Australian movie stars born in 1955

Here are 8 famous actors from Australia were born in 1955:

Allan Border

Allan Border (July 27, 1955 Cremorne-) also known as Allan Robert Border, AB, Alan Border or Captain Grumpy is an Australian cricketer and actor.

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Wilbur Wilde

Wilbur Wilde (October 5, 1955 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Nicholas 'Nick' Aitken or Nick Aitken is an Australian actor and saxophonist.

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Peter Lochran

Peter Lochran (September 14, 1955 Queensland-) is an Australian actor.

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David Atkins

David Atkins (December 12, 1955 Sydney-) is an Australian actor, choreographer, theatre director and theatrical producer. He has one child, Tobi Atkins.

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Peter McNamara

Peter McNamara (July 5, 1955 Melbourne-) is an Australian tennis player, coach and actor.

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Robert Menzies

Robert Menzies (November 4, 1955 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

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Tony Sheldon

Tony Sheldon (September 12, 1955 Brisbane-) is an Australian actor, singer and writer.

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Phillip Avalon

Phillip Avalon (February 24, 1955 Merewether-) a.k.a. Phil Avalon or Phillip Anthony Holbrow is an Australian actor, film producer, screenwriter, model, surfer, writer and film director.

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