Argentine music stars who deceased at age 48

Here are 12 famous musicians from Argentina died at 48:

José Ingenieros

José Ingenieros (April 24, 1877-October 31, 1925) also known as Jose Ingenieros or Dr. José Ingenieros was an Argentine physician and philosopher.

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Nicolás Avellaneda

Nicolás Avellaneda (October 1, 1837 San Miguel de Tucumán-December 26, 1885) a.k.a. Nicolas Avellaneda was an Argentine lawyer.

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Pilar de Lusarreta

Pilar de Lusarreta (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1967) was an Argentine writer.

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Adolfo Alsina

Adolfo Alsina (January 4, 1829 Buenos Aires-December 29, 1877 Carhué) was an Argentine lawyer.

He died caused by renal failure.

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Enrique Guaita

Enrique Guaita (July 11, 1910 Lucas González, Argentina-May 18, 1959) was an Argentine personality.

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Vladislao Cap

Vladislao Cap (July 5, 1934 Avellaneda-September 14, 1982) was an Argentine personality.

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Copi (November 20, 1939 Buenos Aires-December 14, 1987 Paris) also known as Raúl Natalio Roque Damonte Botana was an Argentine writer.

He died caused by hiv/aids.

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Oscar Muller

Oscar Muller (July 28, 1957 Rosario-August 19, 2005 Saint-Denis) was an Argentine personality.

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Cayetano Santos Godino

Cayetano Santos Godino (October 31, 1896 Buenos Aires-November 15, 1944 Ushuaia) was an Argentine personality.

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Juan José Castelli

Juan José Castelli (July 19, 1764 Buenos Aires-October 12, 1812 Buenos Aires) also known as Juan Jose Castelli was an Argentine politician and lawyer.

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José Carlos Martínez

José Carlos Martínez (November 29, 1962 Córdoba-July 7, 2011 Tolhuin) was an Argentine personality.

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Mariana Briski

Mariana Briski (September 14, 1965 Córdoba-August 14, 2014 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine actor. She had one child, Pedro Ventura.

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