Argentine actors who were born in 1962

Here are 7 famous actors from Argentina were born in 1962:

Alfredo Casero

Alfredo Casero (November 12, 1962 Vicente López-) is an Argentine musician, actor and comedian. He has three children, Nazareno Casero, Guillermina Casero and Minerva Casero.

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Santiago Amigorena

Santiago Amigorena (February 15, 1962 Buenos Aires-) is an Argentine screenwriter, film producer, film director and actor.

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Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben Gonzalez (July 26, 1962 Argentina-) also known as Bulldog or Rubén González is an Argentine motivational speaker, luger and actor.

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José Cura

José Cura (December 5, 1962 Rosario-) also known as Jose Cura, Cura, José or Jose Curs is an Argentine opera singer, actor, conductor, singer, photographer and theatre director. He has one child, Ben Cura.

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Ricardo Iorio

Ricardo Iorio (June 25, 1962 Ciudadela, Buenos Aires-) also known as Iorio, Ricardo or Ricardo Horacio Iorio is an Argentine musician, actor, singer and composer. He has one child, Sofia Iorio.

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Bernard Hiller

Bernard Hiller (April 18, 1962 Buenos Aires-) otherwise known as Bernardo Hiller, Bernard Hiller, Bernie or Bernie Hiller is an Argentine acting teacher, actor and dancer. His children are called David Hiller and Dora Hiller.

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Marcelo Álvarez

Marcelo Álvarez (February 27, 1962 Córdoba-) also known as Marcelo Alvarez, Marcello Alvarez, Marcelo Raul Álvarez or Marcelo Raúl Álvarez is an Argentine actor and opera singer.

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