American musicians born in 1927

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1927:

Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte (March 1, 1927 Harlem-) otherwise known as Henry Belafonte, Harold George Belafonte, Jr., Belafonte Harry, Harry Belefonte, Harold George Belafonte Jr., Harold George Belafonte, Harold George Bellanfanti, Jr., King of Calypso, Harry Bellafonte, Harry Belafonté, Harold George "Harry" Belafonte, Jr. or Harry Belfonte is an American singer, actor, songwriter, film producer, television producer, social activist and author. He has four children, Shari Belafonte, Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer, Gina Belafonte and David Belafonte.

His discography includes: Calypso, All Time Greatest Hits, Volume 1, All Time Hits, Volume 3, Banana Boat and Other Famous Folk Songs, 24 Karat Gold, Favourite Love Ballads, 20 Greatest Hits, 20 Super Hits, A Legendary Performer and All Time Greatest Hits, Volume 2. His related genres: Calypso music, Vocal music and Folk music.

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Mstislav Rostropovich

Mstislav Rostropovich (March 27, 1927 Baku-April 27, 2007 Moscow) a.k.a. Mstislav Rostropovitch, Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, Mstislav Rostropovitsh, Mstislaw Rostropowitsch, Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, KBE or Slava was an American cellist, conductor and musician. He had two children, Elena Rostropovich and Olga Rostropovich.

His discography includes: Mastercellist: Legendary Recordings 1956-1978, Dvořák: Cellokonzert / Tschaikowsky: Rokoko-Variationen, , Concert of the Century, Brahms: Double Concerto (Concerto In A Minor For Violin And Cello), Historic Russian Archives: Mstislav Rostropovich Edition, Great Works for Cello and Orchestra, Rostropovich : The Russian Years, Cello & Organ and Britten: Violin Concerto / Walton: Viola Concerto.

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John Kander

John Kander (March 18, 1927 Kansas City-) also known as John Harold Kander is an American composer, film score composer and lyricist.

His albums include Cabaret (Original Sound Track Recording, 1972 film), Chicago (1975 original Broadway cast), Chicago: The Musical, Cabaret: The New Broadway Cast Recording, Chicago (1998 London cast), Chicago (1999 Tørring Amtsgymnasium cast), Chicago, Zorba (1983 Broadway revival cast), A Family Affair (1962 original Broadway cast) and 70, Girls, 70 (1971 original Broadway cast). Genres he performed: Musical theatre.

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Babatunde Olatunji

Babatunde Olatunji (April 7, 1927 Lagos State-April 6, 2003 Salinas) otherwise known as Michael Babatunde Olatunji, Babatunde Olantunji, Olatunji Babatunji, Olatunji, Michael Babatunde or Baba was an American musician, drummer, educator, social activist, composer, choreographer and author.

His albums: Circle of Drums, Drums of Passion: The Invocation, Love Drum Talk, Drums of Passion: The Beat, Drums of Passion and Drums of Passion / More Drums of Passion. Genres related to him: World music.

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Doc Severinsen

Doc Severinsen (July 7, 1927 Arlington-) also known as Doc Severinson, Severinsen, Doc, Carl H. Severinsen, Little Doc, Carl Hilding Severinsen or Carl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen is an American bandleader, trumpeter and actor. He has five children, Cindy Severinsen, Nancy Severinsen, Judy Severinsen, Robin Severinsen and Allen Severinsen.

Discography: Unforgettably Doc, Trumpet Spectacular, The Very Best of Doc Severinsen, Episodes - Summit Brass, Good Medicine, Facets, The Holiday Special: Christmas with Friends (feat. Ed McMahon, Tommy Newson, and the 100 Voice St. Mel's Choir), Doc Severinsen and Friends, Brand New Thing and The Divine Hours of Motherhood: Lullabies and Prayers for Mothers and Babies. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Charles Rosen

Charles Rosen (May 5, 1927 Manhattan-December 9, 2012 Manhattan) also known as Charles. Rosen or Rosen, Charles was an American pianist, music theorist and writer.

His albums: The Siena Pianoforte, The Siena Pianoforte, Bach: Goldberg Variations, The Complete Music for Piano and Chopin: Piano Concerto no. 2 / Liszt: Piano Concerto no. 1.

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Stan Getz

Stan Getz (February 2, 1927 Philadelphia-June 6, 1991 Malibu) also known as Sten Getz, Stan Gets, Getz Stan, Stanley Gayetzky or Getz, Stan was an American saxophonist and musician.

Related albums: Serenity, Jazz 'Round Midnight, Verve Jazz Masters 8, Verve Jazz Masters 53: Bossa Nova, East of the Sun - The West Coast Sessions, Jazz Moods: Cool, Anniversary!, Apasionado, At Storyville, Volumes 1 & 2 and At the Shrine. Genres: Jazz, West Coast jazz, Bossa nova, Cool jazz and Bebop.

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Gerry Mulligan

Gerry Mulligan (April 6, 1927 Queens Village-January 20, 1996 Darien) otherwise known as Garry Mulligan, Gerald Joseph "Gerry" Mulligan, Gerald Mulligan, Joseph Mulligan, Gerald Joseph Mulligan, Jeru or Gerry Mullingan was an American composer, saxophonist, clarinetist, music arranger and actor. He had one child, Reed Brown Mulligan.

Discography: Jeru, Jazz 'Round Midnight, Verve Jazz Masters 36, The Original Quartet With Chet Baker, The Complete Verve Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band Sessions, California Concerts, Volume 1, Compact Jazz: Gerry Mulligan, Gerry Mulligan Meets the Saxophonists, Meets Johnny Hodges and Night Lights. Genres: Jazz, Cool jazz and Third stream.

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Guy Carawan

Guy Carawan (July 27, 1927 Los Angeles-) also known as Carawan, Guy is an American musician.

His albums: His Banjo & Guitar and Tree of Life. Genres he performed include Folk music.

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Johnnie Ray

Johnnie Ray (January 10, 1927 Hopewell-February 24, 1990 Los Angeles) also known as Johnny Ray, John Alvin Ray or Ray, Johnnie was an American singer, songwriter, musician and pianist.

His albums: Cry, 16 Most Request Songs, Best Of, Cry, High Drama, Johnnie Ray: Greatest Songs, I'll Never Fall in Love Again / You're All That I Live For, Johnnie Ray's Greatest Hits, Cry / The Little White Cloud That Cried and Johnnie Ray. Genres he performed include Traditional pop music.

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Jimmy Knepper

Jimmy Knepper (November 22, 1927 Los Angeles-June 14, 2003 Triadelphia) otherwise known as Knepper, Jimmy was an American trombonist.

His albums include The Pepper - Knepper Quintet, I Dream Too Much, 1st Place and Pussy Cat Dues "The Music of Charles Mingus". Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Patti Page

Patti Page (November 8, 1927 Claremore-January 1, 2013 Encinitas) a.k.a. Pattie Page, Patty Page, Clara Ann Fowler, Paggi Page, The Singing Rage or Patti Page (w. Lou Stein & His Orchestra) was an American singer and actor. Her children are called Danny O'Curran and Kathleen O'Curran.

Her albums include A Golden Celebration, 16 Most Requested Songs, 36 All Time Greatest Hits, Volume 1, A Touch of Country, Brand New Tennessee Waltz, Dreaming, Golden Hits, In the Land of Hi-Fi, Patti Page Live at Carnegie Hall and Patti Page Sings America's Favorite Hymns. Genres she performed: Country and Traditional pop music.

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Elvin Jones

Elvin Jones (September 9, 1927 Pontiac-May 18, 2004 Englewood) a.k.a. Elvin Ray Jones was an American drummer, musician and bandleader. He had two children, Elvin Nathan Jones and Rose-Marie Rosie Jones.

His albums: Brother John, Elvin!, It Don't Mean a Thing, Live at the Village Vanguard, Puttin' It Together, The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions, Youngblood, Love & Peace, At This Point in Time and Remembrance. Genres: Hard bop, Avant-garde jazz, Modal jazz, Post-bop and Mainstream jazz.

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Amos Milburn

Amos Milburn (April 1, 1927 Houston-January 3, 1980 Houston) otherwise known as Milburn, Amos, Amos Milbourne or Milbourne, Amos was an American songwriter, singer, keyboard player and musician.

His most important albums: Blues & Rhythm Series: The Chronological Amos Milburn 1948-1949, Chicken Shack Boogie, Down The Road Apiece (Digitally Remastered), Amos Milburn in the 50s: Let's Have a Party! (The Aladdin Recordings), The Essential Recordings, The Motown Sessions, 1962-1964, Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie, Chicken-Shack Boogie (Digitally Remastered), Thinking & Drinking and Bad (Digitally Remastered). Genres he performed include Boogie-woogie, Rhythm and blues and Jump blues.

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Leontyne Price

Leontyne Price (February 10, 1927 Laurel-) also known as Mary Violet Leontyne Price, Price, Leontyne or Mary Leontyne Price is an American singer and actor.

Her most important albums: Christmas Recitals, Prima Donna (Works Of Barber, Purcell, Etc.), Leontyne Price Sings Richard Strauss, Leontyne Price Rediscovered, Tosca, Ernani, Madama Butterfly, Aida, and Leontyne Price Sings Verdi.

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Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt (January 17, 1927 North-December 25, 2008 Weston) a.k.a. Eartha Mae Keith, Kitty Charles, Eartha Mae Kitt, Miss Kitt or Mother Eartha was an American singer, actor and dancer. She had one child, Kitt McDonald.

Her albums: Platinum & Gold Collection, Where Is My Man: Special Remix '94, Eartha-Quake, Back in Business, Legendary Eartha Kitt, Eartha Kitt, Purr-fect: Greatest Hits, I Don't Care, My Heart Belongs to Daddy and Purrfect : The Eartha Kitt Collection. Genres she performed include Vocal jazz, Cabaret, Torch song and Dance music.

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Andy Williams

Andy Williams (December 3, 1927 Wall Lake-September 25, 2012 Branson) also known as Williams, Andy, Andy Willams, Williams,Andy, 安迪威廉斯 or Howard Andrew Williams was an American singer, record producer and actor. He had three children, Noelle Williams, Christian Williams and Robert Williams.

His albums: Love Theme From 'The Godfather'-The Way We Were, Greatest Hits Volume 2, 16 Most Requested Songs, Nashville, Music to Fall in Love By, 16 Biggest Hits, Andy Williams Merry Christmas, Blue Hawaii Andy Williams Greatest Songs of the Islands, Christmas Treasures LIVE and Greatest Hits. Genres related to him: Jazz, Pop music, Traditional pop music, Country and Easy listening.

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Joe Maneri

Joe Maneri (February 9, 1927 Brooklyn-August 24, 2009 Boston) also known as Maneri, Joe was an American , .

His most recognized albums: Kalavinka, Paniots Nine, Three Men Walking, Tales of Rohnlief, Angles of Repose, Blessed and In Full Cry.

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Lee Konitz

Lee Konitz (October 13, 1927 Chicago-) otherwise known as Konitz, Lee or Lee Konitz (Lennie Tristano Quintet) is an American composer.

His albums include Inside Hi-Fi, Lee Konitz meets Keith Jarrett, Chet Baker & Bill Evans: Live in Europe, At Storyville, Dovetail, Konitz Meets Mulligan, Spirits, The Lee Konitz Duets, Lee Konitz in Rio, Michel Petrucciani and From Newport to Nice. Genres he performed include Jazz and Cool jazz.

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Barbara Cook

Barbara Cook (October 25, 1927 Atlanta-) a.k.a. Barbara Nell Cook or Cook, Barbara is an American singer and actor. She has one child, Adam LeGrant.

Her albums: The Disney Album, All I Ask of You, Close as Pages in a Book, Live From London, Oscar Winners, Mostly Sondheim, Count Your Blessings, Barbara Cook at Carnegie Hall, Loverman and Candide (1956 original Broadway cast). Genres related to her: Musical theatre and Traditional pop music.

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Jake Hess

Jake Hess (December 24, 1927 Limestone County-January 4, 2004 Opelika) a.k.a. Hess, Jake, Manchild Hess or William Jesse Hess was an American singer. He had one child, Jake Hess, Jr..

His discography includes: A Tribute to Jake Hess. His related genres: Southern gospel.

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Red Rodney

Red Rodney (September 27, 1927 Philadelphia-May 27, 1994 Boynton Beach) also known as Robert Roland Chudnick was an American trumpeter. He had two children, Mark Rodney and Jeff Rodney.

His discography includes: Then and Now, 1957 and Social Call.

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Charlie Louvin

Charlie Louvin (July 7, 1927 Henagar-January 26, 2011 Wartrace) also known as Charlie Elzer Loudermilk or Louvin, Charlie was an American songwriter, singer and musician.

Related albums: Steps To Heaven, Charlie Louvin, Sings Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs, The Battles Rage On, Less and Less and Less and Less and I Don't Love You Anymore. Genres he performed: Pop music and Country.

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Edie Adams

Edie Adams (April 16, 1927 Kingston-October 15, 2008 Los Angeles) also known as Elizabeth Edith Enke, Edith Adams, Edythe Adams, Edith Candoli or Edith Elizabeth Enke was an American singer, actor, comedian and businessperson. She had two children, Mia Susan Kovacs and Joshua Mills.

Discography: There's So Much More.

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Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson (January 13, 1927 Roseau-October 31, 2011 Nashville) also known as Anderson, Liz was an American songwriter and singer. She had one child, Lynn Anderson.

Discography: Liz Anderson Sings Her Favorites, Liz Anderson Sings, The Game of Triangles and Cookin' Up Hits. Genres she performed: Country.

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John Mack

John Mack (October 30, 1927 Somerville-July 23, 2006) was an American oboist.

Discography: John Mack, Oboe. Genres he performed include Classical music.

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Warne Marsh

Warne Marsh (October 26, 1927 Los Angeles-December 18, 1987) also known as Marsh, Warne or Warne Marion Marsh was an American musician and saxophonist. He had two children, K. C. Marsh and Jason Marsh.

His albums include Music for Prancing, More Jazz From the East Village, An Unsung Cat: The Life and Music of Warne Marsh, Marshlands, Ne Plus Ultra, Release Record, Send Tape, All Music, Crosscurrents, A Ballad Album and Apogee. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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Don Helms

Don Helms (February 28, 1927 New Brockton-August 11, 2008 Nashville) was an American musician.

Genres he performed: Country and Honky-tonk.

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Phil Cohran

Phil Cohran (May 8, 1927 Oxford-) is an American trumpeter, musician and astronomer. His children are Gabriel Hubert, Saiph Graves, Amal Baji Hubert, Jafar Baji Graves, Seba Graves, Tarik Graves, Uttama Hubert and Tycho Cohran.

His most recognized albums: Bulletproof Brass.

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Robert Allen

Robert Allen (February 5, 1927 Troy-October 1, 2000) also known as Allen, Robert was an American , .

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Conte Candoli

Conte Candoli (July 12, 1927 Mishawaka-December 14, 2001 Mishawaka) also known as Candoli, Conte was an American actor.

His albums include Quartet, Candoli Live at Birdland, Neuburg, Powerhouse Trumpet, Coast to Coast, Modern Sounds From the West, Two Brothers, Live at the Royal Palms Inn, Volume 7, Stan Levey Plays The Compositions Of Holman, Cooper and Giuffre, Double or Nothin' and Jazz Structures. Genres: Jazz.

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Bill Holman

Bill Holman (May 21, 1927 California-) otherwise known as Holman, Bill, Willis Leonard Holman or Willis Holman is an American conductor, film score composer, music arranger, saxophonist, composer and songwriter.

His most well known albums: Brilliant Corners, Theme Music From "The James Dean Story" featuring Chet Baker & Bud Shank, West Coast Jazz in Hifi, , Bill Holman Band, Bill Holman Conducts the SDR Big Band, Symphonic Jazz, Live at the Royal Palms Inn, Volume 7, and Group Activity. Genres related to him: Jazz.

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Walter Hartley

Walter Hartley (February 21, 1927 Washington, D.C.-) also known as Hartley, Walter is an American , .

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Helen Carter

Helen Carter (September 19, 1927 Virginia-June 2, 1998 Nashville) also known as Carter, Helen was an American singer and musician. She had four children, Kenneth Jones, Glenn Daniel Jones, David Lawrence Jones and Kevin Carter Jones.

Genres: Country.

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Red Mitchell

Red Mitchell (September 20, 1927 New York City-November 8, 1992 Salem) also known as Mitchell, Red was an American , .

His albums include Presenting Red Mitchell, Jazz Bass Man Live At PJ's, Finally: Live in Stockholm, Doggin' Around, Three for All, Concord Duo Series, Volume One - Life's A Take, Jive at Five, Blaus, The Very Thought Of You and Bass Club. His related genres: Jazz.

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Connie Kay

Connie Kay (April 27, 1927 United States of America-November 30, 1994) a.k.a. Kay, Connie was an American drummer.

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Mose Allison

Mose Allison (November 11, 1927 Tallahatchie County-) also known as My Backyard, Mose Allisson, Allison, Mose or Mose John Allison, Jr. is an American singer, jazz pianist and pianist.

Related albums: Local Color, I Don't Worry About a Thing, I've Been Doin' Some Thinkin', The Best of Mose Allison, Greatest Hits, Allison Wonderland: The Mose Allison Anthology, I Don't Worry About a Thing / Mose Alive!, Autumn Song, Back Country Suite and Creek Bank. Genres: Jazz, Blues and Jazz blues.

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Carmen Zapata

Carmen Zapata (July 15, 1927 New York City-January 5, 2014 Van Nuys) otherwise known as Carmen Margarita Zapata or Marge Cameron was an American singer, actor, teacher and translator.

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Eddie Fontaine

Eddie Fontaine (March 6, 1927 Springfield-April 13, 1992) also known as Fontaine, Eddie was an American singer and actor.

His most well known albums: Rock Love / All My Love Belongs to You, Cool It Baby / Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall and Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees) / Don't Ya Know.

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Ward Swingle

Ward Swingle (September 21, 1927 Mobile-January 19, 2015 Eastbourne) was an American singer, film score composer, jazz musician and music arranger.

Genres: Jazz and Classical music.

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Johnny Maddox

Johnny Maddox (August 4, 1927 Gallatin-) otherwise known as Maddox, Johnny is an American , .

His albums include King of Ragtime.

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Norman Treigle

Norman Treigle (March 6, 1927 New Orleans-February 16, 1975) was an American singer.

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Joe Hunter

Joe Hunter (November 19, 1927 Jackson-February 2, 2007) a.k.a. Joseph Edward Hunter or Hunter, Joe was an American musician, pianist and actor.

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T. Viswanathan

T. Viswanathan (August 13, 1927 Chennai-September 10, 2002 Hartford) a.k.a. Tanjore Viswanathan was an American singer and musician.

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Charlie Callas

Charlie Callas (December 20, 1927 Brooklyn-January 27, 2011 Las Vegas) also known as Charles Callas or Charles Callias was an American comedian and actor. He had two children, Mark Callas and Larry Callas.

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Chuck Niles

Chuck Niles (June 24, 1927 Springfield-March 15, 2004 Santa Monica) otherwise known as Charles Neidel, Bebop Charlie, Be-Bop Charlie or Chuck G. Niles was an American actor.

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Sal Mosca

Sal Mosca (April 27, 1927 Mount Vernon-July 28, 2007 White Plains) also known as Mosca, Sal was an American jazz pianist.

His most recognized albums: A Night at the Village Vanguard, Volume 2, Warne Marsh - Sal Mosca Quartet: At the Vanguard, Volume 1 and How Deep, How High.

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Salvatore Martirano

Salvatore Martirano (January 12, 1927 Yonkers-November 17, 1995 Urbana) also known as Salvatore John Martirano was an American , .

Discography: CDCM Computer Music Series Vol. 22: The Composer in the Computer Age V: A Salvatore Martirano Retrospective (1962-92).

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Ruby Braff

Ruby Braff (March 16, 1927 Boston-February 9, 2003) also known as The Ruby Braff Trio or Braff, Ruby was an American , .

Her albums: A Sailboat in the Moonlight, Bravura Eloquence, Ruby Braff and His New England Songhounds, Volume 2, The Concord Jazz Heritage Series, A First, Cornet Chop Suey, Me Myself and I, Ruby Braff Goes "Girl Crazy", Ruby Braff and His New England Songhounds, Volume 1 and Inside & Out. Genres she performed: Swing music, Dixieland and Mainstream jazz.

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Dick Hyman

Dick Hyman (March 8, 1927 New York City-) otherwise known as Dyck Hyman, Hyman, Dick, Richard Hyman, Richard R. Hyman or Richard “Dick” Hyman is an American keyboard player, composer, jazz pianist, film score composer, musician, music arranger and conductor.

His albums: From the Age of Swing, Swing Is Here, Blues in the Night, Dick Hyman Plays Duke Ellington, Dick Hyman Plays Fats Waller, Face The Music: A Century of Irving Berlin, Concord Duo Series, Volume Six: Dick Hyman, Ralph Sutton, Music of 1937: Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Volume 3, The Great American Songbook and Lost Songs of 1936. Genres he performed include Stride, Spy music, Lounge music and Swing music.

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