American music stars died in Tuberculosis

Here are 18 famous musicians from United States of America died in Tuberculosis:

Charlie Christian

Charlie Christian (July 29, 1916 Bonham-March 2, 1942 Staten Island) otherwise known as Christian, Charlie was an American guitarist and musician.

His albums include Cabu Collection: Charlie Christian, Complete Studio Recordings, The Immortal Charlie Christian, Complete Edition, Volume 4: 1940, Complete Edition, Volume 9: 1939-1941, Swing to Bop, Guitar Wizard, First Master of the Electric Guitar: Selected Broadcasts & Jam Sessions, Remastered, The Original Guitar Hero and Solo Flight: The Genius of Charlie Christian. Genres related to him: Swing music, Bebop, Big Band and Jazz.

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Emmett Hardy

Emmett Hardy (June 12, 1903 Louisiana-June 16, 1925) was an American , .

Genres: Jazz.

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Freddie Keppard

Freddie Keppard (February 27, 1889 New Orleans-July 15, 1933 Chicago) a.k.a. Freddy Keppard or Keppard, Freddie was an American trumpeter and musician.

His most well known albums: The Complete Set: 1923-1926. Genres: Jazz and Dixieland.

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James "Bubber" Miley

James "Bubber" Miley (April 3, 1903 Aiken-May 20, 1932 New York City) also known as Bubber Miley, James Miley or Miley, Bubber was an American trumpeter and musician.

Genres: Jazz and Dixieland.

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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers (April 22, 1935 Pittsburgh-January 4, 1969 New York City) a.k.a. Chambers, Paul or Paul Laurence Dunbar Chambers, Jr. was an American musician, bassist and composer.

His albums include Mosaic Select 5: Paul Chambers, Whims of Chambers, Chambers' Music, Paul Chambers Quintet, High Step, 1st Bassman, Go, Bass on Top, We Three and The Complete Vee Jay Sessions 1959-1961. His related genres: Jazz, Modal jazz, Hard bop and Bebop.

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Jimmy Blanton

Jimmy Blanton (October 5, 1918 Chattanooga-July 30, 1942 Los Angeles) a.k.a. J. Blanton or Blanton, Jimmy was an American bassist.

Genres he performed include Jazz and Big Band.

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Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers (September 8, 1897 Meridian-May 26, 1933 New York City) also known as The Singing Brakeman, Jimmie Rogers or Rodgers, Jimmie was an American singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: Jimmie Rodgers - Famous Country Music Makers, Jimmie Rodgers - The Early Years, 1928 - 1929, The Essential Jimmie Rodgers, The Singing Brakeman, Recordings 1927-1933, Mother, the Queen of My Heart / Rock All Our Babies to Sleep, Frankie and Johnnie / Everybody Does It in Hawaii, No More Hard Times, 1932, Last Sessions, 1933 and My Rough and Rowdy Ways / Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues. Genres: Blues, Country blues, Country, Jazz and American folk music.

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Tom Fogerty

Tom Fogerty (November 9, 1941 Berkeley-September 6, 1990 Scottsdale) also known as Thomas Richard, Tom, Fogerty, Thomas Richard Fogerty or Thomas Fogerty was an American musician, songwriter, guitarist and singer.

His albums: The Very Best Of, Sidekicks, Zephyr National, Tom Fogerty, Excalibur, Myopia, Precious Gems and Deal It Out. Genres he performed: Rock music, Blues rock, Roots rock, Southern rock, Rock and roll, Swamp pop and Country rock.

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James A. Bland

James A. Bland (October 22, 1854 Flushing-May 5, 1911 Philadelphia) a.k.a. James Bland was an American songwriter and musician.

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George Washington Dixon

George Washington Dixon (February 11, 2015 Richmond-March 2, 1861 New Orleans) was an American singer.

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Earl Hooker

Earl Hooker (January 15, 1929 Clarksdale-April 21, 1970 Chicago) also known as Hooker, Earl was an American guitarist and musician.

His most important albums: Hooker 'n Steve (with Steve Miller), Play Your Guitar, Mr. Hooker!, The Moon Is Rising, There's a Fungus Among Us, Two Bugs and a Roach, Blue Guitar, Smooth Slidin', Simply the Best, Boogie Don't Blot / Funky Blues and Rockin' With the Kid / Rockin' Wild. Genres: Chicago blues, Delta blues and Blues.

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Angus MacLise

Angus MacLise (March 4, 1938 Bridgeport-June 21, 1979 Kathmandu) also known as MacLise, Angus was an American , .

Discography: The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, The Cloud Doctrine, Astral Collapse, Brain Damage in Oklahoma City, Inside the Dream Syndicate, Volume I: Day of Niagara (1965), Dreamweapon II, Dreamweapon III and Dreamweapon I. Genres he performed: Avant-garde music.

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Midge Williams

Midge Williams (May 27, 1915 United States of America-January 9, 1952) also known as Williams, Midge was an American singer and musician.

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Vincent Youmans

Vincent Youmans (September 27, 1898 New York City-April 5, 1946 Denver) otherwise known as Vincent Millie Youmans or Youmans was an American film score composer and screenwriter.

His albums include No, No, Nanette: The New 1925 Musical (1971 Broadway cast).

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Snoozer Quinn

Snoozer Quinn (October 18, 1906 McComb-February 11, 2015 New Orleans) was an American , .

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Scott Hayden

Scott Hayden (March 31, 1882 Sedalia-September 16, 1915 Chicago) also known as Hayden, Scott was an American musician.

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Benjamin Hanby

Benjamin Hanby (July 22, 1833 Rushville-March 16, 1867 Chicago) also known as Benjamin Russell Hanby was an American , .

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Joe Smith

Joe Smith (June 28, 1902 Ripley-December 2, 1937 Central Islip) a.k.a. Fox, Joseph Emery Smith or Toots was an American trumpeter.

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