American musicians born in 1926

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1926:

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926 Los Angeles-August 5, 1962 Brentwood) also known as Marylin Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortenson, Marliyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Mortensen, Norma Jeane Baker, Norma Jeane DiMaggio, Norma Jeane Dougherty, Marilyn Monroe Miller, The Blonde Bombshell, MM, Merilin Monro or Jean Norman was an American model, singer, actor, showgirl and film producer.

Discography: Bye Bye Baby, I Wanna Be Loved By You, Marilyn Monroe, 24 Great Hits, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, La legende, Never Before and Never Again, Rare Recordings 1948-1962, Real Gold and The Complete Recordings.

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Miles Davis

Miles Davis (May 26, 1926 Alton-September 28, 1991 Santa Monica) also known as Miles Dewey Davis III, Miles Dewey Davis, Prince Of Darkness, Miles Davis Quartet or Miles Davies was an American bandleader, songwriter, composer, trumpeter, musician, artist, film score composer, actor and music artist. He had four children, Cheryl Davis, Gregory Davis, Miles Davis IV and Erin Davis.

His most important albums: Birth of the Cool, Blue Moods, The Musings of Miles, 'Round About Midnight, Miles Ahead, Ascenseur Pour L'échafaud, Milestones, Porgy and Bess, Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain. Genres related to him: Cool jazz, Bebop, Jazz, Jazz fusion, Modal jazz, Hard bop, Acid jazz, Jazz-funk, Jazz rap, Avant-garde jazz, Smooth jazz and Third stream.

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John Coltrane

John Coltrane (September 23, 1926 Hamlet-July 17, 1967 Huntington) also known as John Coltraine, Trane, John William Coltrane, Coltrane, John, Saint John William Coltrane or 'Trane was an American musician, composer, bandleader, songwriter and saxophonist. His children are Ravi Coltrane, Oranyan Coltrane and John Coltrane Jr..

His albums: Giant Steps, Olé Coltrane, XVII. A Love Supreme: In Concert, Interstellar Space, The Best of John Coltrane, The Prestige Recordings, The Art of John Coltrane, A John Coltrane Retrospective: The Impulse! Years, Live at Birdland and the Half Note and The Last Giant: The John Coltrane Anthology. Genres: Jazz, Hard bop, Avant-garde jazz, Bebop, Modal jazz, Post-bop and Free jazz.

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Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman (January 12, 1926 Brooklyn-September 3, 1987 Buffalo) also known as Feldman, Morton was an American composer.

His albums include Trio (1980) (Ives Ensemble), Durations I-V, Coptic Light, Routine Investigations / The Viola in My Life I, II / For Frank O'Hara / I Met Heine on the Rue Fürstenburg, String Quartet (II) (Ives Ensemble), Three voices (Ensemble Accroche Note), All Piano, For Bunita Marcus (piano: John Tilbury), For Samuel Beckett (Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin feat. conductor Roland Kluttig), Patterns in a Chromatic Field and Piano and String Quartet.

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Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett (August 3, 1926 Astoria-) also known as Anthony Dominick Benedetto, Tony B!, Antonio Dominick Benedetto, Benedetto, Joe Bari, Anthony Benedetto, Tony Benefit, Tony Bennet or Anthony Dominick "Tony" Benedetto is an American singer, artist, musician, actor, painter, writer, visual artist and music artist. His children are called Antonia Bennett, Joanna Bennett, Danny Bennett and Dae Bennett.

His albums include 16 Most Requested Songs, His 28 Greatest Hits, Tony Bennett Sings for Two, Who Can I Turn To, 40 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 1, 40 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 2, 40 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 3, 40 Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett, Volume 4, Tony Bennett's All-Time Greatest Hits and At Carnegie Hall: The Complete Concert. Genres he performed include Jazz, Traditional pop music, Pop music and Easy listening.

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Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston (March 15, 1926 Macon-) otherwise known as Johnston, Ben is an American , .

His albums include Microtonal Piano (Phillip Bush) and .

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Lou Donaldson

Lou Donaldson (November 1, 1926 Badin-) also known as Donaldson, Lou is an American composer, bandleader and musician.

His discography includes: Blue Breakbeats, Fried Buzzard, Gravy Train, The Natural Soul, Alligator Bogaloo, Lou Takes Off, Blues Walk, Quartet/Quintet/Sextet, The Time Is Right and Midnight Sun. His related genres: Bebop, Hard bop, Soul jazz and Jazz blues.

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Carlisle Floyd

Carlisle Floyd (June 11, 1926 Latta-) a.k.a. Floyd, Carlisle is an American opera composer.

Discography: Susannah (Chœur et Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon feat. conductor: Kent Nagano), Cold Sassy Tree and Of Mice and Men (Houston Grand Opera feat. conductor: Patrick Summers). Genres: 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Jerry Ross

Jerry Ross (March 9, 1926 The Bronx-November 11, 1955 New York City) also known as Jerold Rosenberg was an American songwriter, composer and lyricist. He had one child, Janie Rosenberg.

His albums include Calamity Jane / The Pajama Game, Damn Yankees (1955 Original Broadway Cast), Damn Yankees, The Pajama Game and The Pajama Game.

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Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae (April 22, 1926 Milwaukee-) otherwise known as Charlotte Rae Lubotsky or Maude is an American singer, actor, dancer, comedian and voice actor. She has two children, Larry Strauss and Andrew Strauss.

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Hal Russell

Hal Russell (August 28, 1926 Detroit-September 5, 1992 Chicago) otherwise known as Russell, Hal was an American , .

Related albums: Hal's Bells. His related genres: Free jazz, Avant-garde jazz and Jazz.

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Freddie Hart

Freddie Hart (December 21, 1926 Loachapoka-) also known as Freddie Segrest, Hart, Freddie, Freddy Hart or Hart, Freddy is an American singer, singer-songwriter, songwriter and musician.

His albums: Easy Lovin', Bless Your Heart, Super Kind of Woman, Togetherness, Easy Loving, Easy Loving and The Best of Freddie Hart. Genres: Country and Gospel music.

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Bill Black

Bill Black (September 17, 1926 Memphis-October 21, 1965 Memphis) also known as William Patton Black, Jr. or Black, Bill was an American bassist.

Genres he performed include Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Jimmy Heath

Jimmy Heath (October 25, 1926 Philadelphia-) a.k.a. J. Heath, Heath, Jimmy, Little Bird or James Edward Heath is an American musician, composer, actor, saxophonist, music arranger and educator. He has one child, James Mtume.

His albums: Picture of Heath, On the Trail, The Quota, The Thumper, Triple Threat, Jam Gems: Live at the Left Bank, Swamp Seed, Love and Understanding, The Time and the Place and New Picture. Genres: Jazz, Hard bop and Bebop.

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R. L. Burnside

R. L. Burnside (November 23, 1926 Harmontown-September 1, 2005 Memphis) also known as R.L. Burnside, R L Burnside, Robert Lee Burnside or Rural was an American singer, guitarist, musician and songwriter. He had 13 children, Rodger Harmon, Mildred Jean Burnside, Pamela Denise Burnside, Garry Burnside, Melvin Burnside, Dexter Burnside, Daniel Burnside, Linda Jackson, Joseph Burnside, Calvin Burnside, R.L. Burnside Jr, Brenda Kay Brooks and Duwayne Burnside.

His most important albums: Too Bad Jim, A Ass Pocket of Whiskey, Mr. Wizard, Acoustic Stories, Mississippi Blues, Come On In, My Black Name A-Ringin', Mississippi Hill Country Blues, Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down and Well ... Well ... Well. Genres he performed: Delta blues, Punk blues, Country blues, Juke joint blues, Garage rock and Blues.

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Red Prysock

Red Prysock (February 2, 1926 Greensboro-July 19, 1993 Chicago) also known as Prysock, Red was an American , .

His discography includes: Swingsation and That’s the Groovy Thing.

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Julie London

Julie London (September 26, 1926 Santa Rosa-October 18, 2000 Encino) also known as Gayle Peck, Julie Peck, The Liberty Girl or Jule London was an American singer and actor. She had five children, Kelly Troup, Stacy Webb, Lisa Webb, Jody Troup and Reese Troup.

Her albums: The Best of Julie London: "The Liberty Years", Time for Love: The Best of Julie London, Julie... At Home / Around Midnight, Lonely Girl / Make Love to Me, Sophisticated Lady / For the Night People, The Julie London Collection, All Through the Night, In Person at the Americana, Love Letters / Feeling Good and Julie / Love on the Rocks. Genres she performed: Cool jazz, Torch song, Jazz and Pop music.

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Charles Bressler

Charles Bressler (April 1, 1926 United States of America-March 1, 1996) was an American singer.

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Evelyn Lear

Evelyn Lear (January 8, 1926 Brooklyn-July 1, 2012 Sandy Spring, Maryland) was an American singer.

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Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall (March 30, 1926 Huntington-) otherwise known as Ralph Pierre LaCock, Pete Marshall, Peter La Cock, Peter L. Marshall or Noonan and Marshall is an American singer, actor, presenter and game show host. His children are Pete LaCock, Suzanne LaCock, Jaime LaCock and David LaCock.

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William Schmidt

William Schmidt (March 6, 1926-April 25, 2009) was an American , .

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Fran Warren

Fran Warren (March 4, 1926 The Bronx-March 4, 2013) otherwise known as Frances Wolfe or Warren, Fran was an American singer.

Discography: Hey There! Here's Fran Warren and Let's Fall in Love.

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Al Bennett

Al Bennett (September 21, 1926-March 1, 1989) was an American record producer.

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Nancy Overton

Nancy Overton (February 6, 1926 Port Washington-April 5, 2009 Blairstown Township) a.k.a. Nancy Swain, Anne Swain Overton, Nancy Swain Overton or Anne Swain was an American singer. Her children are called Rick Overton and Steven Overton.

Her related genres: Pop music.

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Urbie Green

Urbie Green (August 8, 1926 Mobile-) also known as Green, Urbie is an American trombonist and musician. His child is Jesse Green.

His albums include The Fox, The Complete Persuasive Trombone, Señor Blues, Happy Over Hoagy / We Dig Cole!, The Urbie Green 6-Tet, East Coast Jazz Series 6, New Faces - New Sounds, The Persuasive Trombone of Urbie Green, Septet & Octet and Blues and Other Shades of Green. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Ray Price

Ray Price (January 12, 1926 Perryville-December 16, 2013 Mount Pleasant) a.k.a. Ray Price with Orch & Chorus, Noble Ray Price or The Cherokee Cowboy was an American singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician.

Discography: Just Enough Love, 16 Biggest Hits, All His Greatest Hits, The Honky Tonk Years (1950-1966), San Antonio Rose: A Tribute to the Great Bob Wills, Super Hits, The Essential Ray Price, The Other Woman, The Very Best of Ray Price and Prisoner of Love. Genres: Country, Western swing and Traditional pop music.

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Sergio Franchi

Sergio Franchi (April 6, 1926 Codogno-May 1, 1990 Stonington) otherwise known as Sergio Galli, Sergio Franci Galli or A Yankee Frankee was an American singer and actor.

Discography: Chante l'Italie, , The Exciting Voice of Sergio Franchi, Our Man From Italy, , , The Golden Voice of Italy, Moon Over Naples, Philadelphia With Love and The Dream Duet. Genres: Traditional pop music, Opera, Canzone Napoletana, Show tune and Operatic pop.

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Dick Dale

Dick Dale (September 14, 1926 Algona-December 26, 2014) was an American singer.

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Gloria Jean

Gloria Jean (April 14, 1926 Buffalo, NY-) also known as Gloria Jean Schoonover is an American singer and actor. She has one child, Angelo Cellini.

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Monty Budwig

Monty Budwig (December 26, 1926 Pender-March 9, 1992 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Budwig, Monty or Monty Rex Budwig was an American musician and bassist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Aaron Schroeder

Aaron Schroeder (September 7, 1926 Brooklyn-December 2, 2009 Englewood) a.k.a. Schroeder, Aaron, Aaron Schröder or Aaron Harold Schroder was an American film score composer. He had one child, Rachel Schroeder.

His albums include Southern Heart in Western Skin and Black & Gold.

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Russ Freeman

Russ Freeman (May 28, 1926 Chicago-June 27, 2002 Las Vegas) was an American jazz pianist.

His discography includes: Double Play! and Trio.

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Bill Carson

Bill Carson (July 8, 1926 United States of America-February 15, 2007) was an American , .

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Barney Childs

Barney Childs (February 13, 1926 Spokane-January 11, 2000) was an American , .

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Joe Houston

Joe Houston (July 11, 1926 Austin-) also known as Houston, Joe is an American , .

His albums include All Night Long / Way Out.

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Bill Smith

Bill Smith (September 22, 1926 Sacramento-) also known as William Overton Smith, William O. Smith or Smith, Bill is an American clarinetist and composer.

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Claire Polin

Claire Polin (January 1, 1926 Philadelphia-March 1, 1995) was an American , .

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Charlie Biddle

Charlie Biddle (July 28, 1926 Philadelphia-February 4, 2003 Montreal) also known as Charles Biddle Sr or Charles Reed Biddle was an American actor. His children are called Stephanie Biddle, Charles Biddle Jr. and Sonya Biddle.

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Elek Bacsik

Elek Bacsik (May 22, 1926 Budapest-February 14, 1993 Glen Ellyn) also known as Bacsik, Elek was an American jazz violinist.

His discography includes: Jazz in Paris Collector's Edition: Guitar Conceptions, Jazz in Paris: Nuages and The Electric Guitar of the Eclectic Elek Bacsic.

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Phil Phillips

Phil Phillips (March 14, 1926 Lake Charles-) also known as Philip Baptiste, Phil Philips or Philips, Phil is an American songwriter and singer.

His albums include Sea of Love and It's All Right / The Evil Dope. Genres: Swamp pop.

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Allyn Ann McLerie

Allyn Ann McLerie (December 1, 1926 Grand-Mère, Quebec-) also known as Allyn McLerie is an American singer, actor and dancer. Her children are called Iya Gaynes and Matthew Gaynes.

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Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan (August 22, 1926 Greencastle-May 15, 2011 Las Vegas) was an American singer.

Genres: Traditional pop music, Barbershop music and Jazz.

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Ned Romero

Ned Romero (December 4, 1926 Franklin-) is an American actor and opera singer.

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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson (February 26, 1926 Chicago-February 4, 2008 New York City) was an American jazz pianist.

His most recognized albums: None but the Lonely Heart, Meet Me in London, Love Locked Out and Inverted Image. Genres: Jazz.

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Claude Williamson

Claude Williamson (November 18, 1926 Brattleboro-) is an American jazz pianist.

His albums include Stan Levey Plays The Compositions Of Holman, Cooper and Giuffre, Claude Williamson, Mulls the Mulligan Scene and South of the Border West of the Sun.

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Isabel Bigley

Isabel Bigley (February 23, 1926 The Bronx-September 30, 2006 Los Angeles) was an American singer and actor.

Her albums include Guys and Dolls (1950 Original Broadway Cast) and If I Were A Bell.

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Walt Harper

Walt Harper (July 3, 1926 Pittsburgh-October 25, 2006) was an American , .

Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff (September 17, 1926 Champaign-January 23, 2001 Minneapolis) also known as McDuff, Brother Jack, Brother Jack McDuff, McDuff, "Brother" Jack or "Brother" Jack McDuff was an American organist and bandleader.

His albums: Brotherly Love, Down Home Style, Legends of Acid Jazz, Moon Rappin', Tobacco Road, Bringin' It Home, Live!, Goodnight, It's Time to Go, Hot Barbeque and The Honeydripper. Genres related to him: Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and blues, Hard bop, Soul jazz and Jazz-funk.

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Ray Brown

Ray Brown (October 13, 1926 Pittsburgh-July 2, 2002 Indianapolis) also known as Brown, Ray or Raymond Matthews Brown was an American bassist, composer and cellist. He had one child, Ray Brown, Jr..

His discography includes: Brown's Bag, Live From New York to Tokyo, Ray Brown - Producer's Choice, Some of My Best Friends Are...... the Piano Players, The 20th Concord Festival All Stars, The Best of the Concord Years, The Concord Jazz Heritage Series, Ultimate Ray Brown, The Best of Ray Brown and As Good as It Gets. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Stan Freberg

Stan Freberg (August 7, 1926 Pasadena-) also known as Stan Freeberg, Stanley Victor Freberg, Stanley Victor "Stan" Freberg, Stan Freburg, Freburg, Stan or Stanley Friberg is an American puppeteer, voice actor, comedian, actor, author and radio personality. He has two children, Donna Jean Freberg and Donavan Freberg.

Discography: The Very Best of Stan Freberg, A Message to Sales People for Rose Marie Reid Swimming Suits, Stan Freberg Presents: The United States of America, Volume 2: The Middle Years, The Best of Stan Freberg, Tip of the Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998, With the Original Cast, Greatest Hits, Stan Freberg Presents: The United States of America: The Early Years, Stan Freberg Presents: The United States of America, Volume 1 & 2: The Early Years & The Middle Years and The Capitol Collector's Series.

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