Australian movie stars born in 1970

Here are 16 famous actors from Australia were born in 1970:

Jaason Simmons

Jaason Simmons (July 12, 1970 Hobart-) also known as Jason Matthew Simmons, Jason Simmons or Jaa is an Australian actor. His child is called Odin Simmons.

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Daniel Lapaine

Daniel Lapaine (April 16, 1970 Sydney-) a.k.a. Daniel LaPaine is an Australian actor, television producer and television director. He has two children, Parker Lapaine and Sonny Lapaine.

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Bruce Samazan

Bruce Samazan (November 13, 1970-) is an Australian actor.

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Richard Grieve

Richard Grieve (January 25, 1970-) is an Australian actor.

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Lochie Daddo

Lochie Daddo (March 14, 1970 Sydney-) otherwise known as Christopher Lachlan Daddo, Lauchie Daddo or Christopher Lachlan "Lochie" Daddo is an Australian presenter and actor. He has two children, Daisy Isabella Daddo and Gracie May Daddo.

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Aaron Pedersen

Aaron Pedersen (November 24, 1970 Alice Springs-) is an Australian actor and television producer.

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Damon Herriman

Damon Herriman (March 31, 1970 Adelaide-) is an Australian actor, film producer, screenwriter, film director and cinematographer.

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Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis (August 26, 1970 Australia-) otherwise known as Martin Louis is an Australian actor.

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Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell (November 2, 1970-) is an Australian actor.

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Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones (August 21, 1970 Gold Coast-) a.k.a. Nathan Darren Jones, Megaman, The Colossus of Boggo Road, Colossus, Nathan B. Jones, The Megaman or นาธาน ดาเรน โจนส์ is an Australian wrestler, actor and strongman.

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Dominic Purcell

Dominic Purcell (February 17, 1970 Wallasey-) otherwise known as Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell, Dom or Domenic Purcell is an Australian actor and film producer. He has four children, Augustus Purcell, Audrey Purcell, Lily-Rose Purcell and Joseph Purcell.

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Sandy Winton

Sandy Winton (December 18, 1970 Australia-) a.k.a. Alexander Gordon (Sandy) Winton is an Australian actor.

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Craig Fong

Craig Fong (October 22, 1970 Carnarvon-) a.k.a. Craig Robert Fong is an Australian actor.

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Mig Ayesa

Mig Ayesa (January 12, 1970 Manila-) otherwise known as Miguel Alfonso Ramón Legard Ayesa, Miguel Ayesa or MiG is an Australian actor and singer.

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Guy Grundy

Guy Grundy (July 9, 1970 Penrith-) also known as Guy A. Grundy is an Australian bodybuilder and actor.

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Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes (November 26, 1970 Warrnambool-) also known as David William Hughes, David Hughes or Hughesy is an Australian comedian, screenwriter and actor. His children are called Rafferty David Hughes, Sadie May Hughes and Tess Clementine Hughes.

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