Argentine actors who were born in 1942

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1942:

Carlos Monzón

Carlos Monzón (August 7, 1942 San Javier-January 8, 1995 Santa Rosa de Calchines) also known as Carlos Monzon or Escopeta was an Argentine professional boxer and actor. His children are called Carlos Alberto Monzón, Silvia Beatriz Monzón, Abel Ricardo Monzón and Maximiliano Roque Monzón.

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Palito Ortega

Palito Ortega (March 8, 1942 Lules-) also known as Ramón Bautista Ortega, Ramón Bautista Ortega Saavedra, Ramón "Palito" Ortega, Nery Nelson or Tony Varano is an Argentine politician, singer, actor and film score composer. He has six children, Rosario Ortega, Sebastián Ortega, Luis Ortega, Martín Ortega, Julieta Ortega and Emanuel Ortega.

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Cacho Castaña

Cacho Castaña (June 11, 1942 Buenos Aires-) also known as Cacho Castana, Humberto Vicente Castagna or Cacho Castania is an Argentine singer and actor.

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Marcos Mundstock

Marcos Mundstock (May 25, 1942 Santa Fe-) also known as Marcos Mundstock Finkelstein or Les Luthiers is an Argentine musician, comedian, actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Jérôme Savary

Jérôme Savary (June 27, 1942 Buenos Aires-March 4, 2013 Levallois-Perret) also known as Jerome Savary was an Argentine screenwriter, film director and actor. He had four children, Robinson Savary, Manon Savary, Nina Savary and Beatriz-Carmen Savary.

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Carlos Gavito

Carlos Gavito (April 27, 1942-July 1, 2005) a.k.a. Carlos Eduardo Gavito was an Argentine choreographer and actor.

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