Armenian musicians died at 65

Here are 2 famous musicians from Armenia died at 65:

Artem Mikoyan

Artem Mikoyan (August 5, 1905 Sanahin-December 9, 1970 Moscow) also known as Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan was an Armenian scientist, aerospace engineer and engineer.

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Avet Terterian

Avet Terterian (July 29, 1929 Baku-December 11, 1994 Yekaterinburg) a.k.a. Terterian, Avet, Alfred Roubenovich Terterian or Alfred Roubenovich Terteryan was an Armenian film score composer, composer and actor.

His albums include Symphonies Nos. 7, 8 (Ural Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Dmitri Liss) and Symphonies 3 & 4, Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Loris Tjeknavorian.

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