American music stars died in Pulmonary embolism

Here are 9 famous musicians from United States of America died in Pulmonary embolism:

James Stewart

James Stewart (May 20, 1908 Indiana-July 2, 1997 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. James Maitland Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, The Ordinary Hero, Lieutenant James Stewart or Jimmy was an American actor, pilot, military officer and television director. His children are Kelly Stewart-Harcourt, Judy Stewart-Merrill, Michael Stewart and Ronald Stewart.

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Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina (February 29, 1944 Chicago-July 22, 2013 Scottsdale) also known as Donaldo Guglielmo Farina, Dennis G Farina or The Great Wounder was an American actor and police officer. He had three children, Joe Farina, Dennis Farina Jr. and Michael J. Farina.

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Dan Blocker

Dan Blocker (December 10, 1928 De Kalb-May 13, 1972 Los Angeles) also known as Dan Davis Blocker, Bobby Don Blocker, Don Blocker or Bobby Dan Davis Blocker was an American actor. He had four children, David Blocker, Dirk Blocker, Danna Lynn Blocker and Debra Lee Blocker.

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Richard Street

Richard Street (October 5, 1942 Detroit-February 27, 2013 Las Vegas) also known as The Temptations or Richard Allen Street was an American musician, songwriter, singer and dancer. He had four children, Richard Street Jr., Brandon Street, Januari Street and Brandi Chapman.

Genres related to him: Disco, Pop music, Rhythm and blues and Soul music.

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John Pinette

John Pinette (March 23, 1964 Boston-April 5, 2014 Pittsburgh) was an American comedian, actor and screenwriter.

His albums: Show Me the Buffet and Making Lite of Myself.

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Heavy D

Heavy D (May 24, 1967 Mandeville-November 8, 2011 Beverly Hills) also known as Dwight Arrington Myers, Dwight Errington Myers, Dwight Myers or Heavy D. was an American singer, actor, rapper, songwriter, record producer, composer and music executive. He had one child, Xea Myers.

His discography includes: Waterbed Hev, We Got Our Own Thang, This Is Your Night, Heavy, Love Opus and Vibes. Genres related to him: Reggae fusion, New jack swing, Hip hop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza (January 31, 1921 Philadelphia-October 7, 1959 Rome) a.k.a. MarioLanza, Lanza, Mario, The Tiger, The Service Caruso, Alfred Arnold Cocozza, Freddy, Alfredo Arnold Cocozza or Freddie was an American singer and actor. His children are called Damon Lanza, Colleen Lanza, Marc Lanza and Elisa Lanza.

Related albums: Italian Songs & Arias, Song of Songs, Be My Love: Mario Lanza's Greatest Performances at M-G-M, Christmas Hymns and Carols, Christmas with Mario Lanza, La Donna e Mobile, Legendary Mario Lanza, O Sole Mio, The Definitive Collection and The Legendary Tenor: Historical Recordings (1949-1959). Genres he performed include Opera.

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Bud Shank

Bud Shank (May 27, 1926 Dayton-April 2, 2009 Tucson) a.k.a. Shank, Bud, Clifford Everett Shank Jr. or Clifford Everett "Bud" Shank, Jr. was an American film score composer, saxophonist and flutist.

His albums: The Doctor Is In, The Fabulous Bud Shank Quartet, Jazz at Cal-Tech, Bud Shank Quintet, Michelle, Magical Mystery, California Dreamin', California Concert, Yesterday, Today and Forever and Quiet Fire. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Dennis Linde

Dennis Linde (March 18, 1943 Abilene-December 22, 2006 Nashville) otherwise known as Linde, Dennis was an American songwriter, singer and singer-songwriter. He had one child, Lisa Linde.

His albums include Linde Manor and Under the Eye. Genres he performed include Country and Rock music.

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