Argentine actresses who were born in 1944

Here are 5 famous actresses from Argentina were born in 1944:

Nené Morales

Nené Morales (May 16, 1944 Ciudadela, Buenos Aires-) also known as Clara Palmira Morales de la Canal or Nene Morales is an Argentine actor.

Selva Alemán

Selva Alemán (April 30, 1944 Argentina-) is an Argentine actor.

Susana Giménez

Susana Giménez (January 29, 1944 Buenos Aires-) a.k.a. Susana Gimenez, María Susana Giménez Aubert Sanders, Su, Susana or María Susana Giménez Aubert is an Argentine talk show host, actor, model and businessperson. She has one child, Mercedes Sarrabayrouse.

Silvia Merlino

Silvia Merlino (June 8, 1944 Buenos Aires-June 27, 2007 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

Zulma Faiad

Zulma Faiad (February 21, 1944 Buenos Aires-) also known as Zulma Aurora Faiad, La Turca or La Lechuguita is an Argentine actor, singer and dancer.

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