American movie stars born in 1941

Here are 50 famous actresses from United States of America were born in 1941:

Allison Parks

Allison Parks (October 18, 1941 Glendale-June 21, 2010) also known as Gloria Waldron was an American nude glamour model and actor.

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Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron (May 19, 1941 New York City-June 26, 2012 New York City) was an American writer, novelist, screenwriter, film director, film producer, author, actor, journalist, essayist and playwright. She had two children, Jacob Bernstein and Max Bernstein.

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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (August 3, 1941 Jersey City-) also known as Martha Helen Stewart, Martha Helen Kostyra or Grace is an American author, television producer, presenter, publisher, business magnate, actor and stockbroker. She has one child, Alexis Stewart.

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Ann-Margret (April 28, 1941 Stockholm-) also known as Ann Margaret, Ann Margret, Miss Ann Margret, Ann-Margaret, Ann-Margret Olsson or Slugger is an American singer, actor and dancer.

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Darlene Love

Darlene Love (July 26, 1941 Hawthorne-) also known as Darlene Wright, The Blossoms or Ronnie Spector / Darlene Love is an American singer, musician and actor.

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Helen Reddy

Helen Reddy (October 25, 1941 Melbourne-) also known as Helen Ready, Queen of 70s Pop or The Singing Nun is an American singer and actor. She has two children, Jordan Sommers and Traci Wald Donat.

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Hope Clarke

Hope Clarke (March 23, 1941 Washington-) also known as Hope Clark is an American singer, actor, choreographer and dancer.

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Martha Reeves

Martha Reeves (July 18, 1941 Eufaula-) otherwise known as Martha Reaves, Martha Rose Reeves, Reeves, Martha, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas or Martha LaVaille is an American singer, author and actor. She has one child, Eric Reeves.

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Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp (July 1, 1941 Portland-) is an American writer, choreographer, dancer, theatre director, television director and actor. She has one child, Jesse Huot.

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Dana Ivey

Dana Ivey (August 12, 1941 Atlanta-) also known as Dana Robins Ivey is an American actor.

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Elizabeth Franz

Elizabeth Franz (June 18, 1941 Akron-) also known as Elizabeth Frankovich or Betty Jean Frankovich is an American actor.

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Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway (January 14, 1941 Bascom-) also known as Dorothy Faye Dunaway or Miss Faye is an American actor, film producer and television producer. She has one child, Liam Dunaway O'Neill.

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Gigi Perreau

Gigi Perreau (February 6, 1941 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Ghislaine Elizabeth Marie Therese Perreau-Saussine, Ghislaine Perreau, Gi-Gi Perreau or Gigi Pereau is an American actor and voice actor. Her children are called Danielle Elaina Bianco, Keith H. deRuelle, Gina Gallo Paris and Anthony Gallo.

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Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie (May 17, 1941 New Orleans-) also known as Gracie or "Amazing Grace" Zabriskie is an American actor, artist, poet, voice actor and visual artist. She has one child, Marion Lane.

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Jessica Walter

Jessica Walter (January 31, 1941 Brooklyn-) is an American actor and voice actor. Her child is called Brooke Bowman.

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Karyn Kupcinet

Karyn Kupcinet (March 6, 1941 Chicago-November 28, 1963 West Hollywood) a.k.a. Roberta Lynn Kupcinet, Tammy Windsor or Cookie was an American actor.

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Sally Kirkland

Sally Kirkland (October 31, 1941 New York City-) is an American actor, film producer and minister.

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Vikki Carr

Vikki Carr (July 19, 1941 El Paso-) also known as Vicky Carr, Vikky Carr, Vicki Carr, Vikki Car or Florencia Vicenta de Casillas Martinez y Cardona is an American singer and actor.

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Joan Baez

Joan Baez (January 9, 1941 Staten Island-) also known as Joan Chandos Baez, Joan Beaz, Baez, Joan, Joan Chandos Báez or Joanie is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, activist and peace activist. She has one child, Gabriel Harris.

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Andrea Dromm

Andrea Dromm (February 18, 1941 Long Island-) is an American actor and model.

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Pamela Payton-Wright

Pamela Payton-Wright (November 1, 1941 Pittsburgh-) a.k.a. Pamela Payton Wright is an American actor. She has one child, Oliver Butler.

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Maureen Reagan

Maureen Reagan (January 4, 1941 Los Angeles-August 8, 2001 Granite Bay, California) otherwise known as Maureen Elizabeth Reagan, Mermie, Maureen or Radiant was an American actor, commentator and radio personality. She had one child, Rita Mirembe Revell.

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Paula Shaw

Paula Shaw (July 17, 1941 The Bronx-) is an American actor.

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Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell (September 3, 1941 New York City-June 10, 1981 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Jennifer Helene Maxwell was an American actor. She had one child, Brian Rapp.

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Sheila Kuehl

Sheila Kuehl (February 9, 1941 Tulsa-) a.k.a. Sheila Ann James, Sheila James Kuehl, Sheila James, Shelia James, Sheila Ann Kuehl or The Ladybugs is an American politician, actor and lawyer.

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Maggie Peterson

Maggie Peterson (October 1, 1941 Greeley-) a.k.a. Margaret Ann Peterson, Maggie Mancuso, Maggie Petersen or Maggie Peterson-Mancuso is an American actor.

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Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred (July 3, 1941 Philadelphia-) also known as Gloria Bloom, Gloria Rachel Bloom, Super Glo or Gloria Rachel Allred is an American lawyer, actor and attorney at law. She has one child, Lisa Bloom.

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Ellen Geer

Ellen Geer (August 29, 1941 New York City-) also known as Ellen Ware Geer is an American actor, theatre director, teacher, screenwriter and film director. Her children are called Willow Geer, Megan Geer and Ian Geer Flanders.

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Nikki Tilroe

Nikki Tilroe (December 26, 1941 Los Angeles-September 1, 2005 Derry) was an American puppeteer and actor.

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Beth Howland

Beth Howland (May 28, 1941 Boston-) otherwise known as Elizabeth Howland or Elizabeth "Beth" Howland is an American actor. Her child is called Holly Pollack.

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Deborah Walley

Deborah Walley (August 12, 1941 Bridgeport-May 10, 2001 Sedona) was an American actor. Her children are called Anthony Brooks Ashley and Justin Ashley Reynolds.

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Marianna Hill

Marianna Hill (February 9, 1941 Santa Barbara-) also known as Mariana Schwarzkopf, Mariana Hill, Marianne Hill or Marianna Renfred is an American actor.

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Marie Masters

Marie Masters (February 4, 1941 Cincinnati-) otherwise known as Marie Mastruserio is an American actor. Her children are called Jesse Harris and Jenny Harris.

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Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur (August 24, 1941 Omaha-) a.k.a. Karen Jensen is an American actor and television director.

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Charlotte Stewart

Charlotte Stewart (February 27, 1941 Yuba City-) also known as Charlotte Elizabeth Stewart or Charlotte Considine is an American actor.

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Susan Browning

Susan Browning (February 25, 1941 Baldwin-April 23, 2006 New York City) was an American actor.

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Micki Grant

Micki Grant (June 30, 1941 Chicago-) is an American singer, actor, composer, writer and lyricist.

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Estelle Bennett

Estelle Bennett (July 22, 1941 New York City-February 11, 2009 Englewood) also known as Bennett, Estelle or The Ronettes was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Toyin Hunter.

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Linda McCartney

Linda McCartney (September 24, 1941 New York City-April 17, 1998 Tucson) a.k.a. Linda Louise Eastman, Lady Linda Louise McCartney, Linda Eastman, Linda Louise McCartney, Lady McCartney, Lady Linda McCartney, Eastman, Wings, Linda Eastman McCartney, Lady McCartney Eastman, Lady Eastman, Linda Louise, Lady McCartney or Linda Louise was an American photographer, musician, keyboard player, singer, film score composer, film producer, actor, entrepreneur and composer. She had four children, James McCartney, Stella McCartney, Mary McCartney and Heather McCartney.

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Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren (August 12, 1941 Greenwich Village-) is an American actor, film director, film producer and businessperson. She has one child, Barney Warren.

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Lori Saunders

Lori Saunders (October 4, 1941 Kansas City-) also known as Linda Marie Hines, Linda Hines or Linda Saunders is an American actor, artist, photographer and visual artist. She has two children, Ronald Sandler and Stacy Sandler.

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Patricia Field

Patricia Field (February 12, 1941 Manhattan-) also known as Pat Field is an American fashion designer, actor and costume designer.

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Lanna Saunders

Lanna Saunders (December 22, 1941 New York City-March 10, 2007 Sherman Oaks) also known as Svetlana Nikolaevna Saunders was an American actor. Her child is called David Pressman.

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Joy Philbin

Joy Philbin (February 1, 1941 New York City-) a.k.a. Bette Joy Senese Philbin, Joy Senese, Joy Senese Philbin or Bette Joy Senese is an American tv personality, television show host, interior decorator and actor. Her children are called J. J. Philbin and Joanna Philbin.

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Valora Noland

Valora Noland (December 8, 1941 Seattle-) otherwise known as Valor Baum or Valora Nolan is an American actor.

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Mary Alice

Mary Alice (December 3, 1941 Indianola-) also known as Mary Alice Smith is an American actor.

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Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl (December 16, 1941 Lynn-) also known as Lesley R. Stahl, Leslie Stahl or Lesley Rene Stahl is an American journalist and actor. She has one child, Taylor Stahl Latham.

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Valorie Armstrong

Valorie Armstrong (October 25, 1941 Los Angeles-) also known as Valerie Armstrong or Valorie Field Armstrong is an American actor.

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Indus Arthur

Indus Arthur (April 28, 1941 Los Angeles County-December 29, 1984 Los Angeles County) a.k.a. Indus Jo Saugstad was an American singer and actor.

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Robin Morgan

Robin Morgan (January 29, 1941 Lake Worth-) otherwise known as Robin. Morgan is an American author, writer, poet, actor, journalist and teacher. Her child is called Blake Morgan.

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