American music stars died in Kidney cancer

Here are 6 famous musicians from United States of America died in Kidney cancer:

Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton (July 1, 1899 Scarborough, North Yorkshire-December 15, 1962 Hollywood) was an American actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, theatre director, teacher and voice actor.

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Lee Remick

Lee Remick (December 14, 1935 Quincy-July 2, 1991 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Lee Ann Remick, Remick, Lee or Lee Remick Dans was an American actor. Her children are called Matt Colleran and Katherine Colleran.

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Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson (November 15, 1954 Queens-November 12, 2003 Encino) a.k.a. Thompson, Tony, Anthony T. Thompson or Tony was an American drummer and musician.

Genres he performed: Pop rock, Alternative rock, New Wave, Disco, Funk, Hip hop music, Hard rock and Soul music.

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Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood (July 9, 1929 Mannford-August 4, 2007 Henderson) also known as Lee Hazelwood or Hazlewood, Lee was an American record producer, singer, songwriter and music arranger.

His albums include Ode to Billie Joe, 13, Farmisht, Flatulence, Origami, ARF!!! and more, Friday's Child, Lee Hazelwoodism, Its Cause and Cure, Lee Hazlewood Presents the 98%: American Mom and Apple Pie 1929 CRASH Band, Lounge Legends, Love and Other Crimes, These Boots Are Made for Walkin': The Complete MGM Recordings and Poet Fool or Bum - Back on the Street Again. Genres he performed include Country.

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Richard Williams

Richard Williams (May 4, 1931 Galveston-November 4, 1985 Jamaica) also known as Richard Gene Williams or Williams, Richard was an American trumpeter.

His albums: The Rat Race Blues, The Hap'nin's and New Horn in Town.

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Elodie Lauten

Elodie Lauten (October 20, 1950 Paris-June 3, 2014 New York City) was an American composer.

Discography: The Death of Don Juan: An Opera in Two Acts.

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