Australian movie stars born in 1918

Here are 5 famous actors from Australia were born in 1918:

Ron Randell

Ron Randell (October 8, 1918 Sydney-June 11, 2005 Woodland Hills) also known as Ronald Egan Randell, Ronald Egan "Ron" Randell or Ron Randall was an Australian actor and radio personality.

Brian James

Brian James (July 5, 1918 Victoria-November 2, 2009 Melbourne) was an Australian actor.

John McCallum

John McCallum (March 14, 1918 Brisbane-February 3, 2010 Sydney) also known as John Neil McCallum or John McCullum was an Australian screenwriter, actor and television producer. His children are called Nicholas McCallum, Joanna McCallum and Amanda McCallum.

Alister Williamson

Alister Williamson (June 17, 1918 Sydney-May 19, 1999 Slough) a.k.a. Alistair Williamson, Alastair Williamson or Duncan Mcfarlane Williamson was an Australian actor and character actor.

Slim DeGrey

Slim DeGrey (May 20, 1918 Lytham St Annes-May 20, 2007 Gold Coast) a.k.a. Slim De Grey, Slim DeGray or Clifford Frank Degrey was an Australian actor and comedian.

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