Argentine actresses who deceased in 2014

Here are 4 famous actresses from Argentina died in 2014:

Virginia Luque

Virginia Luque (October 4, 1927 Buenos Aires-June 3, 2014 Buenos Aires) also known as Violeta Mabel Domínguez was an Argentine singer and actor.

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China Zorrilla

China Zorrilla (March 14, 1922 Montevideo-September 17, 2014 Montevideo) also known as Concepción Zorrilla de San Martín Muñoz, Concepcion Matilde Zorrilla de San Martin Munoz or Concepción Matilde Zorrilla de San Martín Muñoz was an Argentine actor, comedian, writer, theatre director, entrepreneur, teacher, journalist, presenter and theatrical producer.

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Mariana Briski

Mariana Briski (September 14, 1965 Córdoba-August 14, 2014 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor. She had one child, Pedro Ventura.

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Alejandra Da Passano

Alejandra Da Passano (July 26, 1947 Buenos Aires-June 30, 2014 Buenos Aires) also known as María Alejandra Ana Da Passano was an Argentine actor.

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