Armenian musicians died at 69

Here are 6 famous musicians from Armenia died at 69:

Ruben Simonov

Ruben Simonov (April 1, 1899 Moscow-December 5, 1968 Moscow) also known as Rouben Simonov, Simon, Ruben N., Ruben N. Simonov or Рубен Николаевич Симонов was an Armenian actor and theatre director. He had one child, Eugene R. Simon.

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Garegin Nzhdeh

Garegin Nzhdeh (January 1, 1886 Güznüt-December 21, 1955 Vladimir) was an Armenian politician.

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Martín Karadagian

Martín Karadagian (April 30, 1922 Buenos Aires-August 27, 1991) was an Armenian personality.

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Alexander Mantashev

Alexander Mantashev (March 3, 1842 Tbilisi-April 19, 1911) was an Armenian personality.

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Hovhannes Shiraz

Hovhannes Shiraz (April 27, 1914 Gyumri-March 14, 1984 Yerevan) was an Armenian writer and poet. He had one child, Sipan Shiraz.

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Artyom Alikhanian

Artyom Alikhanian (June 24, 1908 Ganja, Azerbaijan-February 25, 1978 Moscow) was an Armenian personality.

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