Australian movie stars born in 1934

Here are 5 famous actors from Australia were born in 1934:

Graham Kennedy

Graham Kennedy (February 15, 1934 Balaclava-May 25, 2005 Bowral) also known as Graham Cyril Kennedy, Graham Cyril Kennedy AO, Gra-Gra, The King of Television, The King or The King of Australian Television was an Australian actor, tv personality, radio personality, comedian and presenter.

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Alan Hopgood

Alan Hopgood (September 29, 1934 Launceston-) also known as Alan John Hopgood, Alan Hopwood or Alan Hopgood AM is an Australian screenwriter, actor, playwright and producer.

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Brian Syron

Brian Syron (November 19, 1934 Balmain-October 14, 1993 Balmain) was an Australian screenwriter, actor, film director, theatre director and advocate.

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Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries (February 17, 1934 Kew Vic-) also known as John Barry Humphries, Dame Edna Everage, Dame Edna, Sir Les Patterson, Dame Edna Everage and Les Patterson, Les Patterson, Dame Edna Everidge, Sir Les Patterson/Dame Edna Everage, Edna Everage, Madge Allsop, Sunny Sam or John Barry Humphries, AO, CBE is an Australian actor, satirist, comedian, screenwriter, author, artist, film producer, voice actor and visual artist. His children are called Oscar Humphries, Emily Humphries, Tessa Humphries and Rupert Humphries.

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John Meillon

John Meillon (May 1, 1934 Mosman-August 11, 1989 Mosman) also known as John Meillon OBE or John Meillon, OBE was an Australian actor and voice actor. He had one child, John Meillon Jr..

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