Argentine music stars who deceased at age 32

Here are 7 famous musicians from Argentina died at 32:

Mariano Moreno

Mariano Moreno (September 23, 1778 Buenos Aires-March 4, 1811) was an Argentine lawyer, writer, journalist and politician.

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Jorge Bontemps

Jorge Bontemps (August 21, 1977 Santa Fe-April 13, 2010 Santa Fe) was an Argentine personality.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Edgardo Prátola

Edgardo Prátola (May 20, 1969 La Plata-April 28, 2002 La Plata) also known as Edgardo Pratola was an Argentine personality.

He died caused by cancer.

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Jorge Sabato

Jorge Sabato (April 5, 2015 Argentina-April 5, 1983 Argentina) was an Argentine personality.

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Alba Múgica

Alba Múgica (April 5, 2015 Argentina-January 2, 1983 Buenos Aires) also known as Alba Mugica, Alba Mújica or Alba Mujica was an Argentine actor. She had one child, Bárbara Mújica.

She died caused by cancer.

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Ricardo J. Conord

Ricardo J. Conord also known as Ricardo Conord or Arq. Ricardo Conord was an Argentine film art director, production designer, set decorator and architect.

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Rodolfo Onetto

Rodolfo Onetto (April 5, 2015 Santiago-April 1, 1983 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor.

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