Argentine actresses who deceased in 2008

Here are 5 famous actresses from Argentina died in 2008:

Bertha Moss

Bertha Moss (August 7, 1919 Buenos Aires-February 4, 2008 Buenos Aires) also known as Bertha Jane Holm Moscovish, Berta Moss, Juana Bertha Moscovich Holm or Juana Bertha Moscovish Holm was an Argentine actor.

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Irma Córdoba

Irma Córdoba (July 20, 1913 Buenos Aires-May 18, 2008 Buenos Aires) a.k.a. Irma Cordoba was an Argentine actor.

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Nelly Láinez

Nelly Láinez (November 27, 2014 Buenos Aires-May 31, 2008 Mataderos) also known as Nélida Rotstein was an Argentine actor.

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Renata Fronzi

Renata Fronzi (August 1, 1925 Rosario-April 15, 2008 Barra da Tijuca) also known as Renata Mirra Ana Maria Fronzi was an Argentine actor. She had two children, César Ladeira Filho and Renato Ladeira.

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Maria Vaner

Maria Vaner (March 23, 1935 Madrid-July 21, 2008 Buenos Aires) otherwise known as María Vanner, María Vaner or María Aleandro Robledo was an Argentine actor. Her children are called Leonardo Jury and Nico Jury.

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