Argentine actors who were born in 1912

Here are 5 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1912:

Hugo del Carril

Hugo del Carril (November 30, 1912 Buenos Aires-August 13, 1989 Buenos Aires) also known as Alejo Pacheco Ramos, Piero Bruno Hugo Fontana, Allan Lemarie or Pierre Bruno Hugo Fontana was an Argentine film director, actor, singer, film producer and screenwriter. He had four children, Marcela Alejandra Fontana, Hugo Miguel Fontana, Amorina Fontana and Eva Fontana.

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Gérard Landry

Gérard Landry (October 16, 1912 Buenos Aires-September 18, 1999 Nice) also known as Gerard de la Gatineria or Landry Fernand Charles Marrier de Lagatinerie was an Argentine actor. His child is called Marc Porel.

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Mario C. Lugones

Mario C. Lugones (August 13, 1912 Buenos Aires-October 1, 1970 Buenos Aires) also known as Mario Lugones was an Argentine film director and actor.

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Horacio Priani

Horacio Priani (May 21, 1912 Azul-May 29, 1964 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor and screenwriter.

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Pedro Maratea

Pedro Maratea (December 21, 1912 Buenos Aires-July 1, 2002 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

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