American movie stars in Rome

Here are 7 famous actresses from United States of America who live or lived in Rome:

Barbara Bouchet

Barbara Bouchet (August 15, 1943 Liberec-) a.k.a. Barbara Goutscher, Barbara (Bouchet) Goutscher or Barbara Bouch├ęt is an American actor and entrepreneur. She has two children, Alessandro Borghese and Massimiliano Borghese. She has been widely known to be residing in San Francisco and Rome.

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Sylvia Poggioli

Sylvia Poggioli (May 19, 1946 Providence-) otherwise known as Sylvia Paggioli is an American journalist and actor. She has been living in Providence and Rome.

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Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis (August 22, 1970 Rome-) a.k.a. Giada Pamela De Laurentiis or Giada Pamela De Benedetti is an American chef, author, presenter, actor and television producer. She has one child, Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson. She has been residing in Rome and California.

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Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg (April 6, 1944 Rome-) is an American model, actor and fashion designer. She has three children, Marlon Richards, Angela Richards and Tara Richards. She has been generally known to be residing in Rome.

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Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini (June 18, 1952 Rome-) also known as Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini or Isabella Rossellinni is an American model, actor, author, television director, screenwriter, film director, journalist, filmmaker, film producer and television producer. Her children are called Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann and Roberto Rossellini. She has been living in Rome.

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Vanessa Hessler

Vanessa Hessler (January 21, 1988 Rome-) otherwise known as Alice is an American model and actor. She has been widely known to be living in Rome.

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Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson (September 17, 1951 Manhattan-) otherwise known as Elvira, Cassandra Petersen, The Mistress of the Dark, Casandra Peterson or Mistress of the Board is an American actor, singer, musician, screenwriter, showgirl, presenter, activist, voice actor and television producer. Her child is called Sadie Pierson. She has been living in Colorado, Colorado Springs, Kansas, Manhattan, Rome, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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