Kyle Johnson.

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Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds (April 1, 1932 El Paso-) also known as Mary Frances Reynolds, Frannie, Aba Dabba, Princess Leia's Mom or Mary Francis Reynolds is an American singer, actor and dancer. Her children are called Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher.

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Anna Moffo

Anna Moffo (June 27, 1932 Wayne-March 9, 2006 New York City) also known as Moffo, Anna was an American actor, television presenter and opera singer.

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Barbara Loden

Barbara Loden (July 8, 1932 Marion-September 5, 1980 New York City) was an American film director and actor. She had three children, Marco Joachim, Leo Kazan and Marco Kazan.

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Dottie West

Dottie West (October 11, 1932 McMinnville-September 4, 1991 Nashville) also known as Dorothy Marie Marsh or West, Dottie was an American singer, songwriter, singer-songwriter and actor. She had one child, Shelly West.

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Elaine May

Elaine May (April 21, 1932 Philadelphia-) also known as Elaine Iva Berlin, Elaine Berlin or Esther Dale is an American screenwriter, film director, actor and comedian. She has one child, Jeannie Berlin.

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Jan Howard

Jan Howard (March 13, 1932 West Plains-) also known as Howard, Jan or Lula Grace Johnson is an American singer, songwriter and actor.

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Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn (April 14, 1932 Butcher Hollow-) also known as Lorettal Lynn, Loretta Webb, The Coal Miner's Daughter, Country Music's First Girl Singer, The First Lady of Country Music, The Decca Doll or The Queen of Country Music is an American songwriter, singer, author, actor and singer-songwriter. She has six children, Betty Sue Lynn, Cissy Lynn, Patsy Lynn, Peggy Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn and Ernest Ray Lynn.

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Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence (September 5, 1932 Melrose Park-) also known as Carol Maria Laraia or Lawrence, Carol is an American actor and singer. Her children are called Michael Goulet and Christopher Goulet.

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Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan (September 3, 1932 Los Angeles-July 28, 2013 Burbank) also known as Verla Eileen Regina Brennen, A Friend or Eileen Brennen was an American actor and voice actor. She had two children, Patrick Brennan and Samuel John Lampson.

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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932 Hampstead Garden Suburb-March 23, 2011 Los Angeles) also known as Liz Taylor, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Elisheba Rachel, Kitten, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, "One-Shot Liz", Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE, Liz, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Liz Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Elisheba Rachel, Kitten, Liz, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Elisabeth Taylor or Taylor, Elisabeth was an American actor and film producer. She had four children, Liza Todd Burton, Christopher Edward Wilding, Michael Wilding Jr. and Maria Burton.

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Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn (December 7, 1932 Detroit-) otherwise known as Ellen MacRae, Ellen McRae or Edna Rae Gillooly is an American actor, voice actor, model and minister. She has one child, Jefferson Roberts.

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Felicia Farr

Felicia Farr (October 4, 1932 Westchester County-) otherwise known as Randy Farr, Olive Dines or Olive Farr is an American actor and model. She has two children, Courtney Lemmon and Denise Farr.

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Judy Tyler

Judy Tyler (October 9, 1932 Milwaukee-July 4, 1957 Rock River) also known as judy_tyler or Judith Mae Hess was an American actor.

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Majel Barrett

Majel Barrett (February 23, 1932 Cleveland-December 18, 2008 Bel-Air) otherwise known as Majel Lee Hudec, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, M. Leigh Hudec, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Majel Roddenberry, Majel Barrett Rodenbury, The First Lady of Star Trek or Majel Leigh Hudec was an American actor, voice actor and television producer. She had one child, Rod Roddenberry.

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Merry Anders

Merry Anders (May 22, 1932 Chicago-October 28, 2012 Encino) also known as Mary Helen Anderson or Merry Helen Anderson was an American actor. She had one child, Tina Beth Paige Anders.

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Peggy Ann Garner

Peggy Ann Garner (February 3, 1932 Canton-October 16, 1984 Woodland Hills) was an American actor and real estate broker. Her child is called Catherine Ann Salmi.

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Piper Laurie

Piper Laurie (January 22, 1932 Detroit-) also known as Rosetta Jacobs, Fumio Yamaguchi, Laurie Piper or Rosie is an American actor and theatre director. She has one child, Anne Grace Morgenstern.

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Sheree North

Sheree North (January 17, 1932 Los Angeles-November 4, 2005 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Dawn Shirley Crang, Dawn Shirley Bethel, Shirley Mae Bessire, Shereƫ North, Sherree Bessire or Dawn Shirley Crang Bethel was an American actor, dancer, singer and showgirl. She had two children, Dawn Bessire and Erica Eve Sommer.

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Susan Oliver

Susan Oliver (February 13, 1932 New York City-May 10, 1990 Calabasas) a.k.a. Charlotte Gercke was an American pilot and actor.

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Suzy Parker

Suzy Parker (October 28, 1932 San Antonio-May 3, 2003 Montecito) otherwise known as Cecilia Ann Renee Parker, Suzy Parker Dillman, Suzy or parker was an American actor and model. She had four children, Dinah Dillman, Charles Dillman, Christopher Dillman and Georgia de la Salle.

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Sylvia Miles

Sylvia Miles (September 9, 1932 New York City-) a.k.a. Sylvia Reuben Lee, Sylvia H. Miles or Silvia Miles is an American actor.

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Diane Webber

Diane Webber (July 29, 1932 Los Angeles-August 19, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Diane Marguerite Empey, Marguerite Diane Empey, Marguerite Empey or Dianne Webber was an American dancer, model and actor. She had one child, John Webber.

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Rosemarie Stack

Rosemarie Stack (September 17, 1932 Butte-) also known as Rosemarie Bowe, Rose Marie Bowe or Rosemary Bowe is an American model and actor. She has two children, Charles Robert Stack and Elizabeth Wood Stack.

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Marilyn Borden

Marilyn Borden (May 29, 1932 Hartford-March 25, 2009 Modesto) was an American singer and actor.

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Blaze Starr

Blaze Starr (January 1, 1932 Wilsondale, West Virginia-) also known as Fannie Belle Fleming, blaze_starr, Miss Spontaneous Combustion or The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque is an American actor, exotic dancer and stripper.

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Inga Swenson

Inga Swenson (December 29, 1932 Omaha-) is an American actor. Her children are called James Harris and Mark Harris.

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Marian McCargo

Marian McCargo (March 18, 1932 Pittsburgh-April 7, 2004 Santa Monica) also known as Marian Moses, Marian McCargo Bell or Marion Moses was an American actor, tennis player and politician. Her children are called William R. Moses, Graham Moses, Harry Moses and Rick Moses.

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Gretchen Wyler

Gretchen Wyler (February 16, 1932 Oklahoma City-May 27, 2007 Camarillo) a.k.a. Gretchen Patricia Winnecke or Auntie Gretchie was an American actor and dancer.

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Jacqueline Beer

Jacqueline Beer (October 14, 1932 Paris-) a.k.a. Jacqueline Vangramberg or Jacqueline Baer is an American actor.

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Mabel King

Mabel King (December 25, 1932 Charleston-November 9, 1999 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Donnie Mabel Elizabeth Washington was an American actor. She had one child, Larry King.

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Kaye Stevens

Kaye Stevens (July 21, 1932 Pittsburgh-December 28, 2011 The Villages) also known as Catherine Stevens or Catherine Louise Stephens was an American singer and actor.

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Sharon Gans

Sharon Gans (July 29, 1932 New York City-) is an American actor.

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Colleen Miller

Colleen Miller (November 10, 1932 Yakima-) is an American actor.

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Fay Spain

Fay Spain (October 6, 1932 Phoenix-May 8, 1983 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Lona Fay Spain or Lona May Spain was an American actor. She had one child, Jock Falvo.

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Mitzi McCall

Mitzi McCall (September 9, 1932 Pittsburgh-) also known as Mitzi J. Steiner, McCall & Brill, McCall and Brill, Mitzi McCall Brill, Lil Cocker, Mitzi McAll or Mitzie McCall is an American actor, screenwriter and voice actor. She has one child, Jennifer Brill.

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Jacqueline Scott

Jacqueline Scott (January 1, 1932 Sikeston-) also known as Jacquelyn Scott, Jacquline Scott or Jacqueline Sue Scott is an American actor.

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Joan Tabor

Joan Tabor (September 16, 1932 Sioux Falls-December 18, 1968 Beverly Hills) also known as Marilyn Joan Tabor, Jean Tabor or Marilyn J. Gold was an American actor. Her child is called Lauren F. Gold.

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Sally Fraser

Sally Fraser (December 12, 1932 Williston-) also known as Sally Frasier or Sally Frazier is an American actor.

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Larri Thomas

Larri Thomas (January 23, 1932 Wayne-October 20, 2013 Van Nuys) also known as Lida L. Thomas, Lorie Thomas, Lorrie Thomas or Lorri Thomas was an American actor and dancer.

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Joan Carroll

Joan Carroll (January 18, 1932 Elizabeth-) also known as Joan Felt or Joan Carol is an American actor.

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Billie Hayes

Billie Hayes (April 11, 1932 Du Quoin-) is an American actor and voice actor.

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Michelle Triola Marvin

Michelle Triola Marvin (November 13, 1932 Los Angeles-October 30, 2009 Malibu) a.k.a. Nico or Michelle Triola was an American actor.

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Takayo Fischer

Takayo Fischer (November 25, 1932 Hardwick, California-) a.k.a. Takayo Tsubouchi, Takayo Doran or Takayo Fisher is an American actor, singer and voice actor.

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Elmarie Wendel

Elmarie Wendel (November 23, 1932 Iowa-) otherwise known as Elmarie Louise Wendel is an American actor and voice actor. She has one child, J.C. Wendel.

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Alanis Obomsawin

Alanis Obomsawin (August 31, 1932 Lebanon-) also known as Alanis Obomsawin, OC is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor, engraver and musician. She has one child, Kisos Obomsawin.

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Rosalyn Borden

Rosalyn Borden (May 29, 1932 Hartford-January 23, 2003 Modesto) was an American actor.

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Joyce Jameson

Joyce Jameson (September 26, 1932 Chicago-January 16, 1987 Burbank) a.k.a. Joyce Jamison was an American actor. She had one child, Tyler Barnes.

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Mae Mercer

Mae Mercer (June 12, 1932 Battleboro-October 29, 2008 Northridge) a.k.a. Mary Ruth Mercer or Mercer, Mae was an American actor and singer. She had two children, Jessie Mae Frazier and Fernando Harper.

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Mitzi Hoag

Mitzi Hoag (September 25, 1932 New York City-) also known as Margaret Hoag is an American actor.

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