American movie stars died at 47

Here are 10 famous actresses from United States of America died at 47:

Joy Garrett

Joy Garrett (March 2, 1945 Fort Worth-February 11, 1993) was an American singer and actor.

She died as a result of liver failure.

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Judy Garland

Judy Garland (June 10, 1922 Grand Rapids-June 22, 1969 Chelsea) otherwise known as Frances Ethel Gumm, Joots, Frances Gayne, Alice Gumm, Judy, Baby Gumm, Frances Gumm, Gracie Gumm, Miss Show Business, Marie Gumm or The Garland Sisters was an American singer, actor and vaudeville performer. Her children are Lorna Luft, Liza Minnelli and Joey Luft.

She died as a result of barbiturate overdose.

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Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan (July 3, 1957 Brewster-August 26, 2004 East Quogue) also known as Laura Brannigan, LAURA BRANIGAN or Branigan, Laura was an American singer, actor, musician and songwriter.

She died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

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Barbara Nichols

Barbara Nichols (December 10, 1928 Queens-October 5, 1976 Hollywood) also known as Barbara Marie Nickerauer, barbara_nichols or Barbara Nickerauer was an American actor.

She died caused by liver disease.

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Darla Hood

Darla Hood (November 8, 1931 Leedey-June 13, 1979 North Hollywood) also known as darla_hood, Darla Jean Hood or Darla Hood Granson was an American actor, child actor and singer.

She died in hepatitis.

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Lois Hamilton

Lois Hamilton (October 14, 1952 Philadelphia-December 23, 1999 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Lois Areno, Lois I. Aurino or Lois Aurino was an American model, pilot, author, actor, artist, sculptor, painter and visual artist.

She died caused by drug overdose.

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Marguerite De La Motte

Marguerite De La Motte (June 22, 1902 Duluth-March 10, 1950 San Francisco) also known as Marguerite de la Motte, Marguerite de LaMotte, Margaret DeLaMotte or Peggy was an American actor.

She died in thrombus.

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Wendie Jo Sperber

Wendie Jo Sperber (September 15, 1958 Hollywood-November 29, 2005 Sherman Oaks) a.k.a. Miss Wendie Jo Sperber was an American actor. She had two children, Pearl Velasquez and Preston Velasquez.

She died in breast cancer.

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Elizabeth Glaser

Elizabeth Glaser (November 11, 1947 Santa Monica-December 3, 1994 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Elizabeth Meyer was an American actor and social activist. She had two children, Ariel Glaser and Jake Glaser.

She died in hiv/aids.

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Helen Walker

Helen Walker (July 17, 1920 Worcester-March 10, 1968 North Hollywood) also known as helen_walker was an American actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

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