Argentine music stars who deceased at age 42

Here are 9 famous musicians from Argentina died at 42:

José Antonio Balseiro

José Antonio Balseiro (March 29, 1919-March 26, 1962) also known as Jose Antonio Balseiro was an Argentine physicist and scientist.

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Francisco Narciso de Laprida

Francisco Narciso de Laprida (October 28, 1786 San Juan Province, Argentina-September 22, 1829) was an Argentine lawyer.

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Juan Héctor Guidi

Juan Héctor Guidi (July 4, 1930 Avellaneda-February 8, 1973) was an Argentine personality.

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Pablo Birger

Pablo Birger (January 7, 1924 Buenos Aires-March 9, 1966 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine race car driver.

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Jorge Zaffino

Jorge Zaffino (April 5, 1960 Argentina-July 12, 2002 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine personality.

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Roberto Arlt

Roberto Arlt (April 2, 1900 Buenos Aires-July 26, 1942 Buenos Aires) also known as Roberto Godofredo Christophersen Arlt was an Argentine novelist and journalist. His children are Mirta Electra Arlt and Roberto Arlt.

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Waldo de los Rios

Waldo de los Rios (September 7, 1934 Buenos Aires-March 28, 1977 Madrid) also known as Waldo de los Ríos, Osvaldo Nicholas Ferrara or W. de los Rios was an Argentine film score composer, conductor and music arranger.

His albums include Golden Sounds of, Corales, Operas, Seguimos Bailando Folklore, Sinfonías - Mozartmanía, Classics, Mozart in the Seventies, Symphonies, Who Can Kill a Child? / The House that Screamed and A Town Called Hell / Savage Pampas. Genres he performed: Classical music and Film score.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Néstor Osvaldo Perlongher

Néstor Osvaldo Perlongher (December 24, 1949 Avellaneda-November 26, 1992 São Paulo) was an Argentine personality.

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María Turgenova

María Turgenova (April 5, 2015 Spain-June 27, 1972 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine vedette, actor, dancer and singer.

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