Argentine music stars who deceased at age 50

Here are 8 famous musicians from Argentina died at 50:

Manuel Belgrano

Manuel Belgrano (June 3, 1770 Buenos Aires-June 20, 1820 United Provinces of the Río de la Plata) was an Argentine lawyer and politician.

He died in edema.

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Enrique Santos Discépolo

Enrique Santos Discépolo (March 27, 1901 Buenos Aires-December 23, 1951) also known as Enrique Santos Discepolo, E. Discepolo, Discepolín or Mordisquito was an Argentine composer, screenwriter, actor, film director and film score composer.

Genres he performed: Tango music and Milonga.

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Rodolfo Walsh

Rodolfo Walsh (January 9, 1927 Lamarque-March 25, 1977) also known as Rodolfo Jorge Walsh Gill or Rodolfo Jorge Walsh was an Argentine writer, journalist and social activist. He had two children, Patricia Walsh and María Victoria Walsh.

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Ramón Carrillo

Ramón Carrillo (March 7, 1906 Argentina-December 20, 1956 Belém) otherwise known as Ramon Carrillo or Dr. Ramón Carrillo was an Argentine physician.

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Jaime Sarlanga

Jaime Sarlanga (February 24, 1916 Tigre, Buenos Aires Province-August 24, 1966) was an Argentine personality.

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Enrique Martínez

Enrique Martínez (July 25, 1887 Córdoba-February 20, 1938 Villa María) a.k.a. Enrique Martinez was an Argentine lawyer.

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Domingo French

Domingo French (November 21, 1774 Buenos Aires-June 4, 1825 Buenos Aires) was an Argentine personality.

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Jorge Liderman

Jorge Liderman (November 16, 1957 Buenos Aires-February 3, 2008 El Cerrito) was an Argentine composer.

He died caused by suicide.

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