Argentine actors who were born in 1922

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1922:

Jorge Luz

Jorge Luz (May 8, 1922 Alejandro Korn-July 14, 2012 Balvanera) also known as Jorge Da Lus Borbon or Oscar Jorge Da Lus Borbón was an Argentine actor.

Ernesto Bianco

Ernesto Bianco (June 20, 1922 Buenos Aires-October 2, 1977 Buenos Aires) also known as Oscar Ernesto Pelicori was an Argentine actor and painter. He had two children, Ingrid Pelicori and Irina Alonso.

Alberto Dalbes

Alberto Dalbes (April 3, 1922 Rosario-September 14, 1983 Madrid) also known as Alberto D'Albés, Albert Dalbes, Alberto Dalvés or Francisco Eduardo Eyres Martínez was an Argentine actor.

Juan Carlos Godoy

Juan Carlos Godoy (August 21, 1922 Campana-) is an Argentine film producer, actor and musician.

Ricardo Passano

Ricardo Passano (April 19, 1922 Caballito, Buenos Aires-December 13, 2012 Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires) also known as Ricard Passano, Ricardo Passano hijo, Mario Humberto Ricardo Passano or Ricardo Passano son was an Argentine actor. His children are called Ricardo Luis Passano and Rosana Passano.


Semillita (April 1, 1922 Buenos Aires-July 23, 1991 Buenos Aires) also known as Juan Ricardo Bertelegni was an Argentine actor.

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