American movie stars died in 2012

Here are 50 famous actresses from United States of America died in 2012:

Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron (May 19, 1941 New York City-June 26, 2012 New York City) was an American writer, novelist, screenwriter, film director, film producer, author, actor, journalist, essayist and playwright. She had two children, Jacob Bernstein and Max Bernstein.

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Candy Johnson

Candy Johnson (February 8, 1944 San Gabriel-October 21, 2012 Corona) also known as Victoria Jean Hulstead was an American singer, dancer and actor.

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Celeste Holm

Celeste Holm (April 29, 1917 Brooklyn-July 15, 2012 Manhattan) was an American actor. Her children are called Ted Nelson and Daniel Dunning.

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Donna Summer

Donna Summer (December 31, 1948 Boston-May 17, 2012 Naples) also known as LaDonna Adrian Gaines, Queen of Disco, Donna Gaines or Gayn Pierre was an American singer, songwriter, actor, singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer and musician. She had three children, Brooklyn Sudano, Amanda Sudano and Mimi Sommer.

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Leslie Carter

Leslie Carter (June 6, 1986 Tampa-January 31, 2012 Westfield) also known as Leslie Barbara Carter, Brat, Lessie or Leanne was an American singer, songwriter and actor. She had one child, Alyssa Jane Ashton.

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Patricia Neway

Patricia Neway (September 30, 1919 Kensington-January 24, 2012 Corinth) a.k.a. Patricia Mary Neway was an American singer, actor and opera singer.

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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston (August 9, 1963 Newark-February 11, 2012 Beverly Hills) otherwise known as Whitney Elizabeth Houston, Houston, Whitney, The Prom Queen of Soul, Nippy or The Voice was an American record producer, singer, model, songwriter, film producer, actor, musician, artist and music artist. Her child is called Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown.

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Ann Rutherford

Ann Rutherford (November 2, 1917 Vancouver-June 11, 2012 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. Therese Ann Rutherford was an American actor. She had one child, Gloria May.

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Deborah Raffin

Deborah Raffin (March 13, 1953 Los Angeles-November 21, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Deborah Iona Raffin, Debra Raffin or Debra Rafin was an American actor, television producer and publisher.

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Elyse Knox

Elyse Knox (December 14, 1917 Hartford-February 16, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Elsie Kornbrath or Elsie Lillian Kornbrath was an American actor, model and fashion designer. She had three children, Kristin Nelson, Mark Harmon and Kelly Harmon.

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Merry Anders

Merry Anders (May 22, 1932 Chicago-October 28, 2012 Encino) also known as Mary Helen Anderson or Merry Helen Anderson was an American actor. She had one child, Tina Beth Paige Anders.

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Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller (July 17, 1917 Lima-August 20, 2012 Brentwood) a.k.a. Phyllis Ada Driver, Phyliss Diller or Phyllis Driver was an American comedian, actor and voice actor. Her children are called Stephanie Diller, Sally Diller, Suzanne Diller, Perry Diller and Peter Diller.

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Phyllis Thaxter

Phyllis Thaxter (November 20, 1919 Portland-August 14, 2012 Longwood) also known as Phyllis St. Felix Thaxter or Phyllis Schuyler Thaxter was an American actor. She had two children, Skye Aubrey and Jay Aubrey.

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Susan Tyrrell

Susan Tyrrell (March 18, 1945 San Francisco-June 16, 2012 Austin) otherwise known as Susan Tyrell, Susan Jillian Creamer or SuSu was an American actor.

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Teri Shields

Teri Shields (August 1, 1933 Newark-October 31, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Teri Schmon, Theresia Anna Lilian Maria Schmon or Maria Theresia Schmon was an American model, actor, film producer and socialite. She had one child, Brooke Shields.

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Gloria Pall

Gloria Pall (July 15, 1927 Brooklyn-December 30, 2012 Burbank) a.k.a. Gloria Palitz or Voluptua was an American model, actor, author and businessperson.

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Yvette Wilson

Yvette Wilson (March 6, 1964 Los Angeles-June 14, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Annie Yvette Wilson or Yvette Renee Wilson was an American comedian and actor.

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Lucille Bliss

Lucille Bliss (March 31, 1916 New York City-November 8, 2012 Costa Mesa) also known as Lucille Theresa Bliss was an American actor and voice actor.

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Silvana Gallardo

Silvana Gallardo (January 13, 1953 New York City-January 2, 2012 Louisville) also known as Sandra Silvana Gallardo was an American actor, acting coach, writer and athlete.

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Kathryn Joosten

Kathryn Joosten (December 20, 1939 Chicago-June 2, 2012 Westlake Village) a.k.a. Katherine Joosten, Kathryn Joostyn, Kathy or Kathryn Rausch was an American actor and nurse.

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Janet Carroll

Janet Carroll (December 24, 1940 Chicago-May 22, 2012 New York City) otherwise known as Janet Thiese was an American actor and singer. She had two children, Thomas Brown and George Brown.

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Rebecca Brooke

Rebecca Brooke (February 21, 1952 Chicago-July 17, 2012 Boca Raton) otherwise known as Mary Mendum, Misty Grey, Mary Mendham or Veronica Parrish was an American actor.

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Zina Bethune

Zina Bethune (February 17, 1945 New York City-February 12, 2012 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Zina Feeley was an American actor, dancer, choreographer and teacher.

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Carolyn Conwell

Carolyn Conwell (May 16, 1930 Chicago-October 22, 2012 Long Beach) was an American actor. Her children are called Eric Conwell, Jim Conwell and Ginger Conwell.

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Montrose Hagins

Montrose Hagins (May 5, 1924 Columbus County-October 24, 2012) also known as Annie Montrose Hagins was an American actor.

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Linda Cook

Linda Cook (June 8, 1948 Lubbock-April 12, 2012 New York City) also known as Linda Ellen Cook was an American actor.

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Tedi Thurman

Tedi Thurman (June 23, 1923 Midville-September 17, 2012 Palm Springs) also known as Dorothy Ruth Thurman, Miss Monitor or Theodora "Tedi" Thurman was an American actor, fashion model and radio announcer.

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Marla English

Marla English (January 4, 1935 San Diego-December 10, 2012 Tucson) otherwise known as Marleine Gaile English or Marlene Gaile English was an American actor.

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Doris Singleton

Doris Singleton (September 28, 1919 New York City-June 26, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Dorthea Singleton or Dorthea "Doris" Singleton was an American actor.

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Lupe Ontiveros

Lupe Ontiveros (September 17, 1942 El Paso-July 26, 2012 Whittier) also known as Lupe M. Ontiveros, Guadalupe Moreno or Guadalupe Ontiveros was an American actor and voice actor. She had three children, Nicholas Ontiveros, Elias Ontiveros and Alejandro Ontiveros.

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Mae Laborde

Mae Laborde (May 13, 1909 Fresno-January 9, 2012 Santa Monica) was an American actor.

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Joan Roberts

Joan Roberts (July 15, 1917 New York City-August 13, 2012 Stamford) also known as Roberts, Joan was an American actor.

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Maria Hart

Maria Hart (May 28, 1923 Los Angeles-August 9, 2012 Canoga Park) a.k.a. Barbara Ann McGhee was an American actor. She had two children, Rosalind Jill Seaman and Georgianna.

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Virginia Hunter

Virginia Hunter (February 17, 1920 Springfield-November 27, 2014) was an American actor and model.

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Joan Taylor

Joan Taylor (August 18, 1929 Geneva-March 4, 2012 Santa Monica) also known as joan_taylor, Rose Marie Emma or Rose Freeman was an American actor, screenwriter and writer.

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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (October 7, 1922 Bardwell-February 25, 2012 Northeast Harbor) also known as Martha Haworth was an American actor, singer and librarian.

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Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera (July 2, 1969 Long Beach-December 9, 2012 Iturbide) also known as Jenny Rivera, Janney Dolores Rivera Saaverdra, Dolores Janney Jennifer Rivera Saavedra or Dolores Janney Rivera was an American actor, television producer, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. She had five children, Jenicka Lopez, Johnny Lopez, Michael Marin, Jacquie Marin and Chiquis Marin.

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Claire Malis

Claire Malis (February 17, 1943 Gary-August 24, 2012 City of Hope National Medical Center) a.k.a. Claire Malis Callaway, Claire Malis Calloway, Claire Malis-Callaway, Claire Mallis or Claire Mallis-Callaway was an American actor. Her child is called Catlin Callaway.

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Gale Dixon

Gale Dixon (November 27, 2014-May 1, 2012 Santa Monica) was an American actor and singer.

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Leila Danette

Leila Danette (August 23, 1909 Jacksonville-September 4, 2012) was an American actor.

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Evelyn Ward

Evelyn Ward (May 21, 1923 West Orange-December 23, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Evelyn Silverstein or Evelyn Williams was an American actor. Her child is called David Cassidy.

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Jeni Le Gon

Jeni Le Gon (August 14, 1916 Chicago-December 7, 2012 Vancouver) also known as Jennie Le Gon, Jenny Le Gon, Jennie May Ligon, Jennie Bell or Jeni LeGon was an American actor, dancer and dance instructor.

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Margie Stewart

Margie Stewart (December 14, 1919 Wabash-April 26, 2012 Burbank) a.k.a. Stewart Margery was an American actor.

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Gloria Lloyd

Gloria Lloyd (May 22, 1924 Santa Monica-February 10, 2012 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Gloria Lloyd Roberts was an American actor and model. She had one child, Suzanne Lloyd Hayes.

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Ethel Winter

Ethel Winter (June 18, 1924 Wrentham-March 10, 2012 Manhattan) was an American actor.

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Sammi Kane Kraft

Sammi Kane Kraft (April 2, 1992 Livingston-October 9, 2012 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Sammi Kraft was an American actor.

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Ruth Foster

Ruth Foster (January 29, 1920 Cincinnati-May 12, 2012 Del Mar) was an American actor.

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Victoria Fyodorova

Victoria Fyodorova (January 18, 1946 Moscow-September 5, 2012 Pocono Mountain Lake Estates, Pennsylvania) a.k.a. Viktoriya Yakovlevna Fyodorova, Victoria Fedorova, Viktoriya Fyodorova, Viktoria Fyodorova or Вікторія Федорова was an American actor, writer and screenwriter. Her child is called Christopher Alexander Fyodor Pouy.

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Dimitra Arliss

Dimitra Arliss (October 23, 1932 Lorain-January 26, 2012 Woodland Hills) also known as Dimitra Steris or Dimitra Arlys was an American actor.

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Louise LaPlanche

Louise LaPlanche (September 6, 1919 Los Angeles-September 7, 2012 Ann Arbor) also known as Louise La Planche was an American actor and model. Her children are called Phil Freedman and Pat Freedman Johnston.

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