Australian movie stars died at 61

Here are 8 famous actors from Australia died at 61:

Peter Adams

Peter Adams (May 18, 1938 Taumarunui-December 13, 1999 Melbourne) also known as Peter John Adams was an Australian actor. His child is Aileen Adams.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Bille Brown

Bille Brown (January 11, 1952 Biloela-January 13, 2013 Brisbane) a.k.a. William Brown, William Gerard "Bille" Brown, William Gerard Brown, William Gerard "Bille" Brown AM, Bille Brown AM or Bille was an Australian actor, playwright and teacher.

He died in colorectal cancer.

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Thomas A. Curran

Thomas A. Curran (May 28, 1879 Sydney-January 24, 1941 Hollywood) a.k.a. Thomas Curran or Tom Curran was an Australian actor.

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Richard Meikle

Richard Meikle (October 10, 1929 Australia-June 2, 1991) was an Australian actor. He had one child, Sam Meikle.

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Don Crosby

Don Crosby (October 29, 1924 Sydney-December 3, 1985 Potts Point) a.k.a. Donald Crosby or George Wallace Donald Crosby was an Australian actor.

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Fred Esmelton

Fred Esmelton (June 22, 1872 Melbourne-October 23, 1933 Los Angeles) also known as Frederick Esmelton or Frederic Esmelton was an Australian actor.

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Malcolm McEachern

Malcolm McEachern (April 1, 1883 Albury-January 17, 1945 England) a.k.a. McEachern, Malcolm, Walter Malcom Neil McEachern, Jetsam or Malcolm 'Mr. Jetsam' McEachern was an Australian singer and actor.

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Arthur W. Sterry

Arthur W. Sterry (April 5, 1883 Collingwood-October 1, 1944 Botany) also known as Arthur William Sterry was an Australian film director, actor and screenwriter.

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