Argentine actors who were born in 1950

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1950:

Miguel Ángel Solá

Miguel Ángel Solá (May 14, 1950 San Carlos de Bolívar-) a.k.a. Miguel Angel Sola is an Argentine actor. He has two children, Cayetana Solá and Maria Solá.

Juan Carlos Colombo

Juan Carlos Colombo (November 7, 1950 San Juan Province, Argentina-) is an Argentine actor. He has two children, Felipe Colombo and Sol Colombo.

Raúl Giménez

Raúl Giménez (September 14, 1950 Santa Fe-February 25, 1994 Paris) also known as Raúl Gimenez, Raul Eduardo Gimenez, Raul Giminez, Raul Gimenez or Raúl was an Argentine actor and production designer.

Julio Arrieta

Julio Arrieta (November 7, 1950 Buenos Aires-July 6, 2011 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

Ricardo Soulé

Ricardo Soulé (March 15, 1950 Quilmes-) is an Argentine actor and musician.

Martin Donovan

Martin Donovan (January 21, 1950 Buenos Aires-) also known as Carlos Enrique Valera Y Peralta-Ramos is an Argentine screenwriter, television producer, film producer, film director, television director and actor.

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