Australian movie stars born in 1968

Here are 9 famous actors from Australia were born in 1968:

Eric Bana

Eric Bana (August 9, 1968 Melbourne-) also known as Eric Banadinovich or Eric Banadinović is an Australian actor, film producer, screenwriter, voice actor, comedian and television producer. His children are called Sophia Banadinovich and Klaus Banadinovich.

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Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan (June 1, 1968 Malvern-) also known as Jason Sean Donovan or Donovan, Jason is an Australian singer, presenter, actor and voice actor. He has three children, Zac Donovan, Jemma Donovan and Molly Donovan.

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Julian McMahon

Julian McMahon (July 27, 1968 Sydney-) a.k.a. Julian Dana William McMahon is an Australian model and actor. He has one child, Madison Elizabeth McMahon.

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Grant Bowler

Grant Bowler (July 18, 1968 Auckland-) is an Australian actor. He has two children, Edie Bowler and Ezekiel Bowler.

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Tom Long

Tom Long (August 3, 1968 Boston-) is an Australian actor. He has one child, Ariel Long.

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Scott Michaelson

Scott Michaelson (September 12, 1968 Melbourne-) is an Australian actor.

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Frank Woodley

Frank Woodley (February 29, 1968 Adelaide-) is an Australian comedian, screenwriter, actor, television producer and film score composer.

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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman (October 12, 1968 Sydney-) a.k.a. Hugh Michael Jackman, Hyû Jakkuman or Khyu Dzhekman is an Australian actor, film producer, television producer, voice actor, presenter, singer and dancer. He has two children, Ava Eliot Jackman and Oscar Maximilian Jackman.

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Paul Currie

Paul Currie (March 2, 1968 Melbourne-) is an Australian film director, film producer and actor.

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