Australian movie stars born in 1951

Here are 10 famous actors from Australia were born in 1951:

Andrew McFarlane

Andrew McFarlane (June 6, 1951 Albany-) also known as Andy is an Australian actor.

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John Jarratt

John Jarratt (August 5, 1951 Wongawilli, New South Wales-) also known as John Jarrett is an Australian actor, presenter, film producer and film director. His children are called Charlie Jarratt, William Jarratt, Zadia Jarratt, Ebony Jarratt, Jackson Jarratt and Riley Jarratt.

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Steve J. Spears

Steve J. Spears (January 22, 1951 Adelaide-October 16, 2007 Aldinga) a.k.a. Steve Spears or Steven J. Spears was an Australian writer, actor, playwright, singer and screenwriter.

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Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush (July 6, 1951 Toowoomba-) also known as Geoffrey Roy Rush or Geoff Rush is an Australian actor, film producer, voice actor, film score composer and musician. He has two children, Angelica Rush and James Rush.

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Reg Mombassa

Reg Mombassa (August 14, 1951 Auckland-) also known as Mombassa, Reg, Christopher O'Doherty or Chris O'Doherty is an Australian artist, actor, musician, visual artist and music artist.

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Michael Carman

Michael Carman (October 11, 1951-) otherwise known as Michael Carmen is an Australian actor and voice actor.

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Peter Goers

Peter Goers (July 1, 1951 Adelaide-) is an Australian actor, film director and radio personality.

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Mic Conway

Mic Conway (February 15, 1951-) a.k.a. Mick Conway is an Australian actor and composer.

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Jim Paredes

Jim Paredes (August 30, 1951 Manila-) a.k.a. Jaime Ramon Paredes, Jaime Ramon "Jim" Paredes or Tado Jimenez is an Australian musician, film producer, tv personality, activist, teacher and actor. His children are called Ala Paredes, Erica Paredes and Mio Paredes.

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Alston Koch

Alston Koch (July 21, 1951 Colombo-) is an Australian singer, songwriter, composer, actor and record producer.

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