Australian movie stars born in 1957

Here are 11 famous actors from Australia were born in 1957:

Glenn Robbins

Glenn Robbins (December 30, 1957 Melbourne-) also known as Glenn Maxwell Robbins or Glen Robbins is an Australian comedian, writer, actor, television producer and screenwriter.

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Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher (March 30, 1957 Perth-) also known as alan_fletcher, Fletcher, Alan or Dr Karl Kennedy is an Australian actor, musician, singer and guitarist. He has two children, Veronica Fletcher and Tom Fletcher.

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Gary Sweet

Gary Sweet (May 22, 1957 Melbourne-) also known as Sweet, Gary is an Australian actor. He has four children, Frank Sweet, Joe Buster Sweet, Jesse James Sweet and Sophie Sweet.

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Philip Quast

Philip Quast (July 30, 1957 Tamworth-) also known as Philip Mark Quast is an Australian actor and singer. His children are called Edwin Quast, Harry Quast and Toby Quast.

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Wayne Jarratt

Wayne Jarratt (April 19, 1957 Australia-May 14, 1988) was an Australian actor.

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Stewart Finlay-McLennan

Stewart Finlay-McLennan (September 7, 1957 Broken Hill-) also known as SFM, Stewart Finlay-Mclennan, Stewart Finley McLennan, Stewart McLennan or Stuart McLennan is an Australian actor.

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Scott McGregor

Scott McGregor (October 22, 1957 Orange-) is an Australian presenter and actor.

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Nick Cave

Nick Cave (September 22, 1957 Warracknabeal-) a.k.a. Nicholas Edward Cave or Nicholas Edward "Nick" Cave is an Australian novelist, musician, composer, screenwriter, author, actor, film score composer, poet, lyricist, singer-songwriter, writer and multi-instrumentalist. He has four children, Jethro Cave, Luke Cave, Earl Cave and Arthur Cave.

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Gerry Connolly

Gerry Connolly (November 15, 1957 Australia-) also known as Gerard William Connolly is an Australian comedian, actor, impressionist, pianist and screenwriter.

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Keith Scott

Keith Scott (June 23, 1957 Sydney-) is an Australian voice actor, actor, comedian and historian.

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Peter Hardy

Peter Hardy (January 11, 1957 Perth-) is an Australian actor.

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