Argentine actors who were born in 1956

Here are 6 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1956:

Julio Chávez

Julio Chávez (July 14, 1956 Buenos Aires-) also known as Julio Hirsch or Julio Chaves is an Argentine actor and businessperson.

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Daniel Valenzuela

Daniel Valenzuela (May 5, 1956 Posadas-) also known as Daniel Hermes Valenzuela is an Argentine actor, screenwriter and writer.

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Enrique Piñeyro

Enrique Piñeyro (December 9, 1956 Genoa-) a.k.a. Enrique Pineyro is an Argentine screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer and physician.

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Saúl Lisazo

Saúl Lisazo (June 1, 1956 Buenos Aires-) also known as Saúl Gustavo Lisazo Ozcoidi is an Argentine actor. His children are called Paula Lisazo and Martin Lisazo.

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Osvaldo Laport

Osvaldo Laport (August 12, 1956 Juan Lacaze-) is an Argentine actor.

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Jean Pierre Noher

Jean Pierre Noher (May 5, 1956 Paris-) also known as Jean-Pierre Noher or Jean Pierre Noir is an Argentine actor. He has one child, Michel Noher.

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