American musicians died at 40

Here are 7 famous musicians from United States of America died at 40:

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809 Boston-October 7, 1849 Baltimore) a.k.a. Edgar Allen Poe, Poe, Edgar Poe, Edgar A. Poë, E.A. Poe, Edgar Allan Poë, Edgar A. Poe, A bostonian, Edgar A. Perry or Henri Le Rennet was an American writer, poet, novelist, magazine editor, literary critic and author.

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Michael J. Smith

Michael J. Smith (April 30, 1945 Beaufort-January 28, 1986 Cape Canaveral) otherwise known as Michael Smith was an American astronaut.

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Gus Grissom

Gus Grissom (April 3, 1926 Mitchell-January 27, 1967 Kennedy Space Center) also known as Virgil I. Grissom was an American astronaut and military aviator. He had two children, Mark Grissom and Scott Grissom.

He died in smoke inhalation.

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Star Stowe

Star Stowe (March 19, 1956 Little Rock-March 16, 1997 Coral Springs) was an American nude glamour model.

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Jennifer Lyn Jackson

Jennifer Lyn Jackson (March 21, 1969 Cleveland-January 22, 2010 Westlake) was an American nude glamour model.

She died in drug overdose.

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Richard Montague

Richard Montague (September 20, 1930 Stockton-March 7, 1971 Los Angeles) was an American philosopher and mathematician.

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Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott (December 9, 1850 Chicago-January 5, 1891 Salt Lake City) was an American singer.

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