American musicians born in 1900

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1900:

Kurt Weill

Kurt Weill (March 2, 1900 Dessau-April 3, 1950 New York City) also known as Kurt Julian Weill was an American film score composer.

His albums: The Seven Deadly Sins / The Berllin Requiem, Street Scene (Scottish Opera Orchestra & Chorus feat. conductor: John Mauceri), Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny (Norddeutscher Radio-Chor & Orchester feat. conductor: Wilhelm Brükner-Rüggeberg), Die Dreigroschenoper (Sender Freies Berlin), The Threepenny Opera: Historic Original Recordings 1928-1931, Die Dreigroschenoper, From Berlin to Broadway, The Seven Deadly Sins / Mahagonny Songspiel, Die Dreigroschenoper (Ensemble Modern) (disc 2) and Die Sieben Todsünden / Mahagonny Songspiel (Kölner Rundfunkorchester feat. conductor: Lothar Zagrosek). Genres he performed: Ballet.

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Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland (November 14, 1900 Brooklyn-December 2, 1990 Sleepy Hollow) also known as Copeland, Copland, Copland, Aaron, Aaronn Copland, Aaron Copeland, Aaron Copland (1900-1990) or The Dean of American composers was an American composer, pianist, conductor, film score composer and writer.

His discography includes: Fanfare for the Common Man / Rodeo / Appalachian Spring, Clarinet Concerto, Etc. (New York Chamber Symphony feat. conductor: Gerard Schwartz), Billy the Kid / Rodeo, Copland: Appalachian Spring; Rodeo; Billy the Kid; Fanfare for the Common Man (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bratislava), conductor: Stephen Gunzenhauser), Music for Films, The Young Pioneers: The Complete Music for Solo Piano, Bernstein Century: Appalachian Spring / Rodeo / Billy the Kid / Fanfare for the Common Man, Bernstein Century: Music for the Theatre / Concerto for Piano and Orchestra / Connotations for Orchestra / El Salón México, A Centenary Tribute and A Copland Celebration, Volume 3 (New York Philharmonic and Choral Art Society feat. conductor: Aaron Copland). Genres: 20th-century classical music, Ballet, Opera, Art song, Ballet, Film score and Classical music.

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Tommy Ladnier

Tommy Ladnier (May 28, 1900 Mandeville-June 4, 1939 New York City) otherwise known as Ladnier, Tommy was an American trumpeter.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Mitchell Parish

Mitchell Parish (July 10, 1900 Lithuania-March 31, 1993 New York City) also known as Parish, Mitchell, Michael Hyman Pashelinsky or Mitchell Parrish was an American lyricist.

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Don Redman

Don Redman (July 29, 1900 Piedmont-November 30, 1964 New York City) a.k.a. Redman, Don was an American oboist, musician, composer, bandleader and music arranger.

His albums: Doin' the New Low Down and Shakin' the Africann. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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George Lewis

George Lewis (July 13, 1900 New Orleans-December 31, 1968 New Orleans) also known as Lewis, George was an American musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: The Jazz Masters, Jazz Funeral in New Orleans, Classic New Orleans Jazz, Volume 1 and A Portrait of George Lewis. Genres he performed: Blues and Dixieland.

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Pink Anderson

Pink Anderson (February 12, 1900 Laurens-August 12, 1974 Spartanburg) a.k.a. Anderson, Pink was an American singer.

Discography: Carolina Blues Man, Volume 1, The Blues of Pink Anderson: Ballad & Folksinger, Volume 3 and Medicine Show Man, Volume 2. His related genres: Country blues and Piedmont blues.

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Colin McPhee

Colin McPhee (March 15, 1900 Montreal-January 7, 1964 Los Angeles) was an American composer, musicologist and author.

His discography includes: Britten: Prince of the Pagodas - Suite / Mcphee: Tabuh-Tabuhan.

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Leo Robin

Leo Robin (April 6, 1900 Pittsburgh-December 29, 1984 Woodland Hills) was an American songwriter, composer and lyricist.

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Victor Young

Victor Young (August 8, 1900 Chicago-November 10, 1956 Palm Springs) was an American composer, conductor, film score composer, violinist, music arranger and actor.

His albums include Three Coins in the Fountain, Original Motion Picture Scores: Samson & Delilah / The Quiet Man, Around the World in 80 Days, Strategic Air Command, Shane, Rio Grande / The Sun Shines Bright / The Quiet Man, I Married a Monster from Outer Space / The Atomic City, For Whom the Bell Tolls / Golden Earrings / Omar Khayyam, and Sands of Iwo Jima / Island in the Sky.

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Arthur Schwartz

Arthur Schwartz (November 25, 1900 Brooklyn-September 3, 1984 Pennsylvania) was an American songwriter and composer. He had one child, Jonathan Schwartz.

His albums: Jennie (1963 original Broadway cast), The Band Wagon and The 16th Annual S.T.A.G.E. Benefit Concert.

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Elmer Snowden

Elmer Snowden (October 9, 1900 Baltimore-May 14, 1973 Philadelphia) was an American , .

His albums: Blues & Ballads. His related genres: Jazz.

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Poley McClintock

Poley McClintock (September 24, 1900 East Nantmeal-January 6, 1980 East Stroudsburg) also known as James Roland McClintock was an American singer and actor. He had one child, James McClintock.

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Malvina Reynolds

Malvina Reynolds (August 23, 1900 San Francisco-March 17, 1978) a.k.a. Reynolds, Malvina was an American songwriter and singer.

Her albums include Ear to the Ground, Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth and Malvina Reynolds Sings the Truth. Genres she performed: Blues and Folk music.

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Jessica Dragonette

Jessica Dragonette (February 14, 1900 India-March 18, 1980) was an American singer.

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Richard Himber

Richard Himber (February 20, 1900 Newark-December 11, 1966 New York City) was an American , .

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Al Trace

Al Trace (December 25, 1900 Chicago-August 31, 1993 Sun City West) also known as Trace, Al was an American songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed include Big Band.

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Walter Page

Walter Page (February 9, 1900 Gallatin-December 20, 1957) a.k.a. Page, Walter was an American musician, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist.

His related genres: Jazz, Swing music and Kansas City jazz.

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Fiddlin' Joe Martin

Fiddlin' Joe Martin (January 8, 1900-November 2, 1975) was an American , .

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Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck (February 6, 1900 Reading-April 5, 1994 New York City) otherwise known as Smeck, Roy, Leroy Smeck or Wizard of the Strings was an American actor.

His albums: On With the Dance and Roy Smeck Plays Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar. Genres he performed include Jazz, Ragtime, Country and Music of Hawaii.

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Mieczysław Munz

Mieczysław Munz (October 31, 1900 Kraków-August 25, 1976) was an American pianist.

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Walter O'Keefe

Walter O'Keefe (August 18, 1900 Hartford-June 26, 1983 Torrance) also known as Walter Michael O'Keefe or O'Keefe was an American writer, songwriter and actor.

Genres: Film score.

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Gladys Swarthout

Gladys Swarthout (December 25, 1900 Deepwater-July 7, 1969 Florence) was an American singer.

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Xavier Cugat

Xavier Cugat (January 1, 1900 Girona-October 27, 1990 Barcelona) also known as Xaviar Cugat, Francesc d'Asís Xavier Cugat Mingall de Bru i Deulofeu, Cugat, Xavier, The Rumba King, Cugie, Xavier Cugat and Charo, X. Cugat and His Gigolos, Francisco de Asís Javier Cugat Mingall de Bru y Deulofeu or Francis Cugat was an American film score composer, actor, film director, screenwriter, singer, songwriter, bandleader, violinist, music arranger and cartoonist.

Discography: 16 Most Requested Songs, Besame mucho, Best of Xavier Cugat, Cocktail Hour, Cugi's Cocktails, Golden Classics, Merengue By Cugat, Rumba Rumbero, The Best of Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra and The Latin Rhythms of Xavier Cugat.

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Todd Rhodes

Todd Rhodes (August 31, 1900 Hopkinsville-June 4, 1965 Michigan) also known as Rhodes, Todd was an American songwriter.

His albums: Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Todd Rhodes 1947-1949.

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Emmett Miller

Emmett Miller (February 2, 1900 Macon-March 29, 1962 Macon) also known as Miller, Emmett or Emmet Miller was an American singer.

His most important albums: Lovesick Blues / I Ain't Got Nobody, The Minstrel Man From Georgia and Pickanninies Paradise / Anytime.

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Richard Crooks

Richard Crooks (June 26, 1900 Trenton-September 29, 1972 Portola Valley) also known as Crooks, Richard was an American singer.

His discography includes: Richard Crooks Sings 10 Stephen Foster Songs 8 Serious Songs (And Arias).

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Joe Callicot

Joe Callicot (October 10, 1900 Nesbit-March 1, 1969) also known as Joe Callicott, Joe Calicot, Josephus Callicut, Mississippi Joe Callicott, Joe Callicutt, Joe Calicott or Callicott, Joe was an American singer.

His most important albums: Ain't a Gonna Lie to You, North Mississippi Blues, Deal Gone Down, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions and Son House and the Great Delta Blues Singers (1928-1930).

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Alger "Texas" Alexander

Alger "Texas" Alexander (September 12, 1900 Jewett-April 18, 1954 Houston) also known as Texas Alexander or Alexander, Alger "Texas" was an American singer.

His albums include 98 Degrees Blues, Awful Moaning Blues, Bantam Rooster Blues, Don't You Wish Your Baby Was Built Up Like Mine? / Bell Cow Blues, Levee Camp Moan Blues / Section Gang Blues, No More Women Blues / Sittin' on a Log, Broken Yo Yo / When You Get to Thinking, I Am Calling Blues / Yellow Girl Blues, Farm Hand Blues / Range in My Kitchen Blues and Mama, I Heard You Brought It Right Back Home / Sabine River Blues. His related genres: Country blues, Blues and Texas blues.

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Otto Luening

Otto Luening (June 15, 1900 Milwaukee-September 2, 1996 New York City) also known as Luening, Otto or Otto Clarence Luening was an American , .

His albums: Tape Music An Historic Concert.

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Willie Brown

Willie Brown (August 6, 1900 Clarksdale-December 30, 1952 Tunica) a.k.a. Brown, Willie was an American singer and musician.

His albums: Son House and the Great Delta Blues Singers (1928-1930). Genres related to him: Delta blues and Country blues.

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Gene Austin

Gene Austin (June 24, 1900 Gainesville-January 24, 1972 Palm Springs) also known as Gene Austen, Austin, Gene, Eugene Lucas, Gene Austin with Candy and Coco or Lemeul Eugene Lucas was an American singer, songwriter, actor and author. He had two children, Ann Austin and Charlotte Austin.

His albums include Ya Gotta How to Love / Bye Bye Blackbird, When You're Lover Has Gone / Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone, Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue / Sleepy Time Gal, Someday Sweetheart / Forgive Me, Wake Nicodemus / Lonesome Road and My Blue Heaven. Genres he performed include Jazz and Old-time music.

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Helen Morgan

Helen Morgan (August 2, 1900 Danville-October 9, 1941 Chicago) also known as Helen Riggins or Helen Riggin was an American singer and actor. She had one child, Elaine Danglo.

Discography: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man / Bill and Show Boat.

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Fred Waring

Fred Waring (June 9, 1900 Tyrone-July 29, 1984 State College) also known as Frederick Malcolm Waring was an American , . He had one child, Fredrick Malcolm Waring, Jr..

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Gerald Marks

Gerald Marks (October 13, 1900 Saginaw-January 27, 1997 New York City) a.k.a. Marks, Gerald was an American composer and songwriter.

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Willie Humphrey

Willie Humphrey (December 29, 1900 New Orleans-June 7, 1994) also known as Willie James Humphrey was an American , .

His related genres: Dixieland.

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Tony Parenti

Tony Parenti (August 6, 1900 New Orleans-April 17, 1972 New York City) was an American , .

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Nicolai Berezowsky

Nicolai Berezowsky (May 17, 1900 Saint Petersburg-August 27, 1953 New York City) otherwise known as Nicolai Tikhonovich Berezowsky was an American , .

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Florence Reece

Florence Reece (April 12, 1900 Sharps Chapel, Tennessee-August 3, 1986 Knoxville) also known as Reece, Florence was an American singer.

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Ernst Krenek

Ernst Krenek (August 23, 1900 Vienna-December 22, 1991 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Krenek, Ernst was an American music critic and composer.

His albums: Jonny spielt auf (Leipzig Opernchor & Gewandhausorchester Leipzig feat. conductor: Lothar Zagrosek), Violin Concertos no. 1 & 2 / Double Concerto for Violin and Piano, Works for Violin: Sonatas / Triophantasie, The 20th-century Concerto Grosso and The Complete Works for Cello. Genres he performed include Ballet, Opera, 20th-century classical music, Chamber music and Art song.

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Paul Mares

Paul Mares (June 15, 1900 New Orleans-August 18, 1949 Chicago) a.k.a. Mares, Paul was an American , .

His related genres: Dixieland.

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George Antheil

George Antheil (July 8, 1900 Trenton-February 12, 1959 New York City) a.k.a. Antheil, George, Bad Boy of Music, Georg Carl Johann Antheil or Georg Johann Carl Antheil was an American pianist, author, composer, inventor and film score composer. His children are Peter Antheil and Chris Beaumont.

His albums include Ballet Mécanique, Ballet Mécanique (Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Daniel Spalding), The Lost Sonatas (feat. piano: Guy Livingston), The Pride and the Passion / Kings Go Forth, The Bad Boys!, and Symphony no. 4 / Symphony no. 6 / McKonkey's Ferry. Genres he performed: Film score and Opera.

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Ted Sears

Ted Sears (March 13, 1900 Massachusetts-August 22, 1958 Los Angeles) was an American animator, screenwriter and lyricist.

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Efrem Kurtz

Efrem Kurtz (November 7, 1900 Saint Petersburg-June 27, 1995) a.k.a. Kurtz, Efrem was an American conductor.

His albums: , The Ballet Suites and Kabalevsky: The Comedians / Villa-Lobos: Uirapuru / Shostakovich: Symphony no. 9.

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Clayton McMichen

Clayton McMichen (January 26, 1900 Georgia-January 4, 1970 Battletown, Kentucky) also known as Bob Nichols or McMichen, Clayton was an American fiddler and musician.

Genres he performed include Country and Old-time music.

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Charley Lincoln

Charley Lincoln (March 11, 1900 Lithonia-September 28, 1963 Cairo) a.k.a. Laughing Charley, Charley Hicks, Charlie Hicks or Charles Hicks was an American guitarist.

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Vladimir Padwa

Vladimir Padwa (February 8, 1900-April 28, 1981) was an American , .

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Ernest Lawlars

Ernest Lawlars (May 18, 1900 Hughes-November 14, 1961 Memphis) was an American singer, composer and guitarist.

Genres he performed: Blues.

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Joe Robichaux

Joe Robichaux (March 8, 1900 New Orleans-January 17, 1965) a.k.a. John Robichaux was an American , .

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Adlai Stevenson II

Adlai Stevenson II (February 5, 1900 Los Angeles-July 14, 1965 London) also known as Adlai Stevenson, Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, The Man from Libertyville or Adlai E. Stevenson was an American politician. He had three children, Adlai Stevenson III, John Fell Stevenson and Borden Stevenson.

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